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71-year-old Philosopher Believes EDM Is Part Of A Decay In Manners



Roger Scruton
Modern dancing has lost its sense of connection and consists mainly of people jerking at each other ‘like the legs of a galvanised frog’, an eminent philosopher has claimed. In a collection of essays to be published in the spring, professor Roger Scruton laments the way people now dance ‘at’ each other instead of ‘with’ a partner. The 71-year-old claims dancers in clubs and bars across the country now also avoid eye contact due to a loss in understanding of what form of contact should occur during the interaction.

modern dancetop philosopher says modern dance has lost its soul…

According to a recent interview, He said: “They are dancing at each other. The difference between ‘at’ and ‘with’ is one of the deepest psychological differences we know. It is exemplified in all our encounters with other people – notably in conversation and in sexual gambits.The decay of manners that we have seen in recent times is to a large extent a result of the loss of withness and the rise of atness in its stead.”

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