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5 Top Villains From Days Of Our Lives



5 Top Villains From Days Of Our Lives
Days of Our Lives had its share of characters who we love to hate. Any good story is incomplete without a good amount of conflict and Days of Our Lives is no exception. The negative characters are ones responsible for creating drama that we all love and therefore it is fair enough to say that we would not love this show that much if everything was good in Salem. As this is a long-running soap opera, we had many options but we decided to limit ourselves by picking the top 5 villains on Days of Our Lives.

1. Stefano DiMera
No other character has been as dark and dangerous as Stefano DiMera’s character. There are many skeletons in his closet but he still has not paid his due as he should for his deeds. His hatred of Brady family runs so deep that he kidnapped Sam and Eric—the twins and faked deaths. It seems he would stop at nothing to crush the people he absolutely hates.

2. Victor Kiriakis
Victor Kiriakis is a Greek crime lord and the main head of the powerful Kiriakis family. His name is enough to spread terror and his time in Salem is a proof that he would go to any means possible for his own personal gains. Some of the crimes that he has been involved in include pornography, drug cartels, jailbreaks, murders and the list goes on. Even his own family had to suffer his wrath on numerous occasions. One famous example is, of course, his own son, Bob who as fans of the show knows was the victim of several murder attempts and they were all planned by his own father. Victor also made his own nephew, Justin impotent by drugging him many times.

3. Vivian Alamain
Vivian Alamain is infamous for her antics on Days of Our Lives and rightly so. She has done many diabolic things for crazy reasons. Fans who love reading days of our lives spoilers will have know are next target in advance and I totally understand how knowing what she will do can even make us skip the whole episode. Some of our acts include planning a plane crash, burying people alive, attempted poisoning and drugging others. She is a maniac when it comes to taking revenge.

4. Kate Roberts
It is true that a mother will do anything to protect her children but Kate Roberts takes this age-old adage a step further. She will stop at nothing to shield her own children from harm and she has proven this time and again on Days of Our Lives. She framed an innocent part for murder and even poisoned Chole. She took it a step further when she framed Daniel, who was also her ex-lover for Chole’s poisoning. Even Victor, one of the most dreaded characters on the show did nothing to scare her off as she also tried to kill him not once but twice! You may hate her but this character had enough guts and spunk to go against just about everyone—no matter how powerful.

5. EJ Dimera
Just like his father, EJ DiMera is a devious character who shares many traits with the infamous Stefano Dimera. His crimes too are plenty and are often so heinous that they are difficult to digest. He murdered a cop, brainwashed Steve and blackmailed Sami. Even his own daughter was a victim of his manipulations when he kidnapped her and faked her death in front the mother.

These were some noteworthy characters from this long-running show. You can hate them with a passion but you certainly can’t ignore them. I hope you agree with our list and do comment to let us know your thoughts.

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