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7 Advantage Of Using A Reciprocating Saw



7 Advantage Of Using A Reciprocating Saw
Most DIY uses reciprocating saws to complete their tasks. This saw is mainly handheld and motorized to produce a reciprocating motion to cut a material. A reciprocating saw is often used in plumbing, construction, electrical jobs, demolition work, and HVAC. Since its blade is serrated, a reciprocating saw is supposed to be used on vertical surfaces. Here are top 7 benefits of using reciprocating saw:

1. Portability

Mainly reciprocating saws are available in either cordless or corded type. Regardless of the type you choose, they are mainly portable and compact. Due to their compactness, they can be stowed away in small spaces available and transported to any location easily.

However, cordless reciprocating saw runs on batteries and hence does not need to be plugged into a source of electricity. Therefore, it is the most portable saw among the two varieties because it does not require any extension cord.

2. Variable speeds

You can benefit from variable speeds and variable orbital action from reciprocating saws. The type of saw to buy mainly depends on the type of work you are doing because different reciprocating saws have different features. However, even though these saws have variable speeds, you can easily regulate the speed of the cutting action depending on what you are using the unit for.

3. Versatility

Reciprocating saws are very versatile because they can be used to cut most construction material either horizontally or vertically. Though both types are capable of making any work easier, cordless unit is more convenient because it does not have a cord which may create inconveniences when cutting through different materials. It may also be a problem working with a corded reciprocating saw in a room without sockets because you either need to find an extension or other sockets nearby. However, both varieties work perfectly well on different materials.

4. Improved stroke depth

With a reciprocating saw, you can be able to make long and short strokes. Normally, long strokes have faster and more aggressive cuts unlike short strokes which are needed to do plunge cuts. Long strokes can be of levels that measure about 1 ¼ inches while a short stroke can measure ¾ of an inch.

5. Convenient

It is possible to make any work easier by using a reciprocating saw. This saw is capable of cutting through a variety of construction materials among them wood, bricks, card board and drywall. Therefore, you can easily complete a task in several hours using this saw because if its convenience in performance.

Additionally, with a cordless reciprocating saw, you can be able to work from anywhere because you don’t need to worry about power. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the cord any time you are working making it very convenient for most contractors and DIY.

6. Safety

Even though the saw is motorized, it is safe to use because the blade is protected, wires insulated as well as the handle. It is also not easy to get blisters after working with a reciprocating saw since the handle is well coated with rubber. A reciprocating comes with a user’s manual where you can read through to know safety precautions you need to take, maintenance practices to keep it safe for use and how to repair any problems to avoid injuries.

A cordless reciprocating saw is very safe to use. You don’t have to worry about electrical cords which may be found on the floor or even live wires making the job safer. With extension cords or any other wires in your job site, you may trip and fall and this could not be safe for you or your workmates.

7. Reliability

You can rely on a reciprocating saw alone to perform a range of functions that other saws cannot be able to do. Hence, when you’ve a project, you can use a reciprocating saw variably to:

• Make an indentation on your wall when remodeling a unit
• Cut through nails or pins when constructing
• Cut tree branches
• Fit a window in construction
• Change PVC piping when doing plumbing

It is evident that working with a reciprocating saw has numerous benefits. You will surely benefit regardless of the variety you’ve purchased. However, you need to maintain and repair your reciprocating saw regularly to increase its efficiency and lifespan.

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