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8 Ways To Grow Your Fanbase With Spotify



8 Ways To Grow Your Fanbase With Spotify
maximize streaming service features to grow your fanbase and generate revenue

Spotify is the current king of the music streaming universe, boasting 75 million users, 30 million of whom are paying subscribers. (By comparison, the next largest competitor is Apple Music with 11 million paid subscribers.) The service is not without controversy: With so much music being played, and so much money at stake more than $3 billion was paid out to labels and independent musicians through 2015— Spotify has found itself at the center of the streaming royalties war.

It takes many, many streams on Spotify (or any streaming service) to match the income from a fan purchasing music on iTunes or Amazon. Because of Spotify’s low royalty rates and the potential for streaming to cannibalize physical sales (the company is also accused of having lack of transparency regarding label agreements), some high-profile artists, like Adele and Taylor Swift, have removed their music. But unless you have the kind of fans who will crawl over glass to get your music and you can survive without streaming,

Spotify’s 75-million-listener audience, and the resources it offers musicians, provide a huge opportunity to get discovered, grow your fanbase, and generate some royalties where there weren’t any before. If you’re new to using Spotify as a promotional tool, consider the following strategies to make the most of the service. Many of these techniques serve as best practices for internet streaming services, so work them into your master music plan.

1 – Streaming, Spotify, and Social tools

We all know that the internet has changed the way fans discover and consume music, and artists need new strategies to take advantage of these new models. Spotify was one of the first streaming services on the scene, offering an enormous catalog and a simple, streamlined interface. But much of Spotify’s success is due to the fact that it’s a social network that happens to be a jukebox. Because of its robust social tools, it has changed nearly everything about how people listen to and promote music online.

Platforms like iTunes and Amazon have been great channels for distributing digital copies of your music globally, but in the end they serve as storefronts, with no way for artists to engage with fans, and they don’t offer much communication back to the artist beyond a revenue report line item. Spotify’s features empower artists to interact and build fan relationships in the same place where 75 million people listen to music.

streaming spotify

In the past, musicians relied on a “sugar rush” of attention for new releases. While this model saw spiked initial press, album sales, and perhaps radio play (with the accompanying royalties), interest would usually quickly fade, along with the revenue.

Streaming works differently: Because fans “follow” the artists they like on Spotify, they are notified when there’s a new release. Releasing music more often to create steady, consistent engagement with your audience will keep your music “alive” and generate royalties longer as people discover and play it over a greater period of time.

Because playlists are so popular, more than two-thirds of all songs played on Spotify are presented as singles vs. albums. If one of your tracks is added to a popular playlist, it can remain there indefinitely vs. disappearing from radio airwaves. The track stays in the long tail forever, generating a bit of income each time it’s played. And, as your fanbase and streaming subscribers increase, the income will follow.

2 – Keep Streaming in mind

The world of social media has an unending hunger for new activity, and your music release strategy should address that demand. If Twitter is about tweets and Snapchat is about photos and videos, Spotify is about releasing new music and sharing tracks and playlists. It takes a listener one click to follow an artist on Spotify. And once they do so, they’ll get notified every time the artist releases something new.

Considering singles comprise nearly 70 percent of all listens on Spotify, and followers are always looking for new material, some musicians are choosing to release their albums as three or four EPs over the course of the year. They might also put together one-to-two-song releases, a couple of remixes, and finally, at the end of the cycle, the complete album. Breaking up album releases in this way can create a dozen events over the year. Each release keeps the artist in the top of fans’ minds and provides new material to promote within Spotify, on social media, and with the press. To break up your releases, group tracks into EPs and singles and then sit down with a calendar and pick target release dates a couple months apart. Don’t forget that your alternate song versions—live recordings, alternative takes, acoustic versions, and anything else you can dream up—can be added to the mix and will help keep you releasing a steady stream of new material for your fans to enjoy.


Think beyond the music, and create additional events based around videos, art, or new merch for sale. Planning out the year with all the events you have in mind will help you manage news and give you reasons to update fans. Once you complete your release schedule, synchronize each music release with all of the digital platforms you use (YouTube, iTunes, etc.). Make sure your release is available to buy at the same time it’s available to stream since purchases generate more revenue, and your streams are excellent advertising for your fans who do buy music.

In the end, the goal isn’t to substantially change how you make your music but instead to change on how you release it to the public. Spotify, like any social network, rewards consistent engagement.


To get the most out of the service, and to take control of your artist page, you will need to create a personal account on Spotify. Make sure that your profile art matches your public persona. Also, considering that social networks are a visual experience, keep your eyes open for customizations on the platform as they give a number of places where you can upload art, especially if you become a verified user (as we explain below).

Once you create your profile, follow artists have influenced your music, or who play in a style similar to yours. Visitors can view whom you’re following and your fans will be curious which artists inspire you. You’ll also want to friend people who have influence, such as those who manage popular playlists in your genre. Watch their activity to get a feel for what they’re doing, and share your tracks with people who friend you so they can listen and add them to their playlists. Once your music is available on Spotify, inform your fans through your mailing list, social networks, and website.

Ask them to follow you; when you reach 250 followers, you can “claim” your music and unlock additional social features through Spotify’s Artist Verification Program. To help you grow your followers, Spotify provides tools such as the Spotify Follow Button and other widgets to get the word out. Be sure to ask fans to follow your artist page whenever you reach out, such as each time you release a new track or EP. (Make sure that you have them follow your artist page and not your personal profile.)

Once you hit 250 followers, Spotify will let you claim your artist page and merge it with your personal profile. To do so, you’ll need to follow Spotify’s verification steps. This isn’t an instantaneous process—it can take Spotify up to four weeks to review and approve. When you’re verified, you can begin sharing your playlists and listening habits with the fans who have followed your artist page. You can also brand your playlists with images and descriptions, and automatically inform your followers about new releases.

4 – an artist Page must Be accurate

Your artist page is the first thing Spotify listeners see, so you’ll want it accurate and always updated. Updating your page with proper information will benefit your presence on Spotify as well as other services.

spotify tips


Once you’re a verified artist, update your web and social presences with Spotify widgets. Link your artist, song, and album pages, and playlists. You can also embed tracks, albums, and playlists so others outside of Spotify can listen. A bonus is that this generates royalties, in contrast to other services like SoundCloud, which doesn’t pay at all, or YouTube, where income comes only indirectly through advertising.


As a verified artist, you can sell merchandise and promote your live shows on your artist page. Spotify partners with BandPage to allow you to post your merchandise, and with SongKick to allow your artist page to share your tour dates. Verified artists can message their followers with song links, playlists, and more. Again, new releases are excellent times to use this feature, but other reasons to reach out to your followers include when you create a new playlist to share (by the way, this should be a mix of popular music and your tracks), when you discover another artist you like, or when someone else’s playlist adds one of your tracks, to give that playlist some recognition. Don’t forget to echo the messages to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr so you can connect with your non-Spotify fans as well.

8 Ways To Grow Your Fanbase With Spotify


Playlists drive most of the interactions on Spotify’s social network. When listeners use Spotify’s search tool, many content categories come up such as artist name, song title, album, podcasts, and playlists that include a song or keyword they’re looking for. Fans are trying to create a mood, explore a genre, make background music while studying or working, or DJ a party. So, playlists often have names like “Mellow Morning” (234,907 followers), “Party Mix” (7,059), or “Beer & Wings” (42,001). Listeners discover your music when it appears on popular playlists and Spotify makes it easy for listeners to click on your name and check out the rest of your catalog.

To create a playlist that promotes your music, you’ll want to piggyback on popular songs that fit the track’s style, mood, or theme, or the content or lyrics of the song(s) you’re going to promote. Don’t simply create a playlist focused only on your music. Come up with a playlist name that will grab people’s attention since most playlists are discovered through search. If you’re a verified artist, Spotify allows you to customize your playlist by branding it with your own cover art, description, and links to your website and social media. (Note that you can only do this on the desktop client.) Once you’ve finished your playlist, share and message it to your followers. Refresh and update your playlists on a regular basis to stay top of mind or to add your latest release. Followers will get notifications when changes are made.

In fact, you will want to use the same professional tactics you use when contacting MP3 bloggers: Reach out in a genuine way, let them listen to the track, and ask if they will add it to their list. One of the benefits of getting added to a popular playlist is, curators don’t tend to remove songs, which drives long-term plays. Also, once you’re included in one, you can always go back to that curator if you have another release that matches the playlist.

Finally, don’t forget to reach out to your fanbase and ask them to add your songs to their public playlists or introduce you to curators they may know. If they’re not doing it already, this can boost your plays and get your music to new fans.


Learning more about the demographics of your listeners helps you build your fanbase, target your marketing, and understand who ultimately is paying you. Spotify collects a wealth of information about its music and users and shares insights with you through its Spotify Statistics service. To get access to this information and tool, visit the Fan Insight request page. The information you can get includes demographics; location information; audience trends; listener preferences including how they listen; engagement level of your fans; and playlists your music is appearing on.

As the Spotify paying subscriber base grows to 40 million users and beyond, artists will find that it’s worth being on the platform and getting the most out of its artist tools. Naturally, you should pay attention to other services in this space because streaming is still in its early days. Apple Music may be behind Spotify today, but it also has a huge customer base to draw on, so it has the opportunity to grow quickly.

Although you can and should engage your fanbase using traditional social media and continue your promotional campaigns through other platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify uniquely combines its own music-based social platform with a mechanism to earn income for plays. With its social network tools and follow feature, you can create regular engagement with your fans in the same place they’re already listening to their music. And every time you drop a new track, your users get a message the next time they open it to check it out. Don’t leave money on the table: Build a robust music business plan that takes advantage of everything Spotify and other streaming services have to offer!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Electro Wow’s Definitive List Of The Best Songs Of 2020



best songs of 2020 list electro wow list
This list is essential for those who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve accompanied by good music. The best songs of 2020 according to Electro Wow include independent and mainstream artists. Within the selection parameters, the combination of melody and lyrics were considered. Furthermore, all of these tracks have one thing in common, their instant catchiness quality! Obviously, it wasn’t an easy task as there are many great tunes that deserved to be on this list.

It’s time to forget the horrible Coronavirus year. Find out the best songs of 2020 right here.


The Weeknd – In Your Eyes

If Michael Jackson ruled in the 80s, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd seems to take the lead in the 2020s. “In Your Eyes” has irresistible synthesizers and a delicious saxophone solo that makes it easily an unforgettable radio-friendly hit. He explores feelings of regret and pain in his personal lyrics.

Sam Sparro – Eye 2 Eye

I’m really obsessed with this beautiful Electro-Pop ballad! The Australian singer reaches the high notes with his splendid soulful vocals like nobody else. “Eye 2 Eye” gives you goosebumps as he puts intense emotions and so much passion into it. It’s a song about coming together and getting more intimate with the one you love despite being separated by a screen.

Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven

Enjoy gorgeous synths from start to end. Incredibly, Jessy’s singing voice feels as sweet as candy. For some reason, this is the type of music that makes you feel happy in no time. In actual fact, this amazing jam was born with a simple 101 bass line.

Kiesza – Love Me With Your Lie

Probably, inspired by Madonna’s “Erotica,” Kiesza rises like a phoenix from the ashes after a brain injury. This absolute banger from the Canadian singer is as catchy as hell. If you start dancing on your own once you hit the play button, then, that means you have a good musical ear.

ORION – Higher

Synth duo Orion Dommisse and John-Paul Sullivan will make you realize that the 80s never died. Their infectious music features a touch of drama and unfolds a nostalgic atmosphere. In other words, they sound like ABBA of the twentieth-first century. “Higher” is so dope!

Munatix – You Just Keep Hanging On

Hailing from Belgium, these emerging artists showcase their great expertise in vintage and analog synthesizers. Certainly, thanks to its singalong chorus, “You Just Keep Hanging On” can become a karaoke classic. Overall, a fun tune with strong hooks.


Dejhare – Don’t Let Us Lose (Dance Deluxe)

Dejhare is a singer and songwriter best known for her romantic ballads. Nevertheless, this year she tried something different with a dance makeover of her ‘Unbreakable’ album. Well, the epic results speak for themselves. Listeners from around the world were left open-mouthed, especially with the dance deluxe version of “Don’t Let Us Lose.”

Baby Girl Oksana – Messed Up

Produced by Mr Mav and reaching the #3 position on Reverbnation, “Messed Up” by Baby Girl Oksana will surely get stuck in your head. Oddly enough, the sad lyrics of a broken friendship combine so well with the dancey beats. It’s like a hidden gem that deserves way more recognition.

COY Swede, Matthew Titmouse – You Are

The anthemic nature of “You Are” surpasses all expectations. COY Swede joins forces with Matthew Titmouse whose stable vocals give so much life to a special song that is dedicated to everyone that has experienced a great loss. Inspired by the one and only Avicii, you’re about to hear an underrated masterpiece.

Danny Spade, Tara Louise – Hooked

Needless to say, the feel-good vibes are part of the signature style of the rising American producer. On the other hand, Tara Louise has a beautiful tone that goes hand-in-hand with the uplifting melodies while taking this song to the next level. Evidently, Danny Spade is a name to watch within the Dance-Pop category.

N2BLÜ – Unicorn Tribe

The duo composed of Jonathan Arceneaux and Konstantin Smorodnikov wants you to embrace your authentic self via “Unicorn Tribe.” In this new decade, we need more artists like them whose music outstands due to excellent lyrics charged with positivity. Not to mention, there’s so much euphoria in the breakdown and at the drop.

John Lynx, Sergi Yaro – Dreams

“Dreams” is probably, the most satisfying composition produced by John Lynx. If you close your eyes, you can imagine big crowds jumping and dancing at a big festival to its massive drops. The Tiesto and Armin van Buuren’s influence is also notable on this cut. Sergi Yaro’s emotion-laden vocals confirm you this is one of the best songs of the year.


Dennis Sheperd, Katty Heath – Losing My Mind

Dennis Sheperd masterfully builds tension throughout the entire track, sparking off a fresh Trance classic. The chorus captures the emotions of someone who is dealing with a challenging situation. Add to this, the powerful vocals from Katty Heath who makes the beats roar.

RAM & Susana – You Are Enough

Here you have a good example of an emotionally-driven hymn. RAM & Susana will put shivers down your spine due to the uplifting melody and the message of this great tune. When they work together, this pair never disappoint.

Somna, Noire Lee – Beside You

“Beside You” perfectly displays the magic Somna is capable of doing at the studio. A highly emotive tune featuring the talent of singer and songwriter Noire Lee. The effects on it are brilliantly designed as well as the chord progressions.

Headstrong, Alexandra Badoi – Fear

Alexandra Badoi offers the heavenly quality needed in Trance music while Headstrong provides the proper sonic treatment with delicate beats and piano solos that will elevate listeners to a cosmic level.

Aly & Fila, Plumb – Somebody Loves You

Designed to send a wonderful message that revolves around self-esteem and confidence, Aly & Fila literally make a brand new hit. Indeed, it’s a response to depression and best of all, with the lovely vocals of Plumb.

Marcus Santoro, Lauren L’aimant – Blackout

“Blackout” evokes the feeling of flying or floating, much like the Trance tunes from the early 2000s. The undulating melodies hook listeners and the ethereal atmosphere derived from the singing voice of Lauren L’aimant is exactly what you can expect from their outstanding collaboration.


Muzik Box, Rinaldo Montezz – Karma

If clubs and bars weren’t closed due to the pandemic, “Karma” would be a hit within the underground scene. I think Muzik Box know what it takes to sweep listeners off their feet. This fantastic radio-edit version is a joint effort with Rinaldo Montezz who maximized the euphoria of this monster track.

Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook – Together

American producers Carnage and The Martinez Brothers deliver a totally different vibe on this song. It sounds like the future of the genre. Simple and infectious, “Together” is chilled-out House music at its finest!

Colt The House DJ – Summer

Without a doubt, one of the best summer anthems of 2020. Creatively, the intro features a chorus of seagulls and the sound of crashing waves. Colt The House DJ is an emerging producer that has a bright future ahead.

Duck Sauce – Mesmerize

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden aka Duck Sauce return with “Mesmerize,” their first single in six years. An uptempo offering charged with a particular 90s retro style. Needless to say, it’s a true gem of House music.

Electric Polar Bears – Break The Ice

Everyone will love the perfect blend of Future and Tech House on “Break The Ice.” The delightful summer-ready jam slithers through captivating clubbin’ rhythms. It’s impossible to listen to this groovy hit and not to move your body.

C-ntroversy, Michael M – Block, Report, Unfriend, Unfollow

I’m sure this funny track will spark a laugh, and its title says it all. With minimal beats, the message here is clear, “Block, Report, Unfriend, Unfollow” in order to protect your peace of mind is a great idea!


Kylie Minogue – Magic

In these dark times, Kylie goes disco for the first time, consequently, the song is pure “Magic.” A sweaty dancefloor filler inspired by the late 70s. With ethereal piano keys melting into brass, what else could you ask for?…

Purple Disco Machine, Sophie And The Giants – Hypnotized

Well, who hasn’t heard this funky track yet? “Hypnotized” became a massive hit across Europe, plus, it got the Platinum certification in Italy. Fans are already eager to hear his forthcoming Disco album in 2021.

The Shapeshifters, Billy Porter – Finally Ready

“Finally Ready” by The Shapeshifters and Billy Porter forms part of a new golden era of the Disco renaissance. With a fresh sound for the dancefloors, this is absolutely uplifting. I’m loving the cinematic strings and horns, but especially the magnificent vocals.

Sophie Ellis Bextor – Crying At The Discotheque

The “Murder On The Dancefloor” singer makes an impressive comeback with this flawlessly executed cover. This is pretty much an essential Disco jam for any DJ out there. With the modern arrangements and her sexy singing voice, she’s giving it a new life.

Doja Cat – Say So

As you probably know, TikTok makes songs go viral nowadays, and that’s the case of Doja Cat’s “Say So.” Probably, it’s the most popular Disco track of the year. The way she sings and raps at the same time proves her versatility, and that’s admirable.

Dimitri From Paris, Aeroplane, Leela D – Can’t Get Enough

This 6-minute slice of DISCO warms the soul. Dimitri From Paris and Aeroplane along with singer Leela D deserve praise from the clubbing world. Trust me, you’ll want to listen to “Can’t Get Enough” on repeat.


Bad Bunny – Yo Perreo Sola

Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny is currently the king of Reggaeton. The purpose of this song is to support women wanting to dance alone and feel safe doing it. Giving that sense of freedom back to them.

Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J. Rey Soul – MAMACITA

Positively, this year Black Eyed Peas innovate and explore Reggaeton rhythms by collaborating with different Latin singers. “MAMACITA” is a bilingual heater that incorporates all the catchy elements to make you wanna dance.

DJ Blass, Japanese – Larry Caboa

Fill your tank with adrenaline when listening to “Larry Caboa.” This is a highly danceable track that will help you get the party pumping. Don’t get surprised if it triggers Perreo pandemonium at your own house. The ambiguity of the lyrics is pretty hilarious!

El Alfa – Guaremate De Por Vida

Few artists can captivate all your senses like El Alfa and his strangely enjoyable song titled “Guaremate De Por Vida.” Clearly, the tropical-esque beats and its Dembow influence welcome party animals to go wild at clubs.

Gigolo Y La Exce – Cuidao

There is no question “Cuidao” is one of those eargasmic slowed-down tracks with emotive lyrics to sing out loud. Gigolo Y La Exce showcase all their skills, plus verses with good flow and wordplay put the icing on the cake.

Babylizz, Tomasa Del Real – Down

Romantic Reggaeton at its finest! Babylizz and Neoperreo Queen Tomasa Del Real join forces to rework this classic urban hit originally written by R.K.M & Ken-Y. Powered by nostalgia, the song melds the dynamism of the two singers who do their best in rapping with passion.


Ramon Tapia, Kai Tracid – 303 State

What do you get of play this acid monster from Ramon Tapia and Kai Tracid? Probably, your healthy dose of energetic music. This type of Techno sound is making a huge comeback in recent years, and I think it’s here to stay for a long time.

Will Clarke – Let’s Rave

Lose yourself in the music, “Let’s Rave” is an invitation to throw up your arms in the air. Sonically, its heavy direction can be interpreted as a fresh makeover of the acidic Techno from the 90s. Massive synths and stabs all around.

Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix)

Old-school ravers will get blessed memories with this striking remix. Get ready to enter higher states of consciousness thanks to Adana Twins’ new twist on this classic number as they are bringing back the eardrum killer!

HURTR – Nu Acid

It’s particularly interesting to hear a Techno track with vocals. Hurtr has been working their way up in the underground scene since 2010. The seductive vocals from Heidi Hull merge with acid synths and pulsating beats in a hypnotic way.

Toma Hawk, Dr.Acid – Velvet

The world needs to hear this futuristic release from the one and only Toma Hawk. “Velvet” is a punch of straight Techno, a great mixture of Acid sounds, and a blast of kicks and basslines!

Paolo Virdis – Survive

Dark synths, excellent synths, and sequences. The mysterious sounding and its driving energy is compelling from start to finish. The Italian producer is one to watch out for in 2021.


Mark Henes – Arm Full Of Roses

Mark Henes is truly unique in the world of independent singer/songwriters. The amazing ballad “Arm Full Of Roses” sounds like a timeless classic track you’d probably hear in a movie. Today he’s making a name for himself in the industry by reimagining the Americana style.

Matilde Girasole – Cup Of Tea

From the very start, Matilde proves to be a talented singer. “Cup of Tea” is an energetic Pop tune fueled by her vibrant/vigorous voice. She’s one of the best new indie artists I discovered this year, and I can assure you she will go far with her music career.

Nathan Daniels – I Choose

There is more satisfaction in giving than receiving, that’s the positive message behind Nathan Daniel’s hit “I Choose.” The independent talent’s soulful tone will make your heart warm. In addition, RnB and contemporary electronic beats fade into one another for a good reason.

Jace Heyman – Drunk Text

Jace Heyman blends Caribean music with radio-friendly Pop melodies on “Drunk Text.” It contains relatable lyrics, and they create a common scenario some of you will feel identified with. On a side note, the up-and-coming artist finds inspiration in mainstream entertainers like Chris Brown and Daddy Yankee.

The Migraine Aura – Your House

The Migraine Aura is a collective of artists and vocalists. As a matter of fact, the tune that amassed thousands of streams in Spotify is titled “Your House.” Buzzing with dreamy vintage vibes and nice acoustics, they create pleasing music that guarantees to brighten your days.

RYNO – Powerlines

Recorded during lockdown at his home studio, you can tell the indie artist pours all his emotions into it. As a result, lyrics are similar to a heartfelt letter. An interesting piece of songwriting and vocal performance as well.


Bad Bunny – YHLQMDLG

Black Eyed Peas – Translation

Kylie Minogue – Disco

Sam Sparro – Boombox Eternal

The Weeknd – After Hours

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Here’s How To Transform Your Shed Into A Vibrant Sound Studio



vibrant sound studio shed
It can be a struggle to get the pro sound you’re looking for when recording inside your home. Your surrounding space is noisy and full of distractions. Somehow your roommates shouting in the living room about losing a video game breaks through the honeycomb insulation lining your bedroom. Someone keeps busting in, unable to get the hint that you’re trying to craft something nasty.

It sucks, but there’s a way to make things easier for you and your music. It’s time to renovate that dilapidated shed behind your home into your sound palace. Here are some tips to transform your backyard shed into a vibrant studio.

1 – Seal Up The Walls

You’ll want to seal any existing cracks in the shed walls. Caulk, insulation spray, or even sealing gum can get this job done easily. This won’t just help with keeping the sound in but also keeps the elements and bugs out.

shed sound studio
When you’re done sealing, then you can get to putting up soundproofing material. If you want to go all out, you can’t go wrong with full-wall insulation paneling, but fiberglass foam squares also get the job done.

There are insulation types specifically designed for sound studios, so be on the look-out for those specifically. There’s some serious science behind this stuff.

2 – Check Out The Roof

Both the material and overall condition of your roof will matter. If it’s metallic, the roof will generate less-than-ideal vibrations that can interfere with your sound. Even if the roof is decent for sound, it might still have breaks or damage that can leave your studio (and all your expensive equipment) vulnerable.

Having new, professional roofing installed will keep the sound in. Don’t be shy with adding sound-deadening substances on the interior like absorption blankets or insulated foam to complete the soundproofing.

3 – To The Windows, To The…Doors?

Some sheds are built with windows, and it should definitely have a door. These are two parts of the studio that can be left behind or forgotten when it comes to soundproofing.

Windows are tricky because having a bit of airflow and sunlight is nice, but having too much of either messes with your work. Take the time to caulk up any space between the window and wall. Rather than covering windows entirely, hang up sound resistant curtains, so you can close and open them as you please.

Doors are similar, so you’ll want to seal cracks up with caulk or weathering strips. And unless you want to live the rest of your days locked inside the studio (honestly, it’s tempting), you don’t want to seal it shut completely. There are ultra industrial soundproof doors, but a budget-friendly way involves fastening an acoustic blanket above the door already there. Or, you can use the same curtains from your windows!

4 – Down On The Floor

Your flooring needs some love too. If you’re standing on wood or concrete, neither are great at keeping sound in or out. Sound travels through wood particularly well and concrete isn’t much better. Adding thick carpeting isn’t expensive and will help insulate the space for all your recording needs.

Final Thoughts

Soundproofing an unused shed is an easy way to give yourself a professional quality sound studio. It’s entirely separate from the distractions inside your home, letting you focus completely on the project at hand.

It’s a viable option for any aspiring artist, so what are you waiting for? Get started on yours today! You’ll be amazed by the final result and ready to move in!

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How Jazz Music During Study Can Affect Your Mental Health



jazz music during study
The internet is rife with claims concerning the effect of music on your mental performance. The most popular myth is the claim that listening to various genres of music boosts your cognitive ability.

Although music promotes quality study sessions, it does not directly influence the development of memory. This article comprises the effects of jazz music on your mental health and how you can harness them to your benefit.

For professional assistance with various concepts, Music homework help is a resource that should come in handy. Here, you get in-depth coverage of various concepts within your field while saving time to attend to other activities.

1 – Helps student to focus better

Like classical music in the Mozart effect, jazz comprises of a consistent low-tempo tune without lyrics. Unlike high-tempo music with lyrics, jazz does not divert your attention to the lyrics, thus boosts your concentration.

The background music also helps you create an ambient environment for study. By blocking out the screeching of seats, mumbling of other people in your vicinity, and other noises, it allows you to focus and interact better with the material at hand.

As shown in various studies, jazz activates both hemispheres of the brain, promoting better creativity and memorization.

2 – Creates a pattern that is easier to recall

Ever wondered why committing lyrics to memory is an easier task than storing biology concepts? While interest plays a role in the faster memorization of lyrics, music creates a pattern that promotes information processing and storage.

However, the tempo of music dramatically influences your ability to study. When listening to fast-paced music, you handle activity faster than when listening to slower-paced compositions.

The low tempo of jazz allows you to study at an ideal pace, ensures maximum interaction of the studied material with the brain, and boosts memorization.

3 – Stress reduction

College lifestyle is a never-ending battle of competing needs and interests. Stress arises from assignments due in a few days, ever-increasing amounts of content, and financial scales to balance.

Owing to the effect of stress on your productivity, you can barely study and commit the material to memory. Jazz induces endorphins production, which controls anxiety, enabling you to focus on the study material.

Even more, background music blocks noise from the environment, which allows you to focus on study material. This aids in endurance over long study sessions, which is essential for mastery of various concepts.

4 – Relax after tedious study sessions

When you are threatened, the body produces adrenaline and cortisol, which increase anxiety and affect your sleep cycle. Owing to the pressure from various academic responsibilities, you may suffer from increased anxiety and low sleep cycles.

jazz music instruments
Music influences the nervous system to regulate the production of these hormones to the necessary amounts. As a result, you get better sleep quality, thus giving your brain the necessary amount of rest.

This ensures mental health and promotes better cognitive activity in the study sessions scheduled for the next day. As a result, you can gain the most from each study session and avoid long-term mood disorders.

Final verdict

Jazz is among the sedative music that has been proven by various MRI studies to influence mental performance. However, it is vital to note that jazz does not improve your cognitive ability; instead, it helps you focus your attention and manage stress. As a result, you can make the most of each study session and influence the studied material’s storage and retrieval.

Volume regulation is of crucial importance when studying with background music. When the volume is too high, it may distract your concentration, resulting in poor performance.

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