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A Man’s Guide to Wearing Checked Prints



A Man’s Guide to Wearing Checked Prints
The autumn/winter fashion season is upon us and while certain fashion trends have already started gaining popularity, there are others we rarely know how to approach. Checked prints, for one, may be one of these trends, especially since men aren’t that keen on mixing and matching prints. That’s ok! We have a multitude of suggestions and clever styling tips to guide you along the way.

So, either you’re a classy, office kind of guy, with traditional Ray Ban glasses, a hipster trying to look a bit manlier or you’re in between, you want to wear checked prints and you need some help. Ok, we’ve put together a small list of tips to make this as easy and natural for you as possible.

#1. The Shearling Jacket, Believe it or not, 2015 was the year of rugged masculinity. So maybe you didn’t get an awesome chance to show it off during spring and summer, but now, in fall and winter, let that inner beard shine, because we all know “it’s the beard on the inside that counts”. How can you pull it off on the outside, though?


Try wearing a Shearling jacket over a checked shirt. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Shearling’s leather and fur trimming ruggedness will complement the checked shirt’s almost woody vibe, for a masculine, secure, almost arrogant look. Just imagine taking your girlfriend for a walk on a freezing Saturday morning dressed like this. She’s going to swoon she has the alpha male of the block for arm candy.

#2. Boots. Big leather boots and a checked shirt? Yes, please. Well, normally you should wear boots with any kind of checked prints in the autumn / winter season, but you can also deviate from that rule with, for example, a nice pair of classic Converse sneakers, for a more punk-ish look or you can also try a suede low-top if you’re feeling bold enough. But to never go wrong, go with the big, chunky, should-be-black boots. Needless to say, you’re going to want to wear jeans with this ensemble, as torn and tattered as possible, for a kind of “rebel-without-a-cause” look.


You can also try wearing a checked shirt with tattered jeans, a pair of classic Timberlands and a simple hoodie for a casual, but still manly look. But only if you feel bold enough because this is what you would call a “rapper” look. If not, the classic black leather boots are still your best friend.

rapper look

#3. Just a splash. If you want to wear checked pattern this season but don’t feel bold enough or don’t find yourself in the right environment to do so, because, let’s say your office policy doesn’t allow such casual clothes, there’s no need to dive in it. Just wetting your toes can be enough to make a statement. Therefore, you can wear your normal suit and tie, but add a bit of pizazz with a nice cold-colored handkerchief added to your suit pocket. You will still be able to preserve your classy look and play by the office rules while you prove you also have a wild and stylish side.


#4. Return to denim. Return to denim is like a return to the motherland. We all know it, embrace it and keep bringing it back in style whenever we get the chance. And nothing goes better with checked prints than the nice, blue, cottony, steel-buttoned feel of the denim jacket. Indeed, this is more of a summer-ish trend, but you can pull it off during fall with the correct apparel. For example, this spring/summer season, Prada pulled out a very sober collection of denim jackets, almost metal in color and some even knee length, which you can definitely wear in the fall. Guess what, Saint Laurent actually paired one of their denim jackets this season with a beautiful read and black checked shirt.

If you’re wearing denim, you can always accessorize accordingly. Granted, men may not have the freedom that women have in terms of accessories, however, a great leather belt paired with a convertible genuine leather briefcase & backpack and some oversized shoes will surely pull you out of anonymity.


In the same way, if you’re feeling really bold, you can pull the old “switcheroo” and wear a denim shirt with a check-patterned jacket. If you do this, try wearing a sober pant and definitely sneakers.

#5. Last but not least, for all you checked patterns hard-core fans, there are always the checked pants. These are, probably, the hardest to pull off. But it’s not impossible. The first thing you need to know – invest in a high-quality pair. This is not an area you want to stint on. If they’re cheap, they’re going to look cheap and cheap checked pants are going to make you look like Ronald McDonald’s retarded cousin.

Also, this is not a “first come, first served” type of situation. Don’t buy the first pair you lay your hands on. Go out, visit different stores and try several pairs. Also, never buy them online. You need to find the perfect, most flattering and well-fitting pair. Ill-fitting or loose checked pants will look like you’re going to do magic tricks any moment now.

Don’t go for bold colors. The pants are bold enough as it is, there is no need for shades of red or yellow. Some nice shades of grey will do this time. Etro has a beautiful, slim pair, for under 300 euros. This is exactly what you’re looking for.

checked pants
The beautiful thing about the checked pants is that, although it looks difficult, you can actually pair them off with just about anything. Fitting unicolored t-shirts, black or white slim shirts, tucked in the pants, with a leather belt or not, or beautiful and cozy wool sweaters, perfect for the fall season. Try the cream colored ones or, if your bold enough, some pastels.

So there you have it. Five tips to make your check pattern adventure easy and affordable. But no matter which version you choose, just remember, check is very in style at the moment, everyone will be wearing it, so try to stand out!

Author Bio: Arthur Lamber is a young, eager and fashion-forward freelance writer with a keen sense of style and an eye for detail. He believes in the power of a well-tailored suit and the doors that such attire may open. Whenever he’s not reading his favorite fashion magazines, he’s out playing guitar or running with his dog.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Tips On Taking Care Of Your Gold



Taking Care Of Your Gold - Fashion Tips

© [Even_lys] /iStock

Of all the elements, gold has always had its emphasized value, both material and emotional. This precious metal is mentioned throughout history all over the planet. It has been a vital element of the economy of many world countries. Even today, gold has a significant impact on global financial flows. Why people appreciate this metal so much, find out here.

Most of the jewelry today is made of gold. Even those who don’t like to wear it keep some precious pieces. Yet, many more people love this metal in all shapes and colors and put these accessories on at every occasion.

The good thing about gold is that it’s corrosion-resistant. Still, since it’s quite soft (even in alloys), it’s not immune to cuts and physical damage. During everyday use, the jewelry gets noticeable scratches, and it loses its shine. When it gets into direct contact with the skin, it becomes darker because it collects dead cells and fat from the skin. That applies to the items of 14 and less carat purity. Taking care of your gold can be done with a little extra effort, but it doesn’t cost much.

Regular Cleaning

One of the ways to care for your gold is by using a good quality polish. As it doesn’t rust, water is a basis for cleaning jewelry. Soap and water are good enough to clean and condition these accessories. There are even kits available that include cleaning supplies to get you started. You can purchase these supplies from specialized stores in your locality or order them online.

© [Stanislav Sablin] /iStock

In case you own personalized items made of precious metals, you should avoid aggressive chemicals. These pieces are already scratched (due to engraving), so they are more susceptible to damage. Instead, use mild cleansing agents to protect your investment. If you put them on and off all the time, always have a small microfiber cloth to wipe these pieces after wearing.

The color of your jewelry doesn’t matter, as it needs to be cleaned regularly. For pink or white gold, that needs to be done even more often because the oxidation causes discoloration on these items. Soap and water alone will not be able to take away the discoloration. You will need a proper cleaning solution.

Use Suitable Cleaning Agents

You need to pay a lot of attention when using chemicals to clean golden items. Some agents are too aggressive and will damage your precious pieces even more. Also, if you do not handle these solutions correctly, you may injure yourself. Things like ammonia or nitric acid can create deep burns if not used properly.

Ammonia-based cleaning solutions are an excellent thing for cleaning your gold-plated jewelry. But don’t forget to keep them away from your eyes and ears as the fumes can be very irritating. Also, you should wear gloves when handling jewelry maintenance.

On the following source, find the explanation on how to use ammonia for gold cleaning:

Proper Storage

Another method on how to take care of your jewelry is by storing it properly. Placing these items in a velvet pouch or box will keep them safe and prevent dust and dirt from reaching them. These can also be put in plastic bags and placed in a soft, dry place. If you store your gold regularly, then you can avoid oxidation, scuff marks, and tarnish on your investment.

© [thongseedary] /iStock

One of the best ways to keep your precious accessories from getting scratched, dented, or tarnished is to wrap them in plastic. There are plastic wraps that can protect these pieces from dust, chemicals, UV rays, and even air compression.

One thing to keep in mind when storing gold items is that you shouldn’t mix them with the other pieces made of brass or copper. Copper can cause a buildup of oxidized deposits that will give your jewelry a patina hard to remove.

Some people even have small drawers or cabinets for keeping valuable items. They have particular compartments for storing different kinds of jewelry. If you think of this type of storage, keep in mind that drawers don’t have scratches, dents, or breaks. It is best if they are upholstered with some soft material. When packing valuables in compartments like this, make sure that the pieces touch each other as little as possible.

Protect Jewelry from Chemicals

As gold has a high to matt finish, the plating in your jewelry wears off at a later stage. Exposure to aggressive elements can speed up the deterioration process. That makes your jewelry lifeless and brittle. So if you plan to clean your golden pieces with any chemical cleaner, make sure it’s suitable for these items.

The crucial tip for keeping your valuable pieces intact is to avoid chemicals. It’s not only about agents used for gold cleaning, but also those in cosmetics, house cleaning, and disinfecting products.

Seawater (chlorine), lotions, and sunscreens (containing alcoholic elements), as well as many house cleaners, adversely affect metal jewelry. So it is advisable to take off all the gold pieces before using the listed products, going out in the sun, or planning to clean the house. These things can cause severe damage to your gold-plated jewelry so avoid chemicals as much as possible.

Yearly Polishing

When thinking of how to take care of your gold, another critical issue is to clean it before wearing it, especially if you didn’t do that for a while. Deep polishing helps jewelry keep its luster and glow for a long time. If you visit the best jewelry repair in Orange County, experts will explain all the benefits of a thorough cleaning.

Regular cleaning with detergent and water may do the trick, but it won’t help if dirt is deposited on the coating. That’s when deep cleaning is crucial. Jewelers will do that for you, as they have specialized tools and agents for polishing all types of gold.

Wearing jewelry has different meanings. For some, it’s a matter of prestige; for others, it has a higher and more important symbolism. In any case, everyone wants these precious and expensive accessories to last as long as possible. Regular gold jewelry maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements.

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The Fashion Advice You Need Before Attending Your Next Gig



gig fashion tips

© [skynesher] /iStock

If you are looking forward to the return of the live music scene, you might already have started planning your outfit for your first gig back. However, if you are still wondering what to wear to your next gig, here are some top tips that can help you to combine both comfort and style for the ultimate gig or concert outfit.

1. Use Contacts

Although glasses might be on-trend in fashionable circles now, they can get in the way at gigs. There is nothing worse than your favorite band starting up, or starting to get into the groove on the dance floor, only for your glasses to steam up in the heat, or even be knocked off your face by another overenthusiastic fan. To protect your glasses, and to make the most of your concert, you should consider swapping your specs out for contact lenses when you attend gigs. One day contact lenses from PRECISION 1 will allow you to dance all night without interruption, and you can dispose of your lenses immediately afterwards without the care that is needed for reusable lenses.

contact lenses man

© [caracterdesign] /iStock

2. Pair With Flats

Many people head straight for heels when they are considering getting onto the dance floor or standing out from the crowd at a gig. However, although heels might help you to see over the heads of the other attendees, flats are much more practical if you are going to be standing all night; you’ll be able to listen to the music and soak in the atmosphere without having to take off your shoes or call it a night earlier than you would like.

© [swissmediavision] /iStock

3. Choose Thin, Breathable Fabrics

Concerts and gig venues are notoriously hot, with lighting effects and the bodies of thousands of other fans making the building incredibly stuffy. To make sure that you do not faint in the heat, you should choose thin, breathable fabrics that can help you to party till you drop without breaking a sweat. Either that or you should consider looking at layers that you can take on and off depending on the temperature.

4. Opt for Bright Colors

Your gig outfit needs to be fun and exciting, and there is no better way for your outfit to match the thrill of a concert than to opt for brightly colored clothing. For instance, neons can look great and can even become luminescent under the lights, allowing you to positively glow on the dance floor.

© [hanohiki] /iStock

5. Take a Small Purse or Bag

On a more practical note, you also need to consider the accessories that you will take. It can be difficult to take the necessities, such as your bank card and ID, with you to a gig, and many people worry about losing them during the excitement. To make sure that you can keep them close to you without compromising on style, you should opt for a small purse or bag, such as a bumbag, that you can carry around with you throughout the night.

© [Halfpoint] /iStock

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6 Clothing Tips For Seniors Who Want To Stay Comfortable



6 Clothing Tips for Seniors Who Want to Stay Comfortable
As we begin to age, we often change our sense of style and start looking for more comfortable pieces. This is due to our bodies being unable to do the things they once were and the fact that we start looking for some added convenience.

Whether, you’re a senior yourself, looking for some inspiration, or a loved one looking for the perfect gift, keep on reading! In this article, we are going to discuss six clothing tips for seniors who want to stay comfortable.

Let’s get started!

Avoid buttons and laces

Buttons and laces can become quite a hassle as we begin to age, so it can be wise to opt for alternatives solutions instead. For example, a great pair of easy on shoes will stop you from having to bend over and will provide you with long-lasting comfort all day long. You might also think about purchasing pants with drawstrings and Velcro front closures on blouses and shirts.

Find a reputable tailor

Our body continually changes sizes throughout our life, and this happens even more frequently as we go into our senior years. To avoid having to purchase new clothes every second month, it can be beneficial to find a reputable tailor. Obviously, you won’t go changing your entire wardrobe, but it can help you save some of your favorite pieces.

Layer pieces to stay warm

Remember, it’s ok to experiment and create your own unique style. Just because you have gotten older doesn’t mean you have to give up everything! Try layering different materials and patterns to stay warm during the winter months. It’s an easy and effortless way to look stylish. Check out these other fashion tips for the elderly for even more inspiration!

Avoid difficult to maintain clothing

When choosing clothing pieces, you want to make sure that they can be maintained easily. Check labels to ensure they are machine washable and don’t require any extra care. It’s also possible to find designs that don’t need any ironing or steaming. It will save time and avoid repetitive motions that may worsen arthritis pain and other health conditions.

Find adaptive pieces

Adaptive pieces are a great way to add convenience to your wardrobe. What this means is that you can wear one item in a variety of different ways. A great plain top and denim jeans, or even a versatile patterned scarf are just a few suggestions. It’s perfect for those that don’t want to be so concerned about putting an outfit together in the morning.

Choose stretchy materials

Lastly, one of the best fashion tips to stay comfortable as a senior is to choose stretchy materials. These allow for more movement, are easy to remove, and you don’t need to worry so much if you fluctuate in size. Keep an eye out for soft knits, stretch cotton, lycra, and velvet. If it has an elastic band, even better!

And that’s it! By following the tips above, fashion doesn’t have to be so much of a hassle, and you can remain stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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