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6 Excellent Adult Birthday Party Ideas You Should Steal



birthday party ideas
I think most adults stop caring about birthdays once they reach a certain age. You’re missing out on something absolutely huge. How often do you get the chance to celebrate anything in style? Your birthday is one day you should make it happen.

Where is the best place to hold an adult birthday party? The most unforgettable adult parties happen in restaurants and pubs, such as the Angel Islington Pub. Because adults love dancing, music, and drinking, these venues are most sought for rave parties and birthday parties.

You can go wild and it will be perfectly acceptable to everyone. If you’ve been avoiding it for years you might be a little rusty when it comes to ideas. Does anything sound appealing to you right now? If you steal these ones you definitely won’t regret it.

1. Throw the Ultimate Poker Game

Invite friends to your home and tell them to bring lots of money. If you’re lucky they won’t be going home with anything. I’m sure you’ll love playing poker, but there will be too much testosterone in your home.

poker game

2. Enjoy a Toga Swimming Pool Party

Hopefully, you have a swimming pool in your garden. It’s okay if you don’t because you can hire a large house for the weekend. A toga swimming pool party needs three ingredients if it’s going to be a success.

toga pool party
You’ll need lots of tasty cocktails, so think about bringing in a mixologist for the night. Great music will need to be playing at high volume. The final ingredient is nakedness, which shouldn’t take very long.

3. Sail Around on a Nice Party Boat

Party buses have become hugely popular in recent years, but you can do something with a touch more class. Hire a boat and sail around in the water all day. Your location will depend on whether it’s in a lake or ocean.

boat party
All boat parties should start earlier in the day, because it will give people a chance to swim around. When the sun goes down you’ll be able to turn the music up. If you see any islands close by you can take the party there.

4. Playing a Full Round of Pub Golf

Do you have any idea how to play pub golf? You’ll be glad to know it involves lots of alcohol. A full round of golf means you’ll hit all eighteen holes, so you’ll need to visit the same number of pubs on your birthday.

pub golf
Your final score will depend on how many drinks you managed to finish. Everyone who is attending should show up in traditional golf attire. You can even bring plastic clubs in case you want to hit each other later in the night. If the occasion falls in the winter season, consider playing the game indoors. For this, you would need to invest in a sports simulator and some golf enclosures. These devices go beyond entertainment as they make great exercise equipment and golf training materials.

5. Drink Beer Around a Big Campfire

It’s unlikely you’ve been camping in a while, so maybe you should get reacquainted with it. Fortunately, it won’t be like the mild trips you use to take in your youth. You’ll finally get to know what it feels like when nobody can hear you scream.

You just need speakers loud enough to burst your eardrums first. Once the fire is set up everyone can sit around it guzzling beer and wine. If you want things to get naughty don’t forget to write down a few drinking games.

6. Parting in a Completely New City

Take a dart and throw it at a large map. You have to party in the city it lands on. If anyone has been before you’re allowed to try again. The trick is to stumble around totally drunk in a completely new city.

If you have enough money try throwing the dart at a map of the world. Going on an adventure into uncharted territory is pretty fun. It’s even better when an unlimited amount of alcohol is added to the equation.

You Can Keep These Ideas for Milestone Parties

It’s fine if these ideas are too hard to throw every year. You can always keep them tucked away for your milestone birthdays. Talk about them with your friend and one idea might become a reality in the next few months.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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