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A Shocking Revelation: Kiesza Wanted To Be A Militar




A Shocking Revelation: Kiesza Wanted To Be A Militar
With a distinctive look and sound Kiesza (pronounced Kaiser) has brought something new to the table which hasn’t gone unrecognised. Her songs cross genres from Deep House and Dance through to emotive Ballads showcasing her incredible vocals.

She’s a girl of many talents including song writing for other artists such as Rihanna, as well as herself, and playing a variety of instruments, but she’s not just a pretty face and a damn good performer.

She’s trained in ballet and dance, sails tall ships and as a teenager did a stint in the Navy! That’s not something you see in most music stars’ biographies so it’s no surprise it attracts attention.

“It’s an interesting twist I think!” admits Kiesza. “People are just really curious about it wondering what made me want to be in the military and then how did I get from the military to being a musician. I think I’ve had a lot of drastic transitions in my life!”

“The military really came from my passion for being a sailor, sailing tall ships, teaching sailing and racing. It was a job that was sea orientated that I would fit really nicely into. I just found that the higher system of the military was not really fitting for my personality. I excelled and did well at my job but I had frustrations that went with me being an artistic person and wanting to find a different way of doing things – in the military you don’t ask question you do what you’re told.”

Kiesza did have the chance to train as a sniper, but she didn’t take it – “I never wanted to shoot people!”

She made all these revelations in a recent interview for a prestigious magazine.

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