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Album Review: Win Marcinak – Celebrate



win marcinak
Win Marcinak
‘s upcoming full-length album is titled ‘Celebrate’. In essence, he wants to celebrate the happiness that music is always giving to him over the course of his career. Although it will be released on November 10th, I had the privilege to listen to all the 17 tracks with anticipation. I really hope this review helps you discover important details before the singer could unveil them himself.

Last year the artist had been busy at live shows but also at the studio focused on this project. Nevertheless, time does not pass in vain. I guarantee that this upbeat record will delight Dance music fans from all over the world. All things considered, the end result is stunning. You’ll enjoy original songs, classics, covers, and even new remixes. Actually, the first single is the modernised remake of “Too Shy”. He did this cover of Kajagoogoo’s hit a decade ago. However, the 2017 version is definitely the best. Check it out below.

As I listened to all these tunes, fond memories of Boy George came to mind. I think both artists got that flamboyant attitude we all enjoy. Certainly, the remixes are club-ready material. They’ll create a magical moment on the dancefloor.  Another key point was the multiple collaborations with versatile artists (DJs and divas) who helped Marcinak to forge ahead with this joyful album.

As a fan of Disco music, my favorite tune was the cover “Mighty Real” originally sung by Sylvester. This updated interpretation is rhythmically catchy in a good way.

On the other hand, the original mix of “Celebrate” is a radio-friendly Dance-Pop cover. It’s an invitation for music enthusiasts to sing along. Peter Monk, Dirty Disco, Rich Earnshaw, Tony “Badtone” Iannone, Silverland, and Josh Harris were responsible for making proper club renditions of the songs on the ‘Celebrate’ album. Standout new tunes are guaranteed to reach the Billboard dance charts.

Win Marcinak never ceases to amaze me. It has been nearly 15 years in artistic growth for him. Despite the fact, he’s no longer residing in San Francisco, his melodies will always take over anywhere he goes. This album titled ‘Celebrate’ truly represents all the jubilance reflected in the good vibe he creates for his fans through music.



By Erick Ycaza

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