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A Few Tips For Left-Hand Piano Playing For Beginners



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Do you still sing the classic holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”? Then, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this song found its origin in Smithtown only. Smithtown always had a deep connection with music. Music is its heart and soul. As a resident of this town, you must be experiencing this day in and day out. Like others in your neighborhood, if you also aspire to become a famous musician someday, then start learning piano. It can be a great starting point for you. A piano can be a simple musical instrument, but its techniques need proper attention and grasping.

One of the typical challenges that learners in Smithtown usually face with this instrument is the use of both hands together. Often, people struggle with their left hand as it tends to be weaker compared to the right and hence, doesn’t allow smooth coordination. The fingers move slower than the right hand’s. Due to this, the chances of mistakes increase. But it’s very normal. One side of the human body tends to be stronger and sometimes bigger also. You have to identify the area of your problem. If you feel your left hand is not able to perform well, then follow a few suggestions to fix it.

Play a song with the left hand

Recall a song that is there in your memory, and you play it effortlessly with your right hand. If you know any such song, then try to use your left hand on the piano while playing it and keep the right hand away. It can sound to be an easy task. But using the left hand on the keys can be challenging, especially if you are not in this habit. At this time, your focus should be on improving your left-hand coordination. So, ignore bass notes and everything else. Your attention has to be on playing chords or whatever you played with the right hand. It would help if you did not use your right hand for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Play a song with the left hand

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Play slowly

Not playing with the right hand can feel strange and awkward. However, you could somewhere also think that you don’t have to slow down your tempo just because you would be using your left hand. But you have to reduce your speed for accuracy and muscle memory so that you don’t go wrong with movements and placements. The tempo will naturally increase when you repeat the motions. Hence, don’t worry about it.

Try Hanon exercises

There are about 60 exercises that can help you strengthen your hand coordination, agility, power, speed, and more. These exercises got their name from Charles-Louis Hanon, who founded them almost a century back. However, these are still in use today for their effectiveness. Do these exercises with both hands. You may face difficulty with your left hand, but don’t give up. Practice each step with separate hands at a slow, comfortable speed. When it gets into your system, you can gradually improve your speed and add both hands too. Just remember one thing that you don’t need to rush. Even those who have mastered the piano don’t fully know Hanon exercises. They keep doing it over time.

Play, pause, and repeat

When you do exercise, you should take a break after it completes successfully. Remove your fingers from the keyboard and bask in the feeling of achieving it. After continuously repeating it, you will realize that your hands naturally move towards chords and melodies. It happens because your muscle memory has become better with practice.

Give some rest to your left hand

After working out with your left hand tirelessly, you should allow it to rest a bit. This break is crucial as it helps your muscles to become active and powerful. At the end of the practice session, you feel exhausted and may not get the desired result even after pushing yourself. But instead of getting disappointed, break from it for a while so that you can get back with full energy. When you start fresh, you will also notice how easily you have picked up things.

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If you want to do well in music, then consider joining a piano class in your area. You can search for “piano lessons near me in Smithtown, NY,” and get many options. Going to regular practice under the supervision of experts can come in handy in many ways. They can guide you about what is right and what is not from the beginning to help you build your skills on a sturdy foundation. Plus, they can also tell you about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can overcome any challenge with ease. Just make sure the school where you go for your lessons is reputable; also, it has received excellent ratings and reviews from previous students.

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