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A Modern BASS Excavation: BASSEAH Releases ‘Mineral Rave’ EP



A Modern BASS Excavation: BASSEAH Releases 'Mineral Rave' EP
After his third instrumental single, BASSEAH is at it again as he carves out a compilation of more bass gems from the psychedelic underground of his creative mind. His otherworldly sound design and innovative productions are sure to flap your eardrums like banners in a thunderstorm and he states no intention of pausing his weekly pace of releases anytime soon. ‘Mineral Rave’ EP, named after the album artwork processed from photos of actual goethite, is a ‘danger’ sign on the road of where bass music is headed today and is a must-listen for all bass heads around.


Read our exclusive track-by-track review below:

1 – Goethite Glitch-Up This is an alternative version of BASSEAH’s first single, “Goethite”, reviewed last month on this blog.  Here the producer generates new sounds based on the “glitch” aesthetic. There are no drastic differences with the original, both tracks last the same, however, this version features intentional distortions and repeated sounds. I think this is probably his most experimental song from the whole EP.

2 – Hail Dance Here the epic intro definitely grabbed my attention, subsequently pounding beats accompany a progressive sound that hypnotizes whoever listens to it.

3 – Goethite As I have said before, the original version, is a modern piece of music. A futuristic tune that transcends time and space. Elements of  Bass excellently complemented with distinct harmonies create a cinematic atmosphere.

4 – Surfing Crystals Close your eyes and image surfing crystals while you listen to it… The song’s title can be taken literally, as the elements that form this tune simulate a range of beeps that gradually get faster and will make your imagination fly.

In short words, this EP is intended for the underground music scene and also for curious fans of Electronica. Overall, ‘Mineral Rave’ is an innovative short work, that allowed me to conclude that BASSEAH’s creativity has no limits!

Stay tuned for BASSEAH’s next release, “Hadron Wall” to be released later this month.

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