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5 Tips On How To Make Your Mattress Last For Years



Your mattress is more than just a place where you unwind and listen to music, it’s also where you recuperate and recover from a long night of dancing, and where you dream about the gigs you’ll attend in the months to come.

Unfortunately, few people take care of their mattresses the right way. Often, we buy a bed, sleep in it, and forget all about the maintenance that comes with making a major home investment. However, if you’re sick of waking up to lumpy or ruined mattresses within months of spending a small fortune, the following five tips will ensure that your mattress is ready to stand the test of time.

1. Use a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors might not seem like a big deal at first, but they can make a huge difference to your bedding’s lifespan. A good quality mattress protector means that you don’t have to worry about sweat and other things damaging the longevity of your new bed. Additionally, it can also help to protect you from allergen problems, by making it easy to get rid of dust and skin cells.

Using a mattress protector doesn’t have to feel like you’ve covered your bed in plastic anymore either. There are plenty of new protectors that feel just as cozy as your standard fitted sheet.

2. Kick the Pets Out

We know how nice it can be to curl up in bed with your dog while you listen to the latest singles from Cyberpunk, or relax after work. Unfortunately, pets can do a lot of damage to your mattress over time. Whether it’s their claws digging into the memory foam causing lumps in your bedding, or it’s their fur getting into just about everything, it’s best to keep your pets out of your bed.

Snuggle with your four-legged friends on the couch and protect your bed as a place for you and your partner only. Trust us, you’ll appreciate this tip in the long run.

3. Be Careful When Moving Your Mattress

Whether you’re moving home or bedroom, be careful about dragging your mattress from one location to another. There’s a reason why today’s bed-in-a-box mattresses come in air-tight packaging that protects them from knocks and scrapes.

Even if you’re just flipping your mattress or turning it around to make sure that you don’t get any dips in your memory foam, always be careful. Ask someone for help to ensure that things don’t sag or get bashed out of shape. Don’t forget to also take extra steps to protect it against dirt, dust and spills if you’re putting your mattress in the back of a moving van!

4. Give It Some Air

Making your bed might be something that you’d rather avoid 9 times out of 10. However, every so often, you really should follow your parents’ advice. Strip your mattress of any coverings when you next have a sunny day and open the window. Let the bed refresh and breathe for a while, so it can get rid of all that excess moisture and feistiness from regular use.

Not only will airing your mattress make it last longer, but there’s also a good chance that this process will make your bed smell a lot better. It could even help to keep your dust mite population in check as well if you think you might have a bed bug problem take a look at this guide for more details.

5. Follow Instructions

Finally, when the time comes to remove stains and other marks from your mattress, pay attention to the instructions provided by the bed’s manufacturer. Most mattress companies will include some directions for stain removal and general cleaning. However, more often than not, you can get rid of dust and other particles with just a basic hoover attachment.

Spot-treat stains with a mild solution of soap and water. Avoid chemicals at all costs – this is particularly important for foam mattresses, where chemicals can break down the foam.

There you have it, you’re now ready to protect your mattress and make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style. Surprisingly, I have been blogging and writing about music since 2007.