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7 Stylish Race-Car Inspired OOTDs For Gentlemen



Stylish Race-Car
Many fashion experts predicted the rise of motocross outfits as the next global fashion trend in 2017, but racing gear has typically enjoyed runway rotations as far as 2014. FW14-inspired menswear collection, Marc by Marc Jacob gave a salute to race sports steez, and MX-ISM, a collection by and Ètudes Studio SS15 had models wearing synthetic tops inspired by MX while carrying helmets. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is taking on race-inspired fashion. Labels such as Berlin magazine 032c, Supreme, Alyx Studio and even Maison Margiela are riding dirty and hard with racing-inspired outfits. There are no indications of this trend going down, so as spring approaches, it may be a good time to dump your down jacket for a trendy dirt jacket and spice up your wardrobe with some outstanding race-inspired gear.

Bimba Y Lola

Popular for its original prints, this Spanish brand is not a stranger when it comes to striking outfits. Just in time for the F1, its current outfits are all about the speed art: think racer motorbikes, cars, race tracks, human cannonballs, supersonic aircraft, and rockets among others. You can make a statement with Bimba Y Lola or gear up in outfits decorated in motifs like rockets, helmets, and cars and fasten your seatbelt for a memorable F1 experience.

F1 experience
Alyx Studio Moto Jacket

Are you looking for a luxe and an authentic impression on the race sports trend? Then you can add the black moto jacket by Alyx Studio to your wardrobe. The cost of this item may be rather exorbitant, but that is because it is an item of the brand’s unlimited commitment to quality giving the Ducati racing team awesome car racing experiences.

In fact, this jacket is fashioned in partnership with a family-owned Italian motorcycle producer, Spidi, with forty years of experience in the industry. The moto-gear experts consider the Ducati racing group its client and they also focus on highly functional gear that can save lives.

alyx moto
NEIGE Racer Hoodie

This rising racer-inspired hoodie by Neige presents popular streetwear that may not give you enough protection when it comes to motorsports. However, the subtle racing-inspired graphic of this hoodie and its affordable price will at least make you look like a part of the event.

032c Motocross Flames Long-sleeve

The Berlin-based fashion and the culture mag 032c have expanded their offering with a complete motocross fashion line. The poly long sleeve with fiery graphics and a dazed printed pattern is precisely the kind of look you want for a memorable event. This product also features the iconic rubber logo of the magazine stamped artistically at the cuffs. Considering the selection of garments produced by 032c in limited quantities, its latest price tag is extremely more of a steal.

Motocross Flames Long-sleeve
250London Classic Racing Pant

This label is based in London, and it has cultivated an amazing collection when it comes to motorsport outfits. In fact, the head honcho of the brand is an ex-racer-sport himself. These Race Pants come in a vibrant retro dirt bike style. They are made from resilient and hard wearing nylon making them super cool and slim-fit. They also have a cowhide knee patch and a mesh lining as well.

250London Classic Racing Pant92G Long Sleeve

The Downtown LA label is popular for its reworking streetwear fasteners with familiar sports gear insignia. The 92G Longsleeve is a simple outfit that typically gets understated motocross graphics treatment, and it presents a more passive way to take on the noisiest fashion trend.

Do you have your tickets ready for the upcoming race-car sport or any of its supporting concerts and parties? If so then you are halfway there ready to have a moment of a lifetime. The next thing is to figure out what you should wear, and that’s almost as significant as the engine fuel. Whether you are watching the race while walking around the tracks or from a club, the above race-car inspired outfits will give you a grand ball of a time.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


The Ten Most Expensive Substances In The World



The Ten Most Expensive Substances In The World

© [Lubos Chlubny] /Alamy Stock Photo

Anything that is expensive must be extremely scarce. Of the 10 most expensive substances in the world, gold best friend rings, with its widespread popularity, barely makes it to the bottom of the list.

No.10: gold
Gold is one of the rarest, most precious and most valued metals fingerprint jewelry.

© [Dmitrii Simakov] /Alamy Stock Photo

No.9: metal rhodium
The content of rhodium in the earth’s crust is only one part per billion. It is also expensive because it is widely dispersed in various ores and rarely forms large aggregates.

No.8: metal platinum
Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the earth’s crust. Almost all platinum personalized name necklace is dispersed in alluvial deposits and arenaceous deposits in a free state.

No.7: rhinoceros horn
The horns of white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, Indian rhinoceros, Javan rhinoceros, Sumatran rhinoceros, and so on. And black-market trading is booming.

No.6: metal plutonium
Plutonium (Pu) is a radioactive element and an important raw material for the atomic energy industry. It can be used as nuclear fuel and fission agent for nuclear weapons.

No.5: painite
It is a new gem mineral discovered in 1951. It is produced only in Mogok and Kachin State in Myanmar and is one of the most difficult minerals to find. Only 25 small crystals necklaces for girlfriend and 1 double-sided crystal have been found on Earth.

No.4: taaffeite
In 1945, Earl Edward Taaffe, a gemologist in Dublin, Ireland, found a weak double image in a 1.41ct light purple gemstone bought as spinel; it was sent to a gemological laboratory in London and was identified as a new gemstone infinity bracelet variety in 1951. It is said that the world’s largest taaffeite is just over 10 carats.

© [The Natural History Museum] /Alamy Stock Photo

No.3: tritium
Tritium exists very little in nature, it is generally made from nuclear reactions, and bombarding lithium with neutrons can produce plutonium. In industry, neutrons from reactors are used as targets for lithium 6 compounds to produce plutonium, which is then enriched to more than 99% by thermal diffusion. Tritium in nature is the result of high-energy neutrons from cosmic rays bombarding the deuteron nucleus.

No.2: diamond
It refers to polished Adamas, which is a natural mineral and the rough stone of diamond promise rings for her. Simply put, diamonds are simple crystals of carbon formed under high pressure and high temperature deep in the earth. It is a symbol of love and loyalty.


© [Andriy Popov] /Alamy Stock Photo

No.1: chemical element californium
This is a radioactive metallic element with the symbol Cf and an atomic number of 98. Californium belongs to the actinide elements and is the sixth artificial transuranic element. It can be used as a neutron source with high flux. It can be used to treat malignant tumors in the field of nuclear medicine. This element is the most expensive element in the world.

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5 Must-Have Arnette Sunglasses To Buy



arnette sunglasses
Arnette was founded in 1992 by surfer Greg Arnette in Orange County, California where the brand achieved a cult success among skiers, surfers, and skaters. Arnette Eyewear has made it on top of the eyewear industry due to its stylish designs and durability by using a premium-made lens with lightweight frames integrated by strong materials.

To keep up with the emerging prevalence of skate, surf, and ski, Arnette keeps on updating its eyewear designs, maintaining its spot as one of the most popular brands among active aficionados to date.

With a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, the Arnette brand’s collection of sunglasses can definitely dazzle a first-time buyer. In this article, we will cover some of the must-have Arnette models to give shoppers an idea of what they should be looking for when they make their first purchase.

1. Arnette Dropout

Highlighting a lightweight yet durable grilamid frame, the Arnette Dropout is a prime model that also features mould injected hinges and lightweight polycarbonate lenses. Grilamid is a revolutionary transparent plastic with exceptional properties processed through thermoplastic means; it is very light and has strong resistance and high flexibility to both impact and weather.

arnette dropout
As with all other Arnette sunglasses models, the Arnette Dropout offers a 100 percent ultraviolet A and B protection. You can also have interchangeable and customisable temple arms so you can choose your own style. The thin feel of the Arnette Dropout’s lenses and frame makes it a perfect fit for water sports activities under the sun, most especially if you go to the beach.

2. Arnette Slickster

The Arnette Slickster is a vintage-inspired, rectangular-shaped sunglasses with a slimmed-down grilamid frame made in Italy. The Arnette Slickster is designed with slimmed temple arms with a raised logo detail on it. As with all Arnette sunglasses, the Slickster lenses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, providing reliable and durable frames that can last for a long time.

Like the Arnette Dropout, the Slickster also uses grilamid as its main component material, making it a great fit for activities under the sun. The lenses are available in black and grey shades and fit a lot of different style faces because of its moderate bridge.

3. Arnette Hot Shot

Designed to withstand outdoor life and action sports, the Arnette Hot Shot model boasts of an excellent lens with Iridium coating. Iridium is an exceptional coating that helps in enhancing vision and reducing glare; it allows the lens to adjust accordingly to varying environmental conditions without compromising the clarity of the user’s vision.

hot shot sunglasses arnetteThe Arnette Hot Shot is an athletic pair of sunglasses that are created with a light yet durable wraparound grilamid frame. Like any other Arnette eyewear models, the Hot Shot offers 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, regulating the glare from light sources without compromising the user’s vision.

4. Arnette Quick Draw

The Arnette Quick Draw is a small heavy wrapped athletic pair of sunglasses, featuring a lightweight and durable grilamid frame. Designed with a lightweight polycarbonate lens, the Arnette Quick Draw is an ideal model for sleek, stylish users who are looking for something to use for sports and recreational activities.

This pair has a rectangular frame that comes with a narrow wrap style that comfortably fits most face shapes. The Arnette Quick Draw lenses also offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protect just like all other eyewear from Arnette, keeping your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

5. Arnette Unreal

Part of the famous Arnette Creative Exchange System Collection, the Arnette Unreal is a medium-sized sunglasses perfect for everyone. The model is a lightweight design of sunglasses crafted with plastic polymer frames. It is a stylish yet sturdy pair, promising a remarkable outdoor experience to its users.

arnette unrealCreated for an active lifestyle, the pair is made with reliable and durable materials, making sure that it will last a long period of time without compromising your money’s worth. The Arnette Unreal’s wraparound style allows sports and other outdoor enthusiasts to move freely without worrying about their sunglasses falling off.

Be sure to check the latest range of Arnette sunglasses online. Feel free to drop by at any trustworthy online sunglasses store and browse through the extensive range of Arnette sunglasses to find the perfect pair that suits you.

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How To Find The Best Silk Scarves On The Market



silk scarves
A scarf is a simple piece of material that can provide you with the opportunity to accessorise a number of different outfits. Indeed, if you are looking to accessorise your look with the addition of a silk scarf, you should be aware that finding the right supplier can often be a challenge. Furthermore, you should also be aware of the various ways that you can accessorise any outfit to create a unique look, especially using a silk scarf. By following these simple tips, you can find the best silk scarves on the market, allowing you to accessorise in any particular outfit you choose.

Main reasons to choose silk

If you are looking to stay warm during the winter months or if you want to accessorise during the summer, you should be aware that silk scarves have a unique thermal property. Indeed, silk scarves can be worn all year round while they can also help you to create a unique look by accessorising a number of different outfits. Furthermore, if you are looking to enjoy protection from the Sun or from the cold, you should be aware that silk scarves can be worn all year round because they have a unique thermal property. This is especially important if you want to accessorise a number of different looks throughout the year.

Victoria Ragna scarf
Choose the right scarf

If you are looking to choose a silk scarf you should be aware that a number of factors should be considered. If you are after an everyday scarf which can enhance an existing outfit, then you should think about finding the right supplier for your needs. However, you may be after a vibrant style which can allow you to add colour to your appearance through this simple accessory. As a result of the various styles and colours that are available, you should be aware that choosing a scarf to accessorise a wide variety of outfits is easily possible.

Pick a bright colour

If you are looking to accessorise a particular look, then you should think about choosing a vibrant colour for your silk scarves. Indeed, picking an exciting or vibrant colour is a fantastic way to achieve a great new look. You should also be aware that silk scarves are available in a variety of different prints, meaning you can choose a detailed or plain coloured scarf to accessorise any outfit that you choose. It is also important to understand that given the natural nature of silk and its unique thermal qualities, you can allow your skin to breathe which is very different to other widespread synthetic fibres, including nylon and polyester.

bright colour scarf
Know your requirements

Another simple tip that you can employ to find the best silk scarf on the market is to know your individual requirements. Indeed, by determining under what circumstances you will wear a particular scarf, you can enjoy a great opportunity to choose the right product for your needs. If you are looking for a silk scarf to wear around your neck then you may need a smaller piece of material. However, if you want to accessorise a hat, or if you want to wear the scarf around your waist, you should think about purchasing a longer scarf.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking to accessorise a particular look, you should choose the right silk scarf for your individual requirements from the best supplier.

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How To Choose A Tailor In Your Area



How To Choose A Tailor In Your Area

© [Pressmaster] /Adobe Stock

Choosing a professional and experienced tailor to carry out any form of alteration on a particular item of clothing or to measure you for a bespoke suit or other outfits can often be a daunting process. Indeed, given the widespread nature of commercial clothing operations, it is becoming increasingly hard to find a high-quality tailor in your local area. Finding a good tailor can often be a difficult task while employees in the menswear departments of the various high street or chain stores do not have the same level of experience or knowledge that you can find when you contact an experienced and professional tailor. Therefore, by following these simple tips you can find a tailor in your area that will be professional and of a high-quality.

Understand your style

Before you decide to choose a local tailor to carry out alterations or to create a bespoke suit or other outfits, you should be aware of the essentials of men’s tailoring styles. Indeed, by understanding the complicated nature of this particular industry, you can help to choose the right tailor for your individual requirements. It is also important to understand that you need to convey your exact requirements to the tailor so that they can measure you correctly for any tailoring work will be carried out according to your individual needs.

local tailor

© [Pressmaster] /Adobe Stock

Ask for recommendations

In addition, you should also be aware that if you are looking to choose a tailor in your area, you should ask your friends and family members if they have any recommendations. Furthermore, if someone gives you a recommendation for a particular tailor you can examine any items that have been created, modified or altered to check the quality of the work. Word-of-mouth is often one of the best ways to find a quality tradesman or other contractor, especially if you trust the judgment of your friends and family members while you can also see an example of the tailor’s work.

Choose the right tailor

Another simple tip that you can carry out if you are looking to find a quality tailor in Adelaide is to consult an online business directory that can provide you with the details of several tailors in your local area. Furthermore, you should also check for reviews or testimonials online from former customers to check the quality of the work that was conducted. To make sure you receive a tailored item of clothing that has been made according to your requirements, you need to be able to trust a tailor to complete the task. Indeed, trust is one of the most important elements of hiring a tailor as you may have a specific look in mind when ordering a particular piece of bespoke tailoring work.

tailor in Adelaide

© [Pressmaster] /Adobe Stock

Enquire with a number of tailors

Furthermore, you should also be aware that choosing a tailor is very similar to hiring any other tradesman or contractor to work on your behalf. As a result, you should get a number of quotes from a variety of different tailors, so that you can make the best decision for your requirements. By taking the time to do some research, you can find the best tailor in your area.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking to have a piece of clothing altered or a bespoke suit or outfit created, you should think about choosing a local tailor as soon as possible.

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8 Top Ruffle Skirt Outfit Ideas To Try Out



8 Top Ruffle Skirt Outfit Ideas To Try Out

Guest post by Shrutika Potwar.

Nowadays, there are many feminine, fun and stylish ways to dress. No one should have an excuse for not looking beautiful and fashionable. In regards to the ruffle skirt that is quite a craze. The randomness it brings out in your outfit upgrades your everyday look. Although there many types of ruffle trends from ruffle tops, dresses, trousers among others. The asymmetry of the ruffles skirt and how it accentuates your curves in what fashion and style are about. Additionally, the many types of ruffle skirts that are available in various lengths, designs, and colors give unique expressions to every look. Here are some types of the top ruffle skirt outfit ideas that are easy to pull off.

1. The tulle ruffle skirt

tulle ruffle skirt
A Lily Lulu Fashion tulle ruffle skirt is a must-have ruffle skirt in your wardrobe. Either as a mini skirt or an ankle-length skirt. Pairing this skirt is easy and simple. Go as minimal as you can with this skirt to gain a simple but outstanding look. As for the mini skirt choose one black piece if you aim to try a different but unique look. A pale top in subtle colors with the black tulle skirt that is layered or tiered is a pretty attire. Accessorize this look with a pair of heels and minimal jewelry with your hair let down.

2. Ruffle hem skirt

The ruffled hem is not only in skirts but also in pants and dresses as well. Surprisingly, most of these looks are chic and easy to pull off. While dressing the ruffle hem skirt, it is important that the rest of the outfit looks sophisticated or you can wear it as a two-piece set of a similar color for both the skirt and top. To pair it well chose boho heel sandals for that girly look. Alternatively, for a formal look, pair the ruffle skirt with a silk blouse and heels to complete the outfit.

3. Striped ruffle skirt

striped ruffle skirt
A striped ruffle skirt has a laid back look for a casual hangout or a beach outfit. In a flowy fabric, you can get a breezy look in a vest top with a vertically striped ruffle skirt with camel sandals to have a finished look. Choose neutral colors for that perfect beach or park look. This is a most definite head turner especially when wearing it in natural environments it blends well and it’s at its finest. Choose one in a wrap skirt design at ankle length for that smart fit.

4. Floral ruffle skirt

Aren’t florals a refreshing look for summer? The floral ruffle skirt is not exempted from this list as it points you in the right direction. As part of a summer floral outfit, you can dress this look in many ways to bring out your personality and fashion sense. For instance, a white sleeveless top with a black or red floral ruffle skirt is a perfect street style look. Pair with open-toe heels or boots and flaunt your way during summer.

5. The asymmetric ruffle skirt

asymmetric ruffle skirt
As much as, most skirts have asymmetric shape and style. Others bring out the asymmetric look more obviously than others. This ruffle skirt stands out from the rest and short types bring out the asymmetry with much ease. Choose a specific color for the hemline to showcase the asymmetric pattern best. For instance, a white full-sleeved top with a black skirt with white color for the asymmetric hem looks simple, unique and of course, ruffled. Complete the look with strappy heels of plain color. This will maintain the focus on the skirts’ untypical cutting design.

6. The peplum ruffle skirt

peplum ruffle skirt
Not all ruffles are dance-inducing or face-framing. Although a peplum ruffle skirt is one that demands attention. Either in black or white or bold colors like red and green. The peplum ruffles are a classy way to dress to a formal setting and a trend to get on board with. You can have the peplum at the bottom hem or the waist hem. However, when in doubt keep it simple to maintain that stylish look. For instance, pair a white off-shoulder top with a red peplum ruffle skirt for that unmatchable look.

7. The plaid ruffle skirt

Fortunately, there are many ways to dress up to a plaid look. A simple or an over the top look both work effectively. However, skip the statement jewelry for the plaid with ruffles is an accessory already. Instead, you can give this skirt an artistic and elegant look by pairing it with a polka dot top. Either it is a midi skirt or a high split maxi skirt. The two, although different patterns, will blend in together perfectly. Add the artistic touch with understated studs and a floppy straw hat if you wish.

8. The maxi ruffle skirt

maxi ruffle skirt
This ruffle skirt is feminine and beautiful in all the designs and styling options it comes with. The detail of the ruffles on the maxi skirt in most skirts are plain. However, some are floral on a plain colored maxi skirt or just of two contrasting colors. To pull off a maxi ruffle skirt with ease. Choose a black skirt with side ruffles and pair with a white button-up shirt. Although the look is white and black for the whole ensemble the ruffle detail gives the outfit the pretty finish. Complete the look with a black open toe heel for a touch of style to the outfit.

To sum up, other than the above ruffle skirt outfit ideas. Others like the denim or high waist ruffle skirts give a fresh look to the ruffle twist. However, it is vital to always strike a balance while wearing ruffles for they break the line between the girly girl and the fashion-forward look. Avoid matching a ruffle skirt to a ruffle top choose opposing vibes for the average day mature look. Flaunt the ruffle skirt and spruce up your fashion taste.

Shrutika  Potwar (author) is a full-time SEO Analyst and on-the-side blogger. She has 2 years of experience in the IT sector. She loves to write and share about Fashion, Lifestyle and Technology and many more categories in her spare time.

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