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6 Music And Fashion Collaborations That Impressed Everyone



music and fashion collaborations
Fashion and music have had a bond that has been through ups and downs way back in the 1980s and had a part in the coming up of rave music at the time. Since these two elements of pop culture are such a hit together, we are bringing you six such collaborations of fashion and music that took the world by storm. Sit back, relax, and grab your popcorn!

1. A.P.C KANYE Capsule Collection

Kanye West is one of the music industry’s perfectionists. Having many apts, one of them was for fashion. Apart from having his own fashion line called, “Yeezy” Kanye collaborated with French brand, A.P.C. The line aimed at giving a stylish hit to an everyday wardrobe by creating a set of wardrobe staples for everyone. This being the first collab he made, it put on the map as an actual fashion designer. This collaboration really went to prove how the lines between Fashion and music can blur together.

A.P.C KANYE Capsule Collection
2. Alexander Wang and Diplo

The trend of using celebrities and music artists to promote their work is increasing amongst fashion designers. Alexander Wang too is being known for using artists in his promotions to join the two aspects, fashion and music together. Including American DJ, Diplo, he also collaborated with rapper, A$AP Rocky. In his 2011 Spring collection campaign, he featured Diplo and Sports Illustrated model, Ashley Smith in a music video. The campaign was aimed at promoting the clothes through the personalities and attitudes of the people they featured in the campaign which was linked to how well it did. Therefore, the chemistry between Diplo and Ashley Smith came through the video, making it a hit with personalities in music as well as the fashion industry.

3. Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake

For the promotion of his awaited comeback album, 20/20 Experience, Timberlake collaborated with Tom Ford. However, instead of having Tom Ford as just an inspiration, he had him in the position of creative director. In order to make the best comeback impression ever, Timberlake wanted an epic makeover for the album. In his single, Suit and Tie, he is seen wearing a classic Tom Ford suit, which in turn is related to the song. The collaboration was made to tear away from Timberlake’s old ‘NSYNC days filled with denim. At the end, both sides benefitted well from the collaboration.

4. Dior Homme and Justice Catwalk Collaboration

Dior was one of the first brands to lead the way for music and fashion collaborations. They appointed Justice to create a unique and chic soundtrack for the fashion brand’s catwalk show back in 2009. The label had created looks that oozed edginess and boldness, which matched perfectly with the sound and image that Justice carried at the time, making it the perfect collaboration.

5. Forever 21 x Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Collection

Everyone knows how Justin Bieber has made a name for himself and is one of the most famous youngsters in the world. Apart from having the tabloid after him at the time, Bieber collaborated with fashion brand Forever 21 for his Purpose Tour clothing collection. The collection released on August 29, 2016 featuring oversized sleeveless t-shirts and short-sleeve t-shirts with images of Justin Bieber on them. There is also a long sleeve t-shirt with the words “Justin Forever” on it. The assortment also includes hoodies and sweatpants. Bieber’s album, ‘Purpose’ was a hit in over 100 countries worldwide, and the collaboration gave many people a sense of joy as it was seen as merchandise.

purpose tour
6. Demi Lovato And Fabletics

Marking her third collaboration with the brand, Demi Lovato has started her year by announcing her collaboration yet again with the brand Fabletics. The collection is called the Fabletics capsule collection which features exclusive new looks and the debut of her first-ever lifestyle accessories, including seven footwear styles and two athletic bags.

By Erick Ycaza

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