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This One’s For Rock Fans, Abe Unleashes His Three-Track EP ‘Not My Problem’



While it’s not his first EP, Abe‘s ‘Not My Problem’ is probably his strongest material to date. The 19-year-old independent artist from San Antonio, Texas, unleashes three tracks that will be part of his upcoming album to be released this summer. In fact, it is worth stressing that it was recorded, mixed and sang by the young man himself. What’s more, he proves that having a music studio in his bedroom is not a limiting factor for creating powerful songs that please hard Rock fans.

When you listen to the self-titled single, you will notice it features aggressive riffs, plus a great execution of his raspy screaming vocals. Then, on “Butterfly Woman”, I love the distorted guitar sound at the background. As a result, he creates an engaging psychedelic-like experience. Finally, with the last track “Anymore”, get ready to be completely hammered by the unpolished instrumental work, and the whole energetic rockish vibe. That said, Abe let off some steam when expressing emotionally intense lyrics. In conclusion, it’s a great EP to listen to as loud as possible!



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