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Album Review: DINGVS – Beachhouse



Album Review: DINGVS - Beachhouse
Electronic music producer DINGVS recently released his album, ‘Beachhouse’ and all the tracks are now available to stream via SoundCloud. A beach house is that place you want to go on weekends or during holiday periods, but mainly just to relax. Following this premise, I think DINGVS wanted to evoke the same sensation with his songs. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what type of rhythm will contain this record. Maybe the answer is simple, soothing and atmospheric sounds. Curiously, most of these tracks feature an instrumental pattern that could be found on Hip-Hop tunes, however, with the exception of the raps. You’ll definitely love this. Read below my track-by-track review.

1 – Visionquest The album opener surprises with its beautiful dream-like electronica style. A good cloudtrap/chill production that perfectly justifies the concept and the name of this album.

2 – Beachhouse Starting with an almost oriental vibe, there’s a cool old school Hip-Hop drum beat that is constantly repeated throughout the song. I don’t know why this track hypnotizes me.

3 – McDanields Highly influenced by RnB and Hip-Hop instrumentals. Vivid synths and hard beats will captivate you in full. You can actually get creative with it and prepare a short choreography for dancing purposes.

4 – Summer The only track that features clear vocals on this album. A blend of pure Hip-Hop music and electronica. You can expect an upbeat melody and some sound effects.

5 – Churn This is basically a distorted vocal sample on repetition. But don’t get me wrong, it still features DINGVS signature sound that emulates urban music’s instrumentation.

6 – Shapes The BPM is slower when compared with the other tracks.  With the last song from this album, the producer wanted to end the listening experience of ‘Beachhouse’ in a more serene manner + a chill vibe.



By Erick Ycaza

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