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5 Popular Men’s Hairstyles For 2015



5 Popular Men's Hairstyles For 2015
This article is based on an excellent haircut trends and fashion website: For more information about latest men’s haircuts go this site about men’s hairstyles.

Hairstyles are like clothes that ebb and flow with the season. At some time, large curls and fly away hair are the trend and sometimes, pixie cuts are the rage. Hairstyles and haircuts are also influenced by the face’s shape, age and lifestyle. A person who has several years under her belt would often go for a haircut that helps her look younger. A person who follows a hectic schedule at the office would prefer a low-maintenance haircut. A person who deals often with the press or media might opt for long tresses that can be styled depending on the occasion or the location.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to hairstyles for men. New styles and cuts are becoming popular each and every day. How is one to choose which hairstyle is right for him? A few factors must be considered. For instance, how much time will be spent styling hair? Is the look modern, classic, or retro? How will it come across to workmates and friends? With these questions in mind, here a few of the stylish hairstyles for men popular in 2015.

Whatever the intent of sporting a particular hairstyle, whether it be for glamour, class or a business-like look, several options are available. Here they are:

The Undercut

Men who have a bountiful crop of hair on top can zoom in on the undercut. The sides are cropped close to the skull for that neat, army look while the top can be spiked or left alone.


As a variation to the undercut, you can have tapered sides where hair that is nearer the top is longer than those near the ears. This is an option if you don’t like an undercut that is closer to the Mohawk hairstyle where the sides are shaved.

Side Part

A thinning top can be disguised with a side part. You can add volume to the top with a volumizing shampoo or hair mousse which should be applied before blow drying your hair. This works well with short hair.

Alternatively, you can simply part your hair to one side without troubling yourself with volume. It still works for those with thin hair and gives a boyish appeal.


Versatility is the outcome when short sides and a full fringe come together into one dynamic hair style. To plump hair and add a thicker quality, grooming cream can be used to style. The full fringe can be worn down or styled back.

The James Dean

Another popular style is inspired by an icon familiar to many. The James Dean cut is at a length where the volume is easily styled on top. The part is messy and undefined, making for a cool and easy going look.

Final Word

It’s true that the options are endless, but the short hair styles for men that exist are varied, diverse, and stylish. There really is a style for everyone.

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