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5 Things To Look Out For While Buying Speakers



5 Things To Look Out For While Buying Speakers
Most homes nowadays are inevitably bound to have a home theatre system since it’s one of the best ways to spend a weekend with a good movie to relax. Undoubtedly, the best way to choose a speaker to hear them out for yourself but it is important to note that different speakers sound differently according to space or the environment it is in. Moreover, with shopping shifting its paradigm online, it becomes mandatory to research about the product you have in mind because you don’t want to be receiving and returning products. Here are a few things to help you decide before buying a speaker.

1. Sound Quality and Loudness

This is the most basic factor that everyone looks into while buying speakers. Sound quality and loudness of a speaker is determined by a criterion called sensitivity of the speaker. It is important to understand that just loud enough isn’t good enough. Sound quality should go hand in hand and sound should be clear and devoid of noise. This specification of a speaker is measured in terms of decibels (dB). Speakers with a sensitivity rating of around 90 dB are considered perfect for an average sized living room or any other non-echoing environment.

2. Types of Speakers

Initially, it is advisable you understand the orientation of your room and decide the number of speakers you require. You can either choose from wall-mounted speakers or in-wall speakers which will need to be installed by professionals. This part is narrowed down to personal preference as both can have their own list of pros and cons. Another category to choose from is wired or wireless speakers. Understand sonic reflections and assign appropriate placements for the speaker in a room to get the best out of your sound system. Soundbars have recently gained popularity due to their compact size and excellent sound output qualities.

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3. Room Size and Acoustics

It is not surprising that you might buy the speaker which sounded amazing at the store but seems to be a disappointment in your living room. This is because speakers are very environment specific, that is, the dimensions of room play a big role in deciding how the speaker will deliver. Speaker digital might be a help and what is important is the type of materials in the room, say wood, cushions, carpet or exposed walls can reflect and absorb sound thus creating a haze in the sound system and reducing efficiency.

4. Pairing with Right Components

Since we are looking for speakers, you have to make sure that any supporting devices like amplifiers, woofers or sub-woofers go along with your speaker. The power rating of the speaker should match with the input-output ratings of the pairing devices. A simple way to make sure of that is to go with the same brand of speakers and supporting devices to be more carefree and improve efficiency. The impedance and frequency response of a speaker should also be matched with pairing devices to get the best results.

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5. Speaker Size and Cabinet

It is usually believed that bigger and bulkier speakers sound better than the smaller ones but it might not always be the case. A cabinet is the outer case or chassis of the speaker. This is often neglected as most people focus only in the technical specifications whereas this is an important criterion to be considered. The cabinet should be made of dense materials to prevent it from vibrating during sound production from the speaker which will add to more noise in the sound production. One of the most preferred materials is wood due to its perfect density. You can also visit online sites like to check out the reviews of best speakers available in the market at this time.

Now, that you know what exactly you need to look for while buying a speaker, the best way would be to shortlist a few of the best suitable to your needs and environment. This will help you get a clearer picture of what exactly you need from your speakers and in what you would want to prioritize your requirements.

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