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5 Iconic Guitar Brands Played By Legends



guitar brands

Photo by Mad House Photography, CC BY 2.0

Although the stringed instruments date as far as the 9th century AD, the guitar as we know it emerged in the mid-19th century. The use of guitar spans various musical genres including Jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, flamenco, punk, rock, metal, reggae, mariachi and pop music. Today, guitars are available in a wide variety of materials, strings (4-18 strings) and types (electric, acoustic, semi-acoustic and semi-electric). According to quality, build and brand an acoustic guitar can cost from $100 to as high as $5K. Signature guitar models, built according to the playing specifications of virtuoso musicians can even cost higher.

1. Gibson
gibsonGibson Guitar Corporation was founded in 1902, as a mandolin manufacturing company in Michigan, US. They pretty much invented the arch top guitar using the same design for violins. Gibson soon ushered a wide range of stringed instruments and also launched one of the earliest hollow-body electric guitars in the market. Nevertheless, it was in the 50s that Gibson released their most famous model ‘the Les Paul’, which was designed by the jazz legend Les Paul. The Les Paul not only became their most successful model till date, but also led to the emergence of Rock n Roll music that exploded in the late 60s and 70s. Their other famous models include the Flying V, Explorer, SG, and firebird. With all these iconic guitars that Gibson makes, it is no surprise that they take the top of this list of the top guitar brands.

2. Fender
fenderFender Electric Instrument Company was founded in the year 1946, in California, US. Due to the popularity of electric guitars in the 50s, Fender soon launched their first solid-body electric named the ‘Telecaster’ and the ‘Precision Electric Bass’ in 1951. Despite of them not being the first to build electric guitars, their design and innovation in electric guitars made them one of the most commercially successful instruments company. While their Telecaster model was famous, their success came with the launch of the ‘Stratocaster’ model in 1954. The model soon became a signature of several notable musicians of the era due to its balanced design and ease of playing.

3. Paul Reed Smith

paul reed smithThe PRS Guitar company, was founded in 1985 by master luthier Paul Reed Smith in Maryland, US. While the company was founded pretty late as compared to the other notable manufacturers, they soon became famous for their high-quality guitars. PRS Guitars started out as a custom guitars workshop and is known to cater some notable musicians such as Carlos Santana and Howard Leese. Unlike other manufacturers, PRS guitars are known for their signature model, which is a double cutaway version of the Gibson Les Paul. The wood used for their guitars was much more expensive than their contemporaries and only high-quality wood such as curly maple, mahogany with pearl inlays.

4. Jackson
jacksonGrover Jackson assumed the ownership of Charvel guitars in the 70s with a view of reviving the business. In the 1980s, famous guitar player Randy Rhodes approached Charvel with an idea of a custom guitar. He collaborated with Grover Jackson so create a sleeker and more stylized version of the Gibson Flying V and renamed it the ‘Concorde’. Most electric guitars during that era were merely copies of the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster and the Concorde was a much-needed departure from the older designs. Impressed with the outcome, Jackson branded it with his own name and became a premier choice for Heavy metal musicians of the 80s.

5. BC Rich

b c richBC Rich stands for Bernardo Chavez Rico, the American guitar luthier who founded the company in 1969. From the very start, BC Rich was known for their unusually designed solid body electric guitars that provided a respite from the usual Les Paul and Stratocaster based models. By the late 80s and 90s, with the emergence of more complex metal music styles such as Glam, Thrash and Death metal, their use became more frequent and was popularized by notable heavy metal musicians such as Dave Mustaine, Slash, Paul Stanley, Kerry King, Nikki Six and Trey Azagthoth.

The above brands are not only trusted by some of the most talented musicians out there, but have also helped push the boundaries of music through their innovations. Irrespective of the genre you’re in, these iconic brands will certainly please you in terms of craftsmanship and technology in music.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


How To Build The Best Home Recording Studio



How To Build The Best Home Recording Studio?

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy

Recording your own songs, podcasts, or other forms of media no longer requires having to seek out a proper studio and rent it out. With commonly available technology, just about anyone can make a professional-quality studio right in the comfort of their own home, privy only to the rules set by yourself. That’s not to say all home recording studios offer the kind of quality their creators are looking for, however, it takes a good amount of preparation, as well as proper knowledge of how to best make an environment for recording sound if you want to pull this off. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind when making your home studio:

Location, location, location

The first step is to figure out where in your home you’re going to put this studio. You should prioritize rooms deep within your home to minimize how much effort you’ll need to put in to fully insulate the room from any outside noise. It should also be in a room that’s convenient, comfortable, and easy to be in. Other considerations include a high ceiling, as well as a little bit more room than you possibly expect to need. If you go with a room that’s sized “just right,” you might find yourself in hot water should any new materials come in that are bigger than anticipated.

recording studio home

© [Zoonar GmbH] /Alamy

Seal the room properly

Much like light, sound has a nasty way of finding its way into any area where there’s room for it. Your studio needs to be sealed both to keep outside sounds from leaking in, as well as your recording not being a nuisance to neighbors who might call in a noise violation. Vinyl sealing strips are a quick and easy way to seal all of your doors or other places where sound might leak out. Make sure you seal the room as best as you can. Soundproofing can be bought in large rolls to be affixed to your walls if necessary.

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy

Purchase high-quality equipment

What separates a soundproof room from a proper studio is the equipment found within. You’ll need to purchase equipment designed for sound producers explicitly. For instance, your headphones should be able to replicate recorded sounds in as high-quality fashion as possible, on top of having a complete seal around your ear. What records your sound is also as important as what will play it back. High-quality microphones that remove unwanted noise while preserving sound quality are vital, plus a good set of monitor speakers. Much of what makes equipment worthwhile is explained on Home Recordio which might simplify some of the jargon you’re sure to face while purchasing. You can, of course, start small and work your way up as you learn what you need, but there’s a base level of quality you absolutely can’t avoid.

© [Dmitri Maruta] /Alamy


This is a place in your home that you’re expecting to get a lot of use out of, so that means during the planning phase, you need to do as much as possible to ensure you’ll actually want to be in that room, and that it will complete the tasks you want it to. Once the room is properly soundproofed, you’re ready to start purchasing equipment. At the bare minimum, you should be able to replay audio at the same level of quality that it was recorded. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for releasing media that just doesn’t play how it should on all devices.

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Guide To Buying A Home Karaoke Machine



karaoke machine
Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment developed in Japan. In this activity, a person sings along to a prerecorded music using a microphone. Usually, the music is an instrumental version of a popular song and is accompanied by a video showing the lyrics of the song. The lyrics to the songs are displayed so the amateur singer can sing along to them with ease. You can learn more from this article here.

Over the years, karaoke has evolved and it has become a big market all over the world and is estimated to be worth almost 10 billion dollars globally. It is used during parties and fun times with friends and families. It is even said that Japanese businessmen use it to woo potential clients. This shows just how much the Japanese people love it.

Karaoke machines may either be for general-purpose use like in bars, for professional use or for casual personal use. You even have some that are designed specifically for children. This machine can also be used as a PA system at a party, using it to make announcements and also to play music.

We can see that you can either enjoy karaoke in a public space or you can get your machine and sing together at home with your family or friends.

Factors to Consider When Making Your Choice

If you are looking to buy a home machine rather than go to a bar or karaoke booth, there are a lot of options to consider. Technology has becomes so advanced these days that you can now find home machines with great features that were previously only available on professional systems. All these mean you have more options open to you. We will now look at a few things to put into consideration as you make a decision on which one to buy. In the meantime, you can also see the full review of different machines on review sites.

Portability and Setup
Karaoke machines are usually easy to set up. They should ideally come with manuals that teach you how to assemble them. It is good to always check beforehand to know if this is so. Also, if you want to have one you can carry to a friend’s home or party if needed, or if you need one that you can easily travel with, you might want to consider its portability. If you do not mind disassembling and reassembling each time you need to travel or go somewhere with it, then most will be fine for you. Else, get one that is portable and easy to carry about.

The Song Source
Newer machines are designed to accommodate the growing number of different smart devices; iPods, phones, tablets, and mp3 players. You can either connect through an auxiliary cord, Bluetooth/WIFI or a docking station. Also, some come with the ability to play from CD+G players which basically play CD+G CDs. These CDS come with special recordings containing audio and a low-resolution video graphic of the song lyrics. In deciding which one to buy, check for the song source it supports. Be sure it is easily and readily available to you or that you are comfortable with it. See more of that here

Some karaoke machines come with built-in screens. The built-in screen makes your system standalone so you do not necessarily have to connect it to an external screen. A lot still comes with the ability to connect to an external display even if they have in-built screens so if you want the best of both worlds, you could go for one with such a feature. Having a connectivity option to an external screen can be important, especially when you have large gatherings and everyone wants to follow along with the lyrics. This will certainly be impossible to achieve on a small 7” built-in screen.

Sound Control
A karaoke machine should have different types of sound control. One very important control to have is the ability to mute the voice of the lead singer and just have the background music or instrumentals playing. There’s also the balance control that allows you to balance the lead vocal with your singing which can sometimes make it sound like you are doing a duet with the lead singer.

In addition to this, effects can also add some excitement. Examples include effects like echo which adds a resonance or echo to the singer’s voice, and a pitch control that helps to increase or decrease the song pitch. There’s the tone control which allows one to adjust the bass and treble sounds which are terms used to describe low and high-frequency sounds. When buying a machine, watch out for these features.

If you are someone who likes to hear how you sound later or you just want to relive the happenings from your party, you might consider a model that has an option for recording. Not every machine comes with this feature but the ones that do, come with a USB port and/or an SD card slot. You can record on memory devices while you sing. An instant playback feature allows you to hear how you are doing on the recording and you can adjust and repeat the song if there is a need to do so.


Speakers are an important part of a karaoke machine. A lot of home machines come with an output of about 10 watts. For kids, an output of 5 watts is enough. Depending on how you intend to use it, you can buy a system that has speaker outputs. This will give you the option of connecting to external speakers when you want to use it in a large space or outdoors.

Power Options

Most of these machines are AC powered. That is, you plug them directly into a wall socket. Some portable ones though use batteries as an additional feature. If you are looking to use it where you are not sure you will get a connection to power it, you might want to consider if you need one that uses batteries.

Check out a guide to understand the different types of karaoke machines in this article here:


As with buying any device or equipment, there is no one size fits all when purchasing a karaoke machine. It all depends on your needs, taste and the reason you are buying. Different machines come with different cool features so you need to take time to check out which features work for you. Also, check reviews and see what people say about the ones you are interested in.

Hopefully, after going through the different reviews and feedback, and after considering your needs, budget and other factors, you will be able to choose the one that is just perfect for you.

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What You Need When You’re Becoming A Drummer



In a music band, the drums are the heart of the band. The thumping sounds create a lot of passion that sends people moving and grooving. As a drummer, you know how crucial drums are to make a band successful. Honing your skills and getting the right equipment is important to give a standout performance.

Drums are a rhythm instrument, and it helps guide the listener to know the beats of a song. Drums beat more intensely on parts of a song that need more focus and more faintly in parts that don’t require much emphasis. The variations of beats and rhythms make drums a pleasure to listen to.

To help give your performance the standing ovation it needs, here are some things you’ll need to become a better drummer:

1. A Drum Set

If you want to become a drummer, you’ll need your own drum kit. If you’re a total beginner, you may have to buy a drum kit that’s cheaper.
The cost of a beginner drum set is roughly around $150. As your skills advance, you may want to get a higher quality drum set.

Investing in a high-quality drum set is a good move if you want to become a professional drummer, and you’ve decided to make it your full-time gig. There are drum sets made of quality maple wood, which you can get for $700, but this will last you a long time, so the investment is worth it.

As a tip, you should go to the music store itself to know the sound quality of the drum set since different brands produce different sound quality. It’s not advisable to purchase online since you’ll not be able to test the quality of the sounds. Testing the drum in real-time will help you decide which you like best.

2. A Metronome

A metronome is a type of device that guides musicians to accurately produce a rhythm. The beats are measured per minute – BPM.

As a drummer, especially when you’re just starting, it’s important to rely on a metronome. You should be able to follow a metronome even if it’s just for simple beats. Soon, you’ll be able to memorize an entire beat in your head. But, until then, a metronome is there to guide you. It’s important for a drummer to accurately know rhythm because the rest of the instruments tend to follow the drums as a guide for rhythm.

3. Knowing The Fundamentals

As a drummer, you have to come up with your own unique style. What this process entails is not just being able to tackle challenging music, but to come up with a style of rhythms and beats that is all original and all your own.

When you want to get hired as a drummer, you’ll be a good candidate because, not only do you have a knowledge of fundamentals, you also have enough skills to develop your own style that’ll be unique to the band.

As far as fundamentals go, you should be able to know how to read drum music sheet. When it comes to music in general, this is essential as knowing your alphabet. You should also learn the rudiments and start practicing with a metronome. Soon you’ll be able to internalize the beat movements without thinking.

It’s important to incorporate the music into your muscle memory so you won’t have to spend much cognitive effort on thinking about your next move. Muscle memory gives you more stamina and more creativity to come up with unique variations that’ll help improve your music.

4. Practice Right and Practice Often

Any form of art and profession requires practice. Mere observation of others can’t make you a legit drummer. No matter how many hours you pour over watching YouTube tutorials, you won’t get the results you need if you don’t practice.

Thus, you have to personally experience drumming to get the skill upgrade you need. You have to be able to execute the techniques and make all the mistakes of synchronizing beats. Practicing and making mistakes both help you learn, so don’t be reluctant to practice often.

You should also know that quality in practice matters as much as quantity. You have to make an effort to correct and improve your technique with every practice. Otherwise, you’ll just make the same mistakes over and over again.

5. Get Out of Your Garage and Explore Different Styles

Practicing in your garage is not enough to turn you into a worldwide hit. If you only show your skills at home, people will not know who you are, and it won’t guarantee that you’ll be received by thousands of people with open arms.

Instead, what you can do is get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Get more exposure by joining gigs that are performing in your town. You can also explore different styles of music, so you’ll know what makes each type of music special and appealing. The more styles you know, the more chances you can have to make your own style of music unique.

By joining gigs and acts, you’ll be able to garner a fan base, which will significantly boost your popularity.

6. Play in Softer Tones

Many people regard drums to be the loud and fast instruments in a band or musical ensemble, but it doesn’t mean it should always be so.

As a drummer, you should know the range and subtleties that come with drumming. Continuously loud and fast music will deplete your energy and cause you to lose stamina in the end. The secret of good drumming is to generate dramatic tempo and use subtler tones during transitions.

The best way to showcase your skills as a drummer is to build compelling and difficult patterns in softer or lower tones, which are still audible.

Final Thoughts:

Many people are attracted to drums because it gets them moving. Also, a song is not complete without the intensity of drum music.

As a drummer, you should get the proper equipment to match and improve your skills. The end goal of any drummer is to make original beats and rhythms that’ll have an indelible mark on the audience.

Practice often and practice right to reach your goal and master the essential rudiments to make original music much easier.

Do you want to know who are the famous musicians who play electronic drums, find out here now.

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Electro Wow Music Awards 2019




Just as the Grammy and Billboard Music Awards, this blog also offers a symbolic recognition to singers, producers, and video directors. This year there are famous and fresh talents on my list. What’s more, I have included the best indie artist category because one of the main goals of Electro Wow is supporting this growing sector who opts to create music autonomously.

You can stream via Spotify each track and add any of these songs to your playlist. Scroll down to find out the best songs.


ANNA & Kittin – Forever Ravers

I love to see empowered women dominating the charts and the Techno scene year after year. Definitely, “Forever Ravers” by ANNA & Kittin made us enjoy its radioactive bassline all night long in 2019. Everyone will enjoy a good fusion of Electroclash vibes, spacey bleeps, hi-hats, and uplifting vocal lines like “Techno gender fluid” at clubs and raves with this timeless cut.


Richard Durand feat. Christina Novelli – Save You

The emotions behind this original vocal track will give you goosebumps and leave you singing out loud. Richard Durand’s sound is dynamic and powerful and not for nothing he is one of the most in-demand Trance producers. Moreover, asking Christina Novelli to participate in this production, was a wise decision. So far, I have read hundreds of positive comments on social media, and all Trance fans would agree with me, “Save You” is one of Durand’s best works to date.


Deltiimo – Happy For The Weekend (L  & O 1995 Cool Vibe Remix)

It was back in the late 90s when the original version of “Happy For The Weekend” by Deltiimo was released. In 2019, the UK veteran producer gave it a new dimension with an amazing piano House remix. Believe it or not, it became popular on TikTok, making an impact on Millenials due to the feel-good vibes of Deltiimo’s signature sound.


Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine – Emotion

Purple Disco Machine perfectly knows how to transport us back to the late 70s with his funky reworks. If you don’t dance to the beat of “Emotion”, you’re probably not a human. Also, he creates a sense of nostalgia as he samples a 1974 track entitled, “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love”. Clearly, he is the Giorgio Moroder of the new era!



Valentino Khan – Pony

The LA-based DJ and producer, Valentino Khan and his booty-shaking Bass House hit “Pony” deserve to be on this list. He often uses a heavy sound that drives partygoers crazy no matter what. Engineered for mass dance floor cracking, “Pony” made its mark on clubs worldwide this year.


ordinary pleasure

Toro y Moi – Ordinary Pleasure

Chaz Bear aka Toro y Moi criticizes consumerism and the Throw-away society on this fun tune called “Ordinary Pleasure”. The American artist offers chill out vibes in combination with upbeat Disco beats. Definitely, he knows how to get you grooving in mere seconds, That’s the reason why this is the best Electro-Pop song of 2019.



Guaynaa – Rebota

“Rebota” by emerging Puerto Rican star, Guaynaa is a one-hit-wonder. In Latin America and abroad, this track has been played over and over again on the radio and nobody gets bored with it. On the contrary, this is a truly addictive Reggaeton banger hard to take off your mind.


Phantom Boy

Without a doubt, Phantom Boy is the best indie artist of 2019. We have witnessed the way he puts so much time and energy into his projects. Creatively, he released different 90s Latin hits with a cutting edge sound via Spotify and Apple Music. In 2020, he will drop a brand new album with original productions and modern reworks.


Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty

Tove Lo’s fourth studio album is plenty of promising catchy singles. On this occasion, she explores more upbeat rhythms than her previous material. Incredible collaborations with Kylie Minogue, Jax Jones, and MC Zaac should be highlighted too. Recorded in LA and Sweden, the artist portrays a confident attitude while singing lyrics about lust, shame, and defeat.


Peggy Gou  – Starry Night

Video directed by Jonas Lindstroem

The dreamy visuals shine a light on the enigmatic Asian culture. Prepare yourself to see some peculiar scenes, which range from martial arts to fantastic South Korean landscapes. Its clean cinematic quality, the choreography, and aesthetics make this clip the best music video of 2019. You can tell a lot of people worked hard behind this visual project.

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Is It Worth Going To Coco Bongo Cancun?



Is It Worth Going To Coco Bongo Cancun?
A few weeks ago, I decided to go on a 7-day trip to Cancun, Mexico. Intrigued by the glowing turquoise waters and the white sandy beaches, I discovered this place also offers a varied nightlife. While googling tours, Coco Bongo Cancun showed up on the first page as the best club in the Caribbean resort city.

So, I booked my ticket via Expedia ($85 USD.) thinking I would skip the line, however, this never happened. If you really want to get in the club fast, then you will have to purchase the Gold Member Admission, which is a bit pricey. Anyway, the entrance line isn’t too long on Sundays, so it is not a big problem.

CocoBongo Cancun
The first thing I noticed is that people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the Coco Bongo experience. Moreover, you’ll feel safe as there’s a high level of security. A small bar includes domestic spirits and beers for free in case you want to get wasted, but I suggest never to do that because you’ll miss the great show.

Initially, as a solo traveler, I felt a bit shy to enter this huge discotheque but the crowded atmosphere and the joyful energy gave me the confidence to dancing on my own. Trust me, this is more than a regular club, it feels almost like a theatre where a series of acrobatic acts and classic music hits merge into one. In addition, comedy is complemented by the multiple shows you’ll see over there.

Talented imitators of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury lead the audience in sing-alongs. By the end of these fantastic performances, balloons, and confetti flood the dance floor. In any case, the fiesta continues with a female DJ who plays the latest EDM singles you are used to listening to on Electro Wow.


Of course, it is worth going to Coco Bongo Cancun. Just take in mind the open bar ends at 3:30 AM, otherwise, I believe they will charge you an extra fee. Taxis and buses are available at late hours every single day. Likewise, people don’t need to worry about the dress code. You can either wear a stylish or casual outfit as you want.

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