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A Great Album To Play This Halloween Season, ‘The Witching Hour’



A Great Album To Play This Halloween Season, 'The Witching Hour'
Kilo House
‘s brand new album, ‘The Witching Hour’ will get you in the mood for the Halloween season. I recommend you playing these awesome Terror Trap songs during the spooky holiday. By all means, the California-based producer creates the proper atmosphere for your costume party. On the other hand, each song feels definitely eerie. That’s the main reason why the whole album could be an excellent addition to your dark-sounding playlist.

There’s no question, Kilo House’s recent work will make your listening experience quite freaky. One of the best cuts is “The Night He Came Home”, where he samples John Carpenter’s popular score to the 1978 film Halloween with a unique twist. Another one that is charged with adrenaline-charged melodies is “R.U.N.“, whose screamo vocals and audio snippets are literally creepy. While “Demons” is the artist’s favorite personal tune as it’s inspired by his inner struggle with PTSD and the confrontation of his emotions. In general, you can expect electronic beats, synthesized drums, a variety of hi-hats patterns, and SFX that will transport you to a nightmare scenario.

Over and above everything else, Kilo House wants you to have an amazing Halloween night during the Coronavirus pandemic. There are several safe alternatives to do it just at home and accompanied by the best music. For that purpose, ‘The Witching Hour’ album is meant to take you on a journey through your own terrors and reach out to the other side, ending the way that it does. In the broadest and deepest sense, this is a remarkable perspective from the artist himself towards this great album.



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