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A New Tribute Song To Orlando Shooting Victims By Bates Belk



A New Tribute Song To Orlando Shooting Victims By Bates Belk
Bates Belk
pays tribute to the Orlando shooting victims with a new song and EP titled “Dancing With Bullets”. Our heart breaks every time we remember those 49 innocent lives of the Pulse nightclub back in June 2016. For this reason, the producer is using his music to achieve a meaningful way of raising awareness about the gun violence problem. On a side note, royalties from this tune will benefit the onePULSE Foundation, which remains active in the fight against hate and discrimination.

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Belk who is an American citizen, relocated to Germany to evolve as an electronic musician. Nowadays, he is in disagreement with the gun culture in the states because it takes the lives of hundreds of people year after year. With this in mind, here we have another upbeat protest song that addresses this issue just like Madonna’s “God Control”.

In his latest music video, you can learn the most important facts about the tragedy. Besides, this is a special song that spreads a message of freedom and living life to the fullest. Sung by Coco Safir, “Dancing With Bullets” forms part of ‘The Dark Spektrum’ album to be released on March 6th. Believe it or not, this upcoming material will feature the participation of 50 Berlin-based artists and even an orchestra. Isn’t that impressive?…



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