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A Blissful Sonic Escape: Anna O “Set It On Fire” With New Song



Anna O
With the help of the super-talented Luke Minness (yeah, the guy behind PRISCILLA, Have A Good Day, and Yes Lenny), Australian artist Anna O serves up an Alt-Pop gem titled “Set It On Fire.

Known for her heartfelt approach, seductive vocals, and energetic expression, this new release is worth a listen. Straight away, the pulsating beats gradually escalate, creating a hypnotic flow.

Obviously, the key elements of “Set It On Fire” are the touching lyrics and the dreamy production which gives off those otherworldly vibes. Plus, by all means, this composition is incredibly liberating.

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It’s important to note that Anna O has been capturing hearts since her debut EP in 2015, and she continues to shine brightly without any signs of slowing down.

Anna O dug deep into her own life and created a raw singable anthem that will hit you right in the feels. In short, it’s all about finding yourself and dealing with life’s ups and downs like a boss.

Actually, “Set It On Fire” took form during a period when she was going through post-natal depression. No doubt, countless women will connect deeply with Anna O’s emotionally charged verses.



By Erick Ycaza

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