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5 Sports To Enjoy The Great Outdoors This Summer



Summer is a good time to spend your days outside, soaking up the sun and using the longer days to your advantage. If you’re looking for a good way to get outside more this summer, why not pick up a new hobby? Try one of these five sports to stay fit and have fun in the great outdoors.

5 Great Outdoor Summer Sports

1. Running
One of the easiest ways to enjoy the summer weather is to go for an energizing run. You don’t really need any equipment and you can go running from almost anywhere without traveling. If you like being competitive, sign up for a local race or two and start training.

Jog around your own neighborhood or at a local park for a more relaxed workout or run up a mountain trail for an intense cross-country workout. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to breathe in the fresh air and feel the wind and sun. Keep your endurance up over the winter by running at an indoor track or on a treadmill if it’s too cold or snowy outside.

2. Biking
If running isn’t your idea of a good time, biking can offer similar benefits and more options for long-distance outings. Biking can be a low intensity or high-intensity sport, depending on how you do it and where you ride. It’s also easier on your knees and other joints because they won’t be making a direct impact with the ground.

Biking is a lot of fun by yourself or with a group, and it can be used as a practical way of getting around a pleasurable activity to enjoy your time outdoors. You can keep your fitness up with an exercise bike during the colder months, but you might as well get out and enjoy the fresh air over the summer.

Motorized bikes are like ordinary bikes but powered with a two-stroke, four-stroke, or an electric bike motor. The motor provides more speed and power, so it’s easier to maintain your speed or go faster without exhausting yourself. Uphill paths also aren’t a problem with motorized bikes. You’ll get over the hill without slowing down or hurting your knees.

If you’re already tired, the motorized bike will make up for the physical energy you lack and keep you going with minimal effort. That’s why motorized bikes are perfect for leisure riding or a laid-back sightseeing adventure.

3. Kayaking/Canoeing
There’s not much that can compare to getting out on a lake, river, or large body of water and gliding around on the smooth waves. You can choose between a more leisurely paddle around a calm lake or an intense, exciting trip through white water rapids on a river.

Both kayaks and canoes are suitable for individual use, though kayaks are a little easier to manage by yourself. Canoes can carry more than one person, allowing you to turn it into a social activity without needing a second boat. From the water, you get an amazing view of your surroundings and the opportunity to discover new places outside.

4. Surfing (All Varieties)
You need to be near either the ocean or another large body of water to try any type of surfing, but all styles of surfing are a fun way to interact with nature this summer. Catch some waves on a traditional surfboard or try the more extreme version with windsurfing or kitesurfing. Whatever you choose, you’ll be out on the water, keeping cool and enjoying all the beauty around you.

5. Golf

Walking around a gorgeous golf course and enjoying the trees, water features, sand, and grass sounds like a great way to spend a summer afternoon. There are tons of incredible golf courses all over the world, so you can even enjoy this sport while you’re on vacation to get a taste of the natural beauty in places far from home. Order a set of pre-owned golf clubs and you’ll be ready to start playing right away!

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Alternatively, you could play a modern variation of golf if you want to change it up a bit. Try out something like disc golf, footgolf, or even miniature golf to enjoy the outdoor experience in a slightly different way.

The great outdoors is calling for you. Head to your local golf course, river, beachfront, park, or mountain trail to get a few good hours of sport this week.

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