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A Guide To Different Kurti Designs



Kurti Designs
Kurtis is a popular ethnic wear in India and can be worn casually or for different festive occasions. You can wear it be worn to school, work or while just at home.

There are a lot of different kurti designs that you can accessorize to create the perfect outfit. Here are some of the famous designs;

A-line kurtisA-line kurtisThe a line is A-shaped, its narrow at the top and starts to flare up at the centre and becomes floor dragging at the bottom it’s very popular among the younger girls. It almost resembles the traditional lehenga from the waist down. You can pair an a-line kurtis with a long jacket open at the centre to give it a rich traditional look.

Trail-cut kurtisTrail-cut kurtisThey have very long slits on both sides of the kurti. The slit trails from the waist to the bottom of the kurti. They have different textures made for different occasions. They come in cotton, silk, and chiffon so you can have a specialized one for you.

A long, straight kurtiA long, straight kurtiLong straight kurtis are fashionable and can fit almost all body types. Straight kurtis can look boring and effortless when not paired right. You can choose a long kurti with a slit on the centre or one side. You can use the long kurti to make you look taller by pairing it with simple cigarette pants and some medium sized heels.

Anarkali kurtiAnarkali kurtiThe anarkali suits every body type. With this design you can either dress up or dress down, depending on the style, fabric, and embroidery. It can fit any body type and can be worn to school and the office or even festive occasions. Wearing anarkali kurti as dresses is a good way to in cooperate style into your wardrobe

High- low kurtiHigh- low kurtiThe High low kurti is in an asymmetrical shape. They are knee length at the front and almost ankle-length at the bottom. They are a fashion trend for middle-aged women of all body types. They are very informal and can be paired with leggings, jeggings, and jeans to create a chill look.

Poncho-styled kurtisPoncho-styled kurtisPoncho is a modern design that is in style. Poncho kurti is long, with long hands and open slits on each side o the clothing. It’s a stylish comfortable and airy design that keeps your body cool during the summer. Suitable for petite middle-aged women of almost all body shapes.

Flaring kurti designsFlaring kurti designs Flaring kurtis are short and can be worn as casual wear. It is short You can pair this kurti with matching leggings or jeans for a day out with your friends, for all designs, you can wear them without bottoms from non-traditional occasions and a more modern look. Avoid wearing tall flared kurtis with any kind of pants because it may look edgy and unfashionable. Accessorize them with heels and jewelry for an evening look.

Angrakha kurtiAngrakha kurti This kurti has a beautiful design and is great for work, daily or party wear depending on the accessories and its material. The Angrakha kurti is an old-school design that was inspired by musicians. For an ethnic look, you can wear a classy long Angrakha kurti design from Stylecaret with some leggings and a pair of pompoms. You can wear a short angrakha kurti with leggings for a casual family gathering and a tall one paired with palazzo pants for a sophisticated look like a dinner event.

Straight cut Pintuck Kurti

Many pintuck designs are made to fit tall, petite and full figured women. The pintuck is an elegant tailoring design that adds style to your outfit. You can wear this outfit to school, the office or just during your daily routine. It’s comfortable and can be paired with culottes, palazzos and straight pants. You can have a cigarette pant of the same material and color tailored to make it a complete pintuck kurti suit.

Kurti with a front slitKurti with a front slitThis kurti comes in many designs; it may be straight, flared or asymmetrical and has a long slit running from the high waist to the bottom. It is a beautiful design that can fit tall, petite and full-bodied women. This kurti can be matched with palazzo, jeggings, jeans or a lehenga depending on the type of occasion you are attending.

Tail cut kurti

Tail cut kurtis have a short front or back side. They are asymmetrical in shape. The tail-cut kurti attire is trendy and fun and is best suited for parties.

Denim kurtis

Denim kurtis are modern and trendy. They come in many designs but the most common one is the long flared denim kurti. You can wear it with a pair of colourful sneakers for a more fashion street trend. This is a style fitting more of the younger generation

Different print style kurtis

Kurtis have a never-ending print looks. They can be modern or traditional according to the style of the print. Shirt styled kurtis with plaid print look western and traditional Indian at the same time. These are fit for the young generations and can be worn to college and casual events such as hanging out with friends or a branch.

Floral, Baltic and kalamkari prints are more traditional and made for middle-aged groups. You can pair these with embroidered or printed dupattas for parties or dates. Printed kurtis also go well with jeggings, leggings or palazzos depending on their height and design.

Dhoti kurtisDhoti kurtisDhotis have cowl designs at the hemline. A dhoti kurti looks like a mixture of asymmetrical and high low designs. They can be matched with dhoti pants or legging to give off a party vibe

Double-layered kurti

Switch up your style by wearing an asymmetrical and double layered kurtis. Double-layered kurtis have a straight cut and an extra layer at the bottom. They can be worn as dresses to festivals and traditional ceremonies depending on the fabric and the accessories.

Jacket –style kurti

Jacket kurtis are tall, with a middle part that can be closed up with a built-in tie belt, a zip or a few buttons that run up to the waist. The part is open waist down. Jacket kurtis add a unique style to your dress; they can be won over many traditional outfits to make them look chic. They go especially well with lehenga’s and saree’s or flared clothes because they are flared. You can wear it over a crop top and some palazzo pants for a more modern look


Kurtis are fun, fashionable and easy to accessorize. You can style them for both traditional occasions and your normal routines. With the kurti-design, you can create several styles with just one piece of clothing. The kurti cloth is definitely a must-have in everyone’s closet. If you support a vegan lifestyle then check out some vegan clothing brands to suit your style

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