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5 Male Accessories And Tips That Will Help You Look Rich Effortlessly



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No matter how far the humanity has progressed in the terms of social acceptance, you are still judged by the clothes you wear in many situations. So say the Forbes, Psychology Today, Scientific American, and numerous studies cited by these publications. This means that dressing in a certain way can help you make the right kind of impression and achieve your goals, especially in business dealings. However, you should never forget the importance of details. Having an expensive suit for the occasion is a give, but it’s the accessories that will truly ‘make or break’ the image you are creating.

5 Tips and Accessories That Will
Help You Look Rich

1. Wear male jewelry to complete your look

When you need to look a bit ‘more’ than you would in everyday life, stylish male jewelry might be the key. Silver is a good choice for a man, so you should be able to afford it with no trouble.

Remember to be subtle when choosing male jewelry. A simple ring or bracelet would suffice to make you look elegant and stylish. Necklaces are only acceptable with casual outfits as you can’t really add them to formal wear.

2. Get yourself a top-quality wallet

Even if you don’t have a collection of platinum cards to put in it yet, using a rich-looking leather wallet, preferably handmade, will give you the air of sophisticated elegance associated with wealth. Your wallet must be free of scratches and not stuffed so it doesn’t break the lines of your clothing.

A smart choice will be a simple handmade leather wallet. It should be plain and classic in design as well as slim. The quality of leather is the most important thing when you are trying to make an impression on those used to luxury as an expert will be able to evaluate it at a glance.

3. Get your clothes tailored

If you want to look rich but can’t afford bespoke clothes yet, you can make your best pieces look better by having them tailored for a perfect fit. This will only cost a fraction of the price but add several zeroes to the impression your look makes.

Bear in mind that regular seamstresses working at some department stores might not be able to tailor a suit well. You should have it done by an experienced tailor who understands exactly what you need and why you need it. This will cost a bit more, but will produce the best possible result. Don’t forget that a poorly-tailored suit looks worse than a regular off-the-rack piece.

4. Wear cufflinks

Wearing a dress shirt with French cuffs will make you look rich and elegant immediately. There’s a special charm to cufflinks that people associate with wealth. This kind of shirt also costs nearly the same as barrel-cuffed pieces.

mens cufflinks
You don’t have to wear diamond cufflinks to make this impression, as an understated silver piece will actually work better for any business-related occasion.

5. Get a stylish watch

Many believe a watch to be the ultimate accessory for a man, and you will be judged by its cost when you enter the world of the rich. However, while you aren’t there yet and cannot afford a Tag Heuer or Rolex, you should look for something that will look good.

The ‘good’ here means a simple but classy masculine design. Don’t go for options with faux gems or a multitude of features.

By Erick Ycaza

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