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A Contemporary Rock Sound! Blind Season Drop “How They See You”



contemporary rock and roll
Blind Season
‘s contemporary Rock and Roll sound it’s worth a listen. “How They See You” is used as another word for relatable music. This time the American band commits themselves admirably to sounding genuinely energetic. Certainly, lyrics were inspired by a situation where you regret being with the wrong person at the wrong time. Incredibly, they find a way to make this context light-hearted with crunching guitar riffs and pounding drums. While the songwriting is excellent, listeners will also feel identified with the theme of turbulent relationships in their melodies and much more.

So far, I know their upcoming album is an ode to loneliness and toxicity. Moreover, if you are hooked to the band’s emotionally delivered and moving lyrics, then I’m sure everything is powerfully written. Lately, there is truly not a bad song from them, on the contrary, their contemporary rock style goes further by connecting with moments and experiences that once marked your life. Definitely, Blind Season is a band you want to go see live in an intimate bar until this pandemic is under control. 



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