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Album Review: Leo Salom — Believe



Album Review: Leo Salom — Believe
Leo Salom‘s new album is colorful, innovative and powerful. Discover new voices through ‘Believe’, which features a total of 8 different tracks. A range of talented artists including Anna Vinci, Faith, Alex B, Lenny Gerard, among others, contributed with their own touch in this record as well.

Leo has brought us fantastic work in the past, and now he pleases all his fans by making a compilation of his best songs and delivering an impressive Deep House material to suit all tastes. You can check out my full track-by-track review below.


1 – Believe or Not (feat. Anna Vinci)  An irresistibly catchy song that can make you sing. Of course, thanks to the excellent production of Leo + the sexy female vocals of Anna, it became something of an anthem following its release some years ago.

2 – Next to You (feat. Faith) 
My favorite instrument here is the jazzy saxophone that creates a fresh melody. There’s also a cool Tropical House vibe, that could get mainstream attention quickly in my personal opinion.

3 – The Right Way (feat. Alex B, Faith) I think Alex B’s creative rap flow was the perfect complement to Faith’s soothing vocals. A style completely unique! Good job Leo!

4 – Dance (feat. V)  V seduces listeners with her soulful vocals! Her enchanting performance completely draws you in. This is for lovers of smooth and stylish Deep House music.

5 – Game Don’t Stop (feat. Lenny Gerard) 
On this track I experienced a Deja Vu… I swear I have heard the same song structure in the past or perhaps a sample of it. Anyways, it’s simply perfect and enjoyable, in particular, the fast rap skills of Lenny Gerard.

6 – Engines On (feat. High 75) There’s a 90’s House retro feeling to it. I like the chorus, it’s very contagious that it got stuck in my head, hehehe.

7 – The Feelin Catches On (feat. Nino Wes) Another great vocal track, it’s probably not music for a romantic evening, but I think it’s probably the most radio-friendly/ poppy song on the ‘Believe’ album.

8 – Still Be There (feat. Shak Holiday) Finally, the last tune is fabulous. I’m loving the pulsating beats and the jazzy Deep House rhythm produced by Leo. The crystal ball predicts a club-oriented hit!



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