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8 Unique Stylish Cufflinks Design To Have In Your Wardrobe



When it comes to accessories for men, cufflinks are extremely important and sometimes indispensable. Cufflinks are add-ons to trouser suits that add some color and life to your overall outfit. Cufflinks are a very welcome addition to every outfit and they are also an amazing way to showcase your interests and likes. A long time ago or when cufflinks first became popular, they were mostly plain silver cufflinks. Nowadays, however, cufflinks are available in millions of shapes, and tons of colors, and they portray many things and interests.

If you are interested in starting a cufflink collection or you want to expand yours, here is a list of 8 modern cufflinks that are not only unique, but extremely stylish.

1. Soprano Gold Coloured Oval Cufflinks with Swivel Fitting

Gold Coloured Oval CufflinksThese cufflinks feature swivel fitting, and it looks bespoke, classy, and stylish. This is a pair of plain gold-colored oval cufflinks. If you are looking for classic cufflinks that turn your outfit around without going over the top, then you should opt for this pair of cufflinks. Thanks to their plain design, they are extremely suitable for work, weddings, funerals, and a host of other social events.

2. Soprano Ace of Diamonds Enamelled Cufflinks

Ace of Diamonds Enamelled CufflinksIf you are a lover of cards or card games, then these cufflinks are a great way of expressing that love and interest. It has a silver frame, with the “card” in it. The card is the usual ace of diamonds, with the white background and red inscription. It can be worn to the casino or to a private card game, because of the design. If you are in the mood to add a creative twist to your work outfit, you can also don these cufflinks.

3. Soprano Treble Clef Silver Colour CufflinksSoprano Treble Clef Silver Colour Cufflinks

All lover of music will love these cufflinks shaped like treble clefs. They are silver and super stylish. They are small, compact and will get the job done while showing off your love for music. If you work as a music producer, a pianist or in any position in music, then you can wear these cufflinks to work every day and show off your love for the job.

4. Soprano Silver Coloured Knot Cufflinks with Swivel FittingSoprano Silver Coloured Knot Cufflinks with Swivel Fitting

These silver cufflinks with swivel fitting are perfect for any stylish gentleman that wants to take his outfits to the next level. Thanks to the one-color design, it is not too busy and is appropriate for work as well as other social functions such as weddings and funerals. The knot design is really unique and it makes the cufflinks stand out. This pair of cufflinks will definitely make the general appearance of your outfit look so much better.

5. Soprano High-Quality Aquamarine Crystal Ball CufflinksAquamarine Crystal Ball Cufflinks

Aquamarine is a gemstone with a lot of emotional and spiritual benefits for the wearer. You will definitely gain a lot of benefits from wearing this pair of cufflinks shaped like an aquamarine crystal ball. It is really stylish, functional, and has a very unique design. These bespoke cufflinks can be worn to a ball, a cocktail, a party, or any other social function.

6. Soprano Roulette Wheel with Moving Parts CufflinksRoulette Wheel with Moving Parts Cufflinks

This pair of cufflinks features the classic roulette wheel. If you are a regular at the casinos and have an affinity for the roulette wheel, then you will love these cufflinks. Another unique feature of these cufflinks is that they feature moving parts, such as the tiny round silver roulette ball. These cufflinks can be worn to the casino or a number of other places.

7. Soprano Golf Bags Silver Colour CufflinksGolf Bags Silver Colour Cufflinks

If you are a golfer and/or a lover of the sport, this pair of cufflinks is perfect for you. They are shaped like golf bags with a number of golf clubs in them, and they will be a perfect addition to your outfit. They can be worn to a variety of places and in a variety of settings.

8. Soprano Gold Coloured Rectangular Cufflinks with Swivel FittingGold Coloured Rectangular Cufflinks

These cufflinks are gold and plain, in a rectangular shape. They are an elegant and subtle way to add an air of class and sophistication to your outfits. They can be worn to weddings, work, and to a number of other places. The choice is yours.

These cufflinks will be great additions to every wardrobe and will take any outfit from drab to fab. Cufflinks are especially valuable because they can be worn to formal occasions like work or to other functions like weddings or other parties. Once you get one or more of these cufflinks, your wardrobe and outfits will never be the same.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.