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ABM’s ‘Fusion’ Heats Up The Dance Floor!



ABM'S "Fusion" Heats Up The Dance Floor!
DJ alert: the dance floor just got hotter! Platinum Trini Entertainment recording artist ABM is power blasting the music scene as the newest addition to the swagga world of Edm, Dancehall, and Soca. His scorching release, “FUSION,” emerged as fire-laced combustion that wickedly fused EDM, Dancehall, and Soca, constructing a rhythm and beat so ferocious it automatically rotated all hips in the listening distance! ‘FUSION’ sizzles with excitement and delivers just enough punch to propel ABM to the head of the class in his quest for total domination of the Dancehall, Reggae world music scene. ‘FUSION’ was just a luscious taste of ABM’s talent however, Platinum Trini Entertainment proves that this island man is no one-hit-wonder. “Pose Dat Body” deliberately whirls and winds a hypnotic beat over spitfire lyrics, once again eliciting ABM’s apt ability to sway and swirl all bodies in close proximity.

Six tracks strongly mixes the enchantment of the islands with ABM’s charismatic delivery, transporting music lovers with sounds that simultaneously titillate the ears, hips, and feet. Titled for all the haters, ABM quotes 50 Cent when he states about the project, “This is God’s plan homie, this ain’t mine.”

A native Trinidadian, ABM has the groove of the islands flowing through his veins. A detour to the states to attend Louisiana’s Grambling State University couldn’t detract him from what was inevitable however, the engineering major couldn’t ignore the melodies swirling in his soul. He relocated to the West Coast after graduation to pursue his passion for all things music.

A natural-born leader, he soon established his own label, Platinum Trini Entertainment, alongside his partner and music artist, Laprice. Ignoring again the inevitable, ABM went about establishing a roster of musical acts, not heeding the urge to put himself out there first. After a series of disappointments with budding artists, ABM finally realized that he was the act he was looking for. He regrouped and redirected his energy, taking the necessary steps to perfect his talent, honing and nurturing his skills as a writer, producer, rapper, and singer. engineer, CEO, artist and entrepreneur, ABM continues to foster the groove of his beloved island home. In addition to touring and club performances.



By Erick Ycaza

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