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6 Tips For Starting A Luxury Jewelry Collection



The decision to make big purchases shouldn’t be taken lightly, and luxury jewelry is no exception. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing your research and shopping around, and the same goes for high-end adornments (that may easily cost just as much!). Jewelry can be a wonderful investment that retains or increases in value while being treasured for generations, but the key is to choose the right pieces for you.

If you’re looking to start buying your opulent baubles, there are a few things you should know. Check out these 6 tips for starting a luxury jewelry collection that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Do your research

This may sound obvious, but before splurging on your valuable sparkles, make sure to do lots of research! In addition to being an aesthetic decision, buying jewelry should also be a wise one.

You should be familiar with price points, which will help you decide if an item is overpriced or the cost seems too good to be true. Know your metals and the markings that prove they’re authentic, and when it comes to gemstones — especially diamonds — learn how they’re graded by the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat.

Find a jeweler you trust

A little background information on luxury jewelry can only help you in the quest to find a jeweler that you trust. Whether you’re in-store luxury jewelry shopping or considering an online jewelry retailer, look up websites and social media pages for shop reviews, ratings, and to get a sense of their customer service style. Better yet, if it’s possible, seek a recommendation from a friend or family member who’s a jewelry connoisseur. If they already have a relationship with the sales staff, bring ‘em with you for a visit!

From browsing to buying, the entire experience should be a pleasant one. Salespeople should be ready and willing to offer information and answer questions (perhaps the online retailer has a contact form or an instant messenger chat feature). Brick and mortar stores should be clean and inviting with beautiful gems on display, while online shops should be easy to navigate with clear photos of the inventory. You may even want to check out multiple stores to see what kind of atmosphere works best for you.

Learn the return policy

Again, this holds true for both physical and virtual stores. The return policy should be easily accessible, clear to read, and accommodating to the customer. After all, any business that prides itself in its products should stand behind them with a fair and straightforward guarantee. If you can’t find a return policy, it’s vague, or there’s complicated fine print (or worse, the items are final sale!), you should definitely steer clear.

Find Insurance

You wouldn’t leave your car or your house uninsured, and your jewelry is no different. When the worth of your collection starts exceeding thousands of dollars (oftentimes, it only takes one piece!), you best get it insured.

When you plan on buying a new piece, scope out an insurance policy and get it set up so your coverage starts as soon as you make your purchase. Jewelry is meant to be worn, not hidden away, and insurance gives you peace of mind to show off your baubles. Plus, it also keeps them protected while they’re in your home if an unfortunate incident, like a break-in or fire, happens to occur.

Take your time 

As exciting as it is to own a new treasure, you should take your time before making a purchase. When you narrow down your choice to a specific item, browse different stores, in-person and online. It’s never a good idea to buy a bauble the same day you see it. Instead, take some time to decide whether the piece is worth investing in or you got swept up in the magic of the moment. After a few days, if you still can’t get your mind off that dazzling stunner, it’s probably the right one for you!

Know what you want

Don’t walk into a jewelry store without having a clue what you want to buy. Investment gems shouldn’t be picked on impulse, otherwise, you may become smitten by the shine — only to take it home and realize it’s not your style. Worse, having no idea what you’re looking for could make you an easy target for a greedy salesperson to push you into something you don’t want or need (and if this is the case, you may want to look for another dealer, anyway!).

Before getting hypnotized by all things that sparkle, consider your style, wardrobe, and budget. You should look for a piece that goes with the items in your closet that you can foresee wearing over and over again. Search for something versatile that catches your eye every time you see it, whether it’s a certain type of gem, design, or a classic piece that you’ve always coveted, like the Cartier Love Bangle or a Chanel charm bracelet bearing the signature logo.

The most important part about starting a luxury jewelry collection is making sure it’s a reflection of you. That’s the best way to know it’s worth the investment, because if you love each piece, you’ll treasure them your entire life!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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