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Album Review: Erasure – World Be Gone



Album Review: Erasure - World Be Gone
The new Erasure’s album ‘World Be Gone’ appears to be an incredibly good Electro-Pop material. One would recognize this from opener “Love You To The Sky,” which is as shamelessly upbeat as its name suggests. It acts, though, as a lure to draw one into more thoughtful territories driven by the duo’s need to address “important issues”: the pragmatic break-up of “A Bitter Parting” – Though we are oceans apart/ It seems you’re always there – might well be referencing Britain’s recent referendum, while “Still It’s Not Over”, a passionate torch song, celebrates the civil rights movement of vulnerable groups.

“Oh What A World”’s darker synth textures also suit Andy Bell’s despair well, while the beat-free “Take Me Out Of Myself” is as close as Vince Clark will ever get to ‘unplugging’, Bell’s frustrations delivered in an admirably level- headed fashion: Please talk to me/ As if I’m equal. They close things more optimistically, Bell insisting, against twinkling synths on “Just A Little Love”.

Nonetheless, it’s “Sweet Summer Loving”, that documents, in unequivocal terms, Bell’s romantic reawakening after his partner died in 2012, that lingers longest.

Below you can watch the performance of their newest single “Love You To The Sky” which is personally my favorite track from this record.



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