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A Guide To Holding A Mini-Festival In Your Backyard



mini-festival guide
Summer is just around the corner, and with what can only be described as a trying year so nearly behind us, it’s definitely time to celebrate what we have and start to organize some events and parties to reunite with friends and family. Throwing a festival-themed party in your garden is the perfect way to get loved ones back together, and here’s how to make your personal festival totally groovy.


Lighting is a massively influential tool in creating exactly the right party atmosphere, especially when you’re holding a festival-themed event. Layer the lighting around the perimeter of your garden, ensuring you have different levels. The classic festival look of large globe lights hanging from tree branches will create a warm and inviting space.


Any good festival party needs free-flowing drinks and be sure to have an ice bucket somewhere. Transform your garden shed into a mini-bar or consider hiring bartenders. is the most perfect and cost-effective way of ensuring your festival has the largest, most diverse selection of drinks and snacks.

Energy Drinks Make You Do Crazy Things
Consider handing out festival-themed party favors at the end of the night (or, in some cases, no doubt, in the early morning) such as ‘jack and coke’ favors.

Dress Code

Tell your guests to arrive in full festival mode, down to their wellington boots and daisy-chained hair accessories, and ensure you as the host are completely dressed in festival-appropriate attire. As your party guests arrive, hand out specially personalized and printed neon wristbands, perfect for a keepsake and genuinely handy to fish out any unwanted festival gatecrashers.

The Tipi!

No festival, even one held in your backyard, is complete without a tipi, and there are a plethora of smaller, more manageable options available to hire at your fingertips. Choose a brightly colored ribbon embellished material and fill the tipi with soft, plush cushions and multi-colored throws. When the day turns into evening, light fire-safe lanterns inside for a truly cozy festival night vibe.


Saving the best but definitely the most important to last, your festival will cease to be a festival without the inclusion of music. Putting on a production of your very own is every festival-obsessed, music lover’s dream and organizing the music for your event is much easier than you think.

Whatever the vibe, you are able to hire a music provider, be that a band, a DJ, a solo artist, or a mixture of all three, your garden festival will be a sensation when you hire an all-encompassing company to take care of your every need. Whether you want to re-create the chilled, relaxing vibes of England’s Glastonbury, the utter wonderment of Woodstock, or a peace-swinging, hippie-swinging 1960’s style free-for-all festival, the world is quite literally your oyster.

So, pick up the phone, open your laptop or knock on some doors and celebrate the summer in ultimate style with a private mini-festival right in your own backyard.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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