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5 Must-Have Cases For The New iPhone XS Max



iPhone XS Max
As the first weekend of new iPhone preorders comes to a close, trend forecasts already are beginning to show the iPhone XS Max to be the most popular model of the new launches. This pricey phone – the cost starts at $1,099 and goes up to $1,499 — demands protection, but most people won’t want to completely disguise their brand new gadget. For this, you need a stylish yet secure phone case that won’t be too obtrusive on the large screen but will make you feel like your investment is safe in your hands.

While they are beautiful phones on their own, with glass laid over a stainless steel frame, that beauty won’t last without protection as iPhone glass is famously fragile. The best way to keep the phone as gorgeous as it was the day you bought it is to invest in a quality case and keep it on anytime there’s risk of damage (or, always).

iphone xs maxWith the first batches of iPhone XS Max cases out of production and into the markets, you can order a good one online for arrival before the phone even gets shipped, so there’s no second that the new device goes unprotected.

We’ve taken a look at the current offerings for XS Max cases and compiled the must-have products on the market for you. Read on to find the best options.

Speck Candyshell Grip for iPhone XS Max1. Speck Candyshell Grip for iPhone XS Max

Speck is a brand you can always count on to keep your most precious tech gadgets nice and safe. The Candyshell Grip is distinctive, protective, eye-catching, and shock absorbing, making it a great pick that is always reliable. It’s available in different color pairs to fit a look you’re going for. At $30, this case is not only protective but also affordable. The case is available on Amazon or on Speck’s website.

UAG Monarch case2. UAG Monarch Case for iPhone XS Max

If your normal activities include things like biking, hiking, camping, running, then you should consider a case that is equipped for the same activities. A good go-to option for the rough and tumble kinds of folk is the UAG Monarch Case. It meets military test-drop standards and features extra special traction with honeycomb grip edges to avoid slips in the first place. Even with all that protection, it still manages to look cool.

3. Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone XS Max

Otterbox’s brand name has become so closely aligned with the protection of smartphones that you know you can trust their function. While they are typically associated with their bulkier and more rugged options like the Defender case, they also offer some cool slim options that still offer Otterbox-level protection. The $49 Symmetry is available in multiple colors and patterns, so you can find an option that fits your personality.

Classic White Marble Case 4. Casely Classic White Marble Case for iPhone XS Max

This durable yet stylish case is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice their style for safety and function. This shock-absorbent TPU sides and the dual-layer polycarbonate shell will prevent the dreaded and feared shattered screen, and the chic white and black marble design will go with any look. You can buy it from their online shop.

nomad rugged case5. Nomad Rugged Case for iPhone XS Max

On the other end of the style spectrum is the Nomad Rugged Case, which will wrap your phone in fine leather that will both give you some extra “cool” points and keep your precious phone safe. The polycarbonate shell clips onto the phone for extra security and a TPU bumper along the edged creates a strong buffer zone between your phone and the ground (should it drop). The Horween leather featured on the exterior of the case ages over time, lending to the distinguished look of age and experience. Get it on Nomad’s website to make a statement and protect your prized possession.

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