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6 Things To Remember When Listening To Music While Driving



listening to music while driving

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Listening to music while driving is something many of you enjoy. After all, very few experiences are as exciting as enjoying your favorite tunes while out on the road.

However, when listening to music while driving, you are often distracted. That, in turn, might lead to accidents. Your choice or way of listening to the music might even bother others around you in one way or another. Thus, to enjoy this activity better, you need to know a few things.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few things you must remember when listening to music while driving.

#1 Volume Control

One of the most critical factors to consider when listening to music in your car is the volume. The temptation to crank up the volume to your favorite tunes can be strong. However, it’s essential to find a balance between enjoying the music and maintaining road safety.

volume car music

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Excessive volume can impair your ability to hear important auditory cues from your surroundings, such as sirens, horns, or the screech of brakes. Loud music can also be distracting, making it difficult to focus on the road and traffic conditions.

Car From Japan recommends that you play music at the sound of 80 decibels while driving. It’s also important to remember that hearing damage can occur over time due to prolonged exposure to high volumes. Therefore, take care of your hearing by keeping the volume in check.

#2 Hands-Free Operation

These days, it’s common for drivers to use their smartphones or in-car entertainment systems to select and control their music. However, using your phone or adjusting your infotainment system while driving can be dangerous and is often a leading cause of accidents. To ensure safety, as per PC Magazine, practice hands-free operation when managing your music while on the road.

Invest in a hands-free device, such as a Bluetooth headset or a car mount for your phone. This will help you navigate your music without taking your hands off the wheel. Voice commands are also an excellent option for controlling your music.

#3 Music Selection

According to Elmo Drive, the choice of music can significantly influence your driving experience. While your favorite heavy metal or hip-hop tracks may provide an adrenaline rush, they can also lead to aggressive driving behavior.

Conversely, soothing and calm melodies can help create a relaxed atmosphere, potentially reducing stress and road rage. Your playlist should match your mood and the context of your drive.

music selection driving car

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If you are going on a long drive, consider creating a playlist that includes a variety of genres and tempos to keep things interesting. For city driving or during rush hour, opt for mellower tunes that can help keep you calm and patient in traffic. Overall, be mindful of your music selection and how it might affect your driving behavior.

#4 Control Distractions

Beyond the physical act of selecting music, the content of your music can also be a distraction. Songs with intense lyrics, storytelling, or emotional depth can lead to a wandering mind and decrease your focus on driving. It’s important to remember that safe driving requires your full attention on the road and traffic conditions.

Distractions from listening to music might even lead to car accidents. According to Keith Law Group, being distracted is one of the main reasons why car accidents take place. Because of this, you might have to deal with a lot of legal trouble.

accident attorney cars

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Take the case of Rogers and other places in Arkansas as examples. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80 percent of car accidents involve at least some kind of driver distraction. Arkansas alone sees almost 5000 car accidents every year because of distracted driving. This number only seems to be climbing for the Arkansas area.

According to a Rogers car accident attorney firm, a driver can be distracted for many reasons. Listening to music might be one of them. Thus, know how to best control such distractions when driving.

To control distractions, consider creating a playlist of instrumental or lyrically light music for your commute or long drives. This way, you can enjoy the melody without getting lost in the story being told.

#5 Adapt to the Road and Weather Conditions

The type of music you listen to should adapt to the road and weather conditions.

For example, driving on a bright, sunny day on an open highway might call for energetic and cheerful tunes that match the upbeat mood. In contrast, during a heavy rainstorm or when navigating through dense traffic, calming and ambient music can help reduce stress and maintain your concentration.

weather conditions

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Different driving conditions require different kinds of music. During nighttime driving, soothing jazz or acoustic melodies can help you stay alert without overwhelming your senses with loud and energetic songs. Tailor your music to the circumstances, and always remember that your primary responsibility is to drive safely.

#6 Be Mindful of Others

While you may be the one choosing the music, it’s important to be considerate of your passengers’ preferences and comfort. Not everyone may share your enthusiasm for a particular genre or artist. Loud music that you enjoy might be overwhelming for others in the car.

Create a harmonious atmosphere by being aware of your passengers’ preferences and adjusting the volume and music choice accordingly. In addition to considering your passengers, it’s crucial to remember the impact your music may have on others outside the vehicle.

Excessive noise from your car’s speakers can disturb pedestrians, residents in quiet neighborhoods, and other drivers. Keep the volume at a reasonable level, especially in residential areas or when idling in traffic.


Listening to music while driving is all about being responsible. This is something you can do by sticking to the tips above. That way, you can enjoy the music when driving and ensure that you’re not putting yourself or others in danger, or bothering anyone.

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Iconic Canadian Musicians Who Are Also Savvy Businesspeople



canadian musicians
Being a successful musician requires a host of skills and abilities that can take you from dreaming of music success to making it a reality. For some iconic Canadian musicians, their skill set hasn’t stopped at creating chart-topping, award-winning tracks; it’s also encompassed an ability to successfully dive into business ventures of all shapes and sizes.

Who are these talented Canadian musicians and business-savvy people? Let’s take a look.

Justin Bieber

Iconic Canadian Musician Justin Bieber
This Canadian icon hails from London, Ontario, and has become a global pop sensation. It turns out that his talents don’t just lie in music; they extend to a knack for business as well. In 2019, Bieber partnered with Ryan Good to create a streetwear clothing brand dubbed Drew House.

The clothing brand first launched with various corduroy items embroidered with the word ‘Drew.’ Today, you can find a wide range of t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, sweaters, hats, socks, and even stickers.

On top of creating this successful clothing business, he’s also used his business savvy to invest in start-ups that we all now know and love, Spotify and Beats Audio.


Iconic Canadian Musician Drake
Drake, the Toronto-born and raised rapper who has risen to icon status, not only acts and records music but also dabbles in business ventures—and does so successfully. His ventures vary from creating his own record label to a fashion label and whiskey brand. He also earns $100 million annually, endorsing, a major online casino brand similar to JackpotCity Canada.

His record label, OVO Sound, has signed a handful of artists and had an estimated worth of $50 million in 2018. Meanwhile, his clothing line, named OVO, aka October’s Very Own, has created high-profile partnerships with designers, teams (like his beloved Toronto Raptors), and sports agencies (like the NHL and NBA).

As if these two ventures and making his music weren’t keeping him busy enough, Drake also has his own brand of whiskey, Virginia Black.

Avril Lavigne

Iconic Canadian Musician Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne, from Belleville, Ontario, rose to fame in the early 2000s with her pop meets rock album featuring songs like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated.” She’s still making music, and just like Drake and Bieber, she’s also shown off her business savvy.

In 2008, this rock’n’roll Canadian launched a rock’n’roll-inspired clothing line called Abbey Dawn during New York Fashion Week. According to MTV, the new clothing line was even modeled by Kylie Jenner during the show. The line featured various looks inspired by Avril’s punk-rock style. The brand still exists today, though with fewer options, but has hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and even socks in her signature all-black style.

Michael Bublé

Iconic Canadian Musician Michael Bublé
The “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” singer from Burnaby, British Columbia, is a Grammy award winner known worldwide for his vocal talent and songwriting abilities. (Plus, he’s also done some entertaining work starring in Bubly—or should we say Bublé?—sparkling water ads.) However, you may not know that Bublé is also a savvy business owner, making his mark in the realm of liquor and spirits with his own brand of whiskey.

Earlier this year, Bublé launched the Fraser & Thompson whiskey brand with Paul Cirka. The two worked together to create a union of Canadian whisky and Kentucky bourbon that’s said to deliver notes of blood orange and fig.

Céline Dion

Iconic Canadian Musician Céline Dion
Céline Dion grew up in Charlemagne, Quebec, and is known for her powerful vocals and the iconic Titanic song everyone knows. Alongside her award-winning vocal talent, Dion also brings a powerful presence to the business world through successful ventures ranging from the music and food industries to the perfume industry.

She’s the president of a Canadian talent agency, co-founder of Nickles Bar & Grill, and co-owner of a Pure restaurant. She has her own perfume brand called Céline Dion Parfum. With a list of successful ventures like that, it’s safe to say this Canadian icon is definitely a savvy businessperson.

Bryan Adams

Iconic Canadian Musician Bryan Adams
The Canadian Music Hall of Fame rock star singer-songwriter Bryan Adams hails from Kingston, Ontario. He is a Canadian icon known globally for his chart-topping hits like “Cuts Like a Knife” and “Summer of ’69.” But music isn’t the only thing Adams is known for. Through his life and career, he’s also become widely recognized for his photography and social activism.

Of course, being a successful photographer requires some business savvy, but it’s his social activism that really shows off his business capabilities.

His interest in promoting a plant-based diet and positively altering the food landscape has led him to become a founding member of Bettermoo(d). It embodies his desire to protect animal rights and the planet. Bettermoo(d) offers dairy-free alternatives for foods like butter, yogurt, and cheese.

Neil Young

Iconic Canadian Musician Neil Young
Neil Young, born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is known and loved for his singing-songwriting abilities. He has even been dubbed the “Grandfather of Grunge.” His business prowess has shown throughout his career with ideas from train controls that helped form Liontech to a high-resolution music system called PonoMusic.

Young launched PonoMusic in 2012 to bring his dream of high-quality music streaming and players to life. Though the business was short-lived, Quartz points out that this business idea can be credited for helping the music industry as a whole. Young’s drive to create a high-quality streaming platform helped push competitors (like Apple and Spotify) to create even better-quality music platforms for their users.

On top of this, the superstar has also founded and planned charitable initiatives that align with his values and personal life. His son’s experience with cerebral palsy drove Young and his wife to develop Bridge School, where children with disabilities receive specialized education. And he’s had a leading hand in creating Farm Aid benefit concerts.

While the failure of his music business may make you question his business savvy, his ideas, drive, passion, and successful foundations paint another picture entirely.

Business Sav Comes in All Shapes and Genres

For the Canadian musicians moving into business ventures, it seems there are no bounds on the size or type of business they can dream up. Just as the genre of music varies from artist to artist, so do the kinds of businesses they offer the world.

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50+ Israeli Electronic Artists Unite To Support Supernova Festival Attack Victims



Supernova Festival
The Electronic Music Community (EMC) in Israel has come together to create a 50+ track compilation to support survivors and families affected by the tragic attack on the Supernova International Music Festival that occurred on October 7th.

The compilation features a diverse range of electronic music genres and contributions from various artists. The EMC’s goal is to raise awareness and support for the hostages in Gaza and aid in the rehabilitation of Supernova attack survivors.

They are actively working to provide financial and emotional support to victims and survivors. You can show your support by purchasing the compilation on Bandcamp, donating to EMC through Giveback, or buying a T-shirt from the EMC‘s website.

They are also planning to release an upcoming volume of the #BringThemBack compilation featuring artists from around the world to support the ongoing recovery process.


Abrão – Tears

Ace Ventura & LOUD – Our Moment (Samra Mix) [Special Edit]

Adam Ten – Cold Summer

Adi Anak Shabat – Inner Rhythm

ֿAfterU & Ilan Oz – Clap Your Hands Instrumental

Amigdala – New Moon

Anghel & Prayon – If You Believe

Anorre & Joezi – Colosseum (Extended Mix)

Artemis – Alchemy

Asher Swissa – Closer Enemy

Astral Projection – People Can Fly

Astrix – Shamanic Tales

Astorgano – Go Back Up There

BLiSS – We Are Warriors (Bring Them Back Mix)

Brizman – Lilly’s Song

Captain Hook – Space Tube 25 (Vinyl Version)

Chaim & Jenia Tarsol Feat Ilan Oz – Kiss My Baby Good Morning

Chicola – Supernova

Chuka – Horizon

Clüb De Combat – DC10

Dekel & Shtuby – Weekend

E’sh – Karakol

Eitan Reiter – Ups & Down (Glitch Edit 2023)

Eli Nissan & Jos & Eli – No Education

Ella Gotman – Sunrise Over Dead Sea

Freedom Fighters & Ryanosaurus – Dawn Til Dusk

Gorovich – Vortex Acid Mix [#BringThemBackHome]

Guy J – 2092

Hard to Tell – October 7

Ido Morali & Yotam Russo – Flight Channel

Infected Mushroom – I Wish (Aura Vortex Remix)

John Biryon – Taamin

Kadosh & Sean Doron – Three Chord Song

Kapitan – Our Fight

Khen & Guy Mantzur – “Children With No Name Feat. Kama Kamila

(October 7th Edit)”

Knesiyat Hasechel – Kana Wachda (Gula K Remix)

LC – Nevermind (Mita Gami Edit)

Lonya – DeHigh (OCtober 2023 Rework)

Magit Cacoon – Adoration (Original Mix)

MELODIC & No Resolt – Panic Boy

Millero & Alt Control – Daily Routine

Moscoman & Maccabi – Netiv Haasara

Ms. Elin Liso – The Old Clown

Niv Yefet – Celebrate Piece

NOYA – Coming Back

OFORIA – Swivel

OI & Reuveni – NOVA

Omri Smadar – Bring Them Home

OMRI. Feat Ameet Kanon – Destination Addiction

Oska & Dor – The Healing

Out of Orbit & Shpongle – No Disco (BTB Edit)

Perfect Stranger – Manifestation

PRZ – Identify

Rafael – Mundo

Red Axes – Extreme

Rising Dust & Oxiv – Existence

Roni Amitai – Can’t Break

Roy Avital, Totemo & Kino Todo – All Along (Kino Todo Remix)

Roy Rosenfeld – Melancholy My Love

Rudy – Pudra

SANDMAN – 123 Kontakt

Saraga – In Da Mix

Sasi – Angels

Skizologic & Libra – Message From The Deep

Stereo Underground – Sticks & Stones

Tal Fussman – Community

Tiny Fingerz & Daniella Turgman – Bones

Uriah Klapter, Rina & Abrão – Combate Debate

Vibe Tribe – Memories (ATARA Remix)

Vini Vici – The Tribe (Live Mix)

Yamagucci – The Point of Being

Yaron Amor – The Pain Body

Yotam Avni – Track from Shelter

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Study Abroad With The Perfect Soundtrack: 10 Must-Have Music Apps



music apps
Make your study abroad experience a musical journey with these 10 incredible apps that every music lover should have. From immersive language learning to exploring local beats, these apps will amplify your adventure.


Studying abroad is an exhilarating adventure that offers not only academic enrichment but also cultural immersion. For music enthusiasts, the journey becomes even more vibrant with the right blend of melodies and beats. Whether you are exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene landscapes of Florence, the right music can elevate your experience.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 exceptional apps that will undoubtedly enrich your study abroad experience, taking your musical journey to new heights. They are so simple to use like essay writing service.

1. Spotify

Spotify has undeniably revolutionized the way we consume music. With its extensive library of songs from around the globe, it allows you to explore not only your favorite tunes but also discover new local artists and genres from your study abroad destination. Create playlists that reflect your cultural exploration and share them with friends, fostering a sense of connectivity through music.

2. SoundCloud

Dive deeper into the local music scene with SoundCloud. This platform provides a space for emerging artists to share their music, making it an excellent tool to discover the underground music culture of your host country. Follow local musicians and immerse yourself in the authentic sounds that define the cultural heartbeat of your temporary home.

3. Shazam

Venture into the local music landscape by using Shazam, an app that identifies songs playing around you. When you hear a captivating tune in a cafe or on public transport, simply let Shazam do its magic, and you’ll instantly have the song’s details. This is a fantastic way to expand your playlist with regional melodies and tunes unique to your study abroad location.

4. Tandem

While not a traditional music app, Tandem is a language exchange app that pairs language learners for mutual practice. Immerse yourself in the local language through music by connecting with native speakers who can guide you through the lyrical nuances of your favorite songs. Enhance your language skills while bonding over shared musical interests.

5. Songkick

Keep track of local concerts and music events with Songkick. This app scans your music library and notifies you when your favorite artists are performing nearby. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience live performances from both globally renowned and local artists, allowing you to create unforgettable memories during your study abroad journey.

6. Musixmatch

Explore the world of music and lyrics with Musixmatch. This app provides synchronized lyrics for your favorite songs, enabling you to understand the nuances of the music in a more profound way. Immerse yourself in the local language by singing along to regional hits, fostering a deeper connection with the culture and language of your host country.

7. Noise-cancelling Apps

Create your ideal study environment with noise-cancelling apps like Noisli or myNoise. These apps offer customizable ambient sounds that can help you concentrate while studying in bustling cafes or communal spaces. Maintain your focus with soothing sounds that block out distractions, allowing you to absorb information effectively while enjoying the melodies of your chosen study soundtrack.

8. Radio Garden

Experience global music in real time with Radio Garden. This app lets you explore live radio stations from around the world, providing an authentic auditory experience of your host country’s music scene. Tune in to local stations and embrace the diverse musical flavors that define the cultural tapestry of your study abroad destination.

radio garden
9. Anghami

Discover the Middle Eastern music scene with Anghami. This app offers a vast collection of Arabic music, allowing you to delve into the rich musical heritage of the region. Expand your musical horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance embedded within the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East.

10. Smule

Connect with fellow music lovers and unleash your inner performer with Smule. This karaoke app lets you sing duets with people around the world, fostering a global musical community that transcends borders. Share your passion for music, collaborate with international peers, and create harmonious connections that enhance your study abroad experience.


As you embark on your study abroad journey, these 10 remarkable music apps will serve as your ultimate companions, guiding you through an enriching and immersive musical experience. From connecting with local artists to understanding the cultural significance of regional melodies, let these apps elevate your study abroad adventure, creating a soundtrack that encapsulates the memories of your time spent in a foreign land. Embrace the power of music to bridge cultural gaps and make your study abroad experience truly unforgettable.

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