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A.L. Talks: Hip-Hop, Rock ‘N’ Roll, And The Power Of Love



A.L. Talks: Hip-Hop, Rock ‘N’ Roll, And The Power Of Love
ELECTRO WOW recently caught up with rapper/singer/songwriter, A.L., about his music, his take on social media, and how he stays motivated in an era full of distractions.

1 – Hello A.L.! What have you been working on most recently?

I’ve just finished recording some guitars and drums for a friends EP. She’s been working on it for quite a while so it’s great seeing it come together.

2 – When did you first get into music?

I really got into music towards the end of high school, when I was around 16. Music had always been around me, but it never had my full attention. I don’t know what it was, it’s like I used to listen to it, but then I began to really “hear” it, you know? All of a sudden I had this interest in how it all worked – guitars, drums, the whole lot. I was predominantly into Punk Rock/Rock ‘N’ Roll when I first started playing guitar. I started playing drums about a year after I started playing guitar, and that’s when I started to get an appreciation for Hip-Hop and a variety of dance music. So I saved my money and bought noise-cancelling headphones and started practicing my drums over all types of songs and beats.

3 – You don’t have a Facebook account, how come?

I’ve only got Twitter and SoundCloud accounts for my music. I have no personal social media accounts. I had Facebook for a little while, years ago, but I didn’t really have a use for it. I didn’t care for 95% of what I was seeing on there, and I found that when I was on there, I wasn’t really doing anything constructive. I know it helps people keep in touch with friends and family across the world, and that’s great. I’m ok just emailing people if I can’t send them a text or call them. I don’t even have a smart phone. So when I go out somewhere, I am in the moment. Even when I’m out on my own, I try my hardest to be fully present. I don’t bury my face in a screen. And people should definitely take photos and save memories and all that, but if they’re doing things to get ‘likes’ or to become popular or something, I don’t really understand that. It’s also great to see how many people you actually end up seeing in real life, as opposed to just popping up on their wall and vice-versa. I remember cancelling my Facebook account and expecting to reactivate it a week later, but I never looked back!

4 – Do you promote that kind of open-mindedness in your music?

To a certain level, absolutely. I enjoy going out and having a good time as much as the next guy. However, I have never been a materialistic person. I don’t care about what’s ‘cool’ this season. Or next season. I don’t wear any jewellery, I don’t care for it. Your worth is in your actions. Not on your wrist or finger. And that isn’t to disrespect those that are into fashion and stuff like that, it’s more so the people that are so controlled and consumed by trends and approval. Everyone on this planet will agree that you shouldn’t care what people think. But only a small percentage actually truly live like that. And I consider myself one of them. I try to encourage people around me to do what they believe in. Someone is always going to have an issue with you, you can never please everyone. As long as you are not hurting or harming anyone, do whatever you like. And to those that do find themselves on the more cynical/negative side, manners are free and love is priceless. Everyone is dealing with some sort of battle. That’s just life. No matter how bad you have it, it isn’t fair to take your anger out on some bystander, no matter the circumstances. And people tend to keep their guard up, especially if they’re hurting inside. But do your best to be considerate, polite, and send peace and love. And you’ll be surprised at how different the energy around you will be.

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