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A Great Way To Remove Wrinkles And Give You A Finer Look



A Great Way To Remove Wrinkles And Give You A Finer Look
Aging or rather growing older is exciting, but it comes with issues that we have to deal with from time to time. The skin is one organ that changes a lot as you age, and it requires much care and nourishment. Who would want to have the healthy, glowing and smooth skin at all times without the use of excessive products of which some are harsh? I do! That’s why I have discovered the amazing products from Abotaniq that are kind to my skin and they have restored the youthfulness of my skin as I age. I have used these products for some weeks now, and all I can say is that they have worked, and people keep asking what the secret is. The secret is as follows.

peptide serum

Peptide Serum

This is an anti-aging serum that is best for restoring the maturation your skin. It has ingredients that help in repairing and rebuilding the damaged skin structure, and it also has lots of corrective technology which targets skin’s visible and invisible signs of aging. I apply it on my face and neck in the morning and evening, and I no longer see any wrinkles that had started forming on my face. The peptide serum has dermal fillers which restore the skin’s volume hence smoothening out the skin; Silica & Marine filling micro- spheres which diffuse into your skin and create a soft focus effect immediately hence diminishes the appearance of flaws. Generally, it has antioxidant effects which will remove the chemicals that land on our skin daily from pollution and also from makeup products that you apply on your face. It sells for $79 for the 1 oz. / 24.8ml bottle. See more


Wrinkle Filler

It is a cream that helps in reducing wrinkles as it improves the skin texture and smoothens the fine lines. It has ingredients that protect the elastin and collagen network of my skin against environmental aggressors. It also contains Bio-transformed Rice and White Tea extracts which have an antioxidant protection on the skin, Dermaxyl which stimulates the repair of cutaneous matrix hence reducing wrinkle depth volume and surface area. I apply it directly to the fine lines and wrinkles on its own, or if I want to look prettier, I apply it under makeup. It sells for $74 for the 0.9 oz. /27ml but it will last you for a longer period as you will only use a little amount each time. See more

wrinkle filler

Firming Concrete For The Eyes

The eyes communicate a lot from your moods to how you are feeling. I always want to have alert eyes despite the circumstance that I am at that moment. I apply it around the eyes in the morning and evening, and it helps fight the fine lines and crow’s feet by ensuring firmness and lifts them up. It contains Tetrapeptide 5 which inhibits the accumulation of water under the eyes hence reduces the puffiness and discoloration, Vitamin A & E for antioxidant protection and Matrixyl 3000 which is best for a firm and more resilient skin. It sells for $69 for the 0.5 oz. /15mls. See more

cream for eyes

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