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6 Songs That You Never Knew Were About Drugs



5 Songs That You Never Knew Were About Drugs
The world of music has an uncanny ability to create songs where the subject matter often flies underneath the radar. We’ve seen some songs with very obvious references to things being not picked up and these five may be just that. Here are 6 songs you never knew were about drugs.

1 – The Las – There She Goes

You have The Las from Liverpool, who were a group that seemed to be destined for such greatness as their 1990 debut came out. Looking at the song now, given all of the heavy clues that are in this signature song, you can gather some insight as to the strange saga of the band. “There She Goes” is a song about admiration for a girl. However, diving deeper you will see that there is more with lines like “racing through my brain, pulsing through my vein”. Check out this Reddit thread.

2 – Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman

Even as Stevie Nicks was quizzed by Courtney Love regarding the lyrics of “Gold Dust Woman”, she could not recall a lot of the details. She states that it must not be all about cocaine, however, there are a lot of references all throughout the Rumours album. Lyrics include “Take your silver spoon and dig your grave”.

3 – MGMT – Time To Pretend

Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT have stated that this is a song inspired by an egg laying praying mantis in their apartment from college. Throughout the lyrics, you see all sorts of references that talk about cocaine and heroin, as well as choking on vomit and more.

4 – Blur – Beetlebum

This is a song that if close to a lot of the songs that came out by the Beetles back in the day. Damon Albarn from Blur states that this song from 1997 has information on drug experiences with his girlfriend of the past, Justine Frischmann from the band Elastica. The lyrics include lines that talk about chasing the beetle, which seems to be similar to chasing the dragon. In addition to the title being an obvious reference to the most famous Brit-pop band of all time, you also have a reference to inhaling heroin vapors or opium as it is heated over foil. Here is an interview with lead singer Damon Albarn about the song

5 – Small Face – Itchycoo Park

This is actually a very popular song that happens to be one of the top psychedelic pop songs of its time. Steve Marriot and Ronnie Lane sang “It’s all too beautiful” and this is something that seriously sums of the 60s. This is a song that was banned by the BBC until the band remarked that is was simply a harmless recollection of being on the playground as a child. Members of the band say that they got “high” from not going to school, rather from any sort of drug. Do you believe this explanation? After all, we do all know that the drugs were very overwhelming at that time in our world’s history – perhaps it was one of these.

6 – Ed Sheeran – The A Team

This grammy nominated song for Ed Sheeran was up for song of the year, however, Sheeran has gone on to explain a time where he played a gig at a homeless shelter at the age of 18. He mentions how he heard a lot of stories about the women who were there that were struggling with addictions to class A substances where it is mentioned in the song about “breathing in snowflakes”.

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