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5 Hidden Messages In Movies And TV Series That Need Your Attention!



5 Hidden Messages In Movies And TV Series That Need Your Attention!
Movies and TV series also use subliminal messages to get their message across. This is very much evident in many famous movies and TV series too! You might have binge-watched your favorite TV series or even played a movie on loop many times but you still might have missed some obvious hidden messages. We are going to help you discover some subliminal messages in a few movies and TV series and so without any further delay, let’s get started:

1. The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix series gave action movies a new lease of life with some beautifully crafted stunts and action scenes. Today, many action movies still copy The Matrix in many ways and this fact alone can show you how popular and relevant this movie still is. This movie had a small hidden message that diehard fans must have missed before. You will need to look closely at the license plates when you watch this movie to find out the subliminal messages. Each plate has short references to religious books and these messages depict movie scenes that are about to happen. They can also describe a specific character in the movie—this is evident in Smith’s license plate that reads IS5416 and is a reference to Isaiah 54:16. This passage in the book is an apt description of Smith’s character in the movie itself. This is not a single example and you can find many more such examples. Check out Trinity’s license plate during the highway chase scene to know more.

2. Robocop

This movie based on a half man, half robot character was an instant hit among the masses and it too had many hidden messages that are easy to decipher. The events in the movie follow the exact pattern of the Bible. The main character, Alex Murphy is a hero who gets killed but is reborn again and is depicted as a savior. One other scene has the main hero walking on water itself, much like Lord Jesus himself. Paul Verhoeven, the director of the movie too confirmed the biblical references in the movie.

3. Friends

The show that won the hearts of millions and has fans around the globe too had some subliminal messages but it was completely unintentional and random. Ardent fans of the TV series will remember the doodle white board on the main door in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. The doodle board was even later integrated in some memorable storylines but initially it was only there for decoration. Later an electric crew member began writing random messages on the board for each episode. These messages were mostly related to the things going on in the episode. For example, in the episode in which Chandler gets a manicure, the doodle board read-“Nice nails, Chandler.”

4. Raiders of The Lost Ark

Subliminal messages first developed as a way to develop a habit of self help but they began to be extensively used for advertising. This is also evident in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, which advertises a second film through subliminal messages. Who would have thought that this Indian Jones movie would have references from Star Wars? The scene in which Indy picks up a rock to uncover the lost ark, there is a pillar with hieroglyphics. This is a reference to two Star War characters called C-3PO and R2-D2. There is one more example in this scene but you will have to look little more closely. The Ark’s back wall has a hieroglyph of Princess Leia too.

5. Firefly

This popular science fiction shows also had a hidden Star Wars reference because the main actor, Nathan Fillion is a big Star War’s fans. The crew used to sneak in the props related to Star Wars as joke at first, without the knowledge of the producers and directors. They soon became a permanent fixture in the show’s background.

So, these were some clever instances of subliminal messages in TV series and movies. How many of them were you able to identify? Tell us in the comment section below!

By Erick Ycaza

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