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6 Ultimate Streetwear Brands And Where To Cop Them



6 Ultimate Streetwear Brands and Where to Cop Them
The fundamental concept of streetwear brands is entirely trend based and hence it is very difficult to maintain relevancy among the huge range of streetwear brands the year round. The changing trends are determined ultimately by the evolving temperaments of the customer base. The streetwear labels hence have to become dynamic in terms of fashion yet remain true to the vision of the brand. Let us learn about the top streetwear brands and where one can get them.

1. Palace

Palace was originally a skate team founded in 2010 and since then it has grown into a streetwear phenomenon as well as a skateboarding company. Its signature Triferg logo and bold graphics are the trademark features of Palace streetwear. In 2016 Palace collaborated with sports brand Reebok and Adidas and launched a new stream of apparel which was heavily in demand.

2. Supreme

The James Jebbia founded skateboard shop and streetwear clothing brand has always managed to stay at the top of streetwear fashion and continues to do so. It still continues to collaborate with Timberland, North Face, and UNDERCOVER and produce the premium range of streetwear fashion. Supreme proved its dominance in street fashion when it released a large range of hoodies recently and created pandemonium.

3. Bape

Although Bape has been keeping quiet in the recent past there is no doubt that it is one of the fashion mainstays of streetwear lovers. Much of that hype can be owed to the iconic motifs and hip-hop backing it receives. Since 2016 it has been trying to make a comeback of sorts with strong collaborations with mastermind JAPAN and Adidas and unveiling a new mascot in YMBAPE.

4. Yeezy

People mostly associate Yeezy with the prominent figure of Kanye West but they are a streetwear brand to reckon with. They mostly provide the most out of the box streetwear fashion currently ruling the markets. Their recent collaboration with Adidas has proved to be beneficial for them and have propelled them higher into the streetwear ladder.

5. Jordan

When the name of the legendary Michael Jordan is associated with any brand it has to have a large customer base. The Jordan brand has managed to stay on the run for the top streetwear brands since its inception thanks to its professional marketability and relevant fashion. Its flagship shoe releases occur during its annual events and cultural weight of the brand can be imminently observed there.

6. Off white

Fashion designer and DJ Virgil Abloh founded the brand Off white in 2012 making it one of the most recent entries into the world of streetwear fashion. Their designs vary considerably and range from graphic tees to patchwork featuring the company’s trademark stripes on the back of each product.

streetwear brands
Where can you find legitimate products of these streetwear brands?

The tricky thing with streetwear brands is that you can easily end up with buying a fake product as the market is flooded with tons of them. That is why it is indispensable to know where to find legit streetwear brand products. CopEmLegit is a great website to find legit sellers for many streetwear and high-end fashion brands. Below is also a summary of online websites who do sell authentic streetwear products.

1. Online stockist: Though Online stockist is mostly concerned about cricket streetwear lovers can find a large variety of products that are well tuned to the current fashion trends. Moreover, the products available there are hundred percent legitimate which relieves the customers of any worries regarding fake streetwear. They also provide lots of discount coupons to buyers due to which they have garnered quite a large customer base in streetwear fashion.

2. eBay: Buying from eBay can have its pros and cons. Be sure to do your homework and make sure the seller only sell authentic products and is overall a reputable seller. You can find great deals on eBay all year long.

3. Online marketplace: Online marketplace like Grailed, GOAT, and Stockx has gradually emerged as a dependable eCommerce retailer dealing in streetwear fashion. One can find authentic and trendy streetwear fashion from these websites and that too for affordable prices.

4. Social media: Visit your local Facebook group or check out different subreddits. Many users are selling their used, brand new or worn items and great deals can be have.

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