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Alex Veach Unveils Newest Electronic Music Album, ‘ENIGMA’ — Interview



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After a year of waiting Alex Veach is finally releasing his new album. Electro Wow got a chance to speak with the artist directly before the launch of ‘ENIGMA,’ a House set which he says is a shift from his previous style.

While living in France, he produced French Rap songs and duets in Arabic with Egyptian singers. Not to mention, his debut album had features with major Hip-Hop artists like Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, and Rick Ross.

His international and eclectic sound has defined his experimental profile with a unique touch. Learn more about his newest electronic music project down here!

1 – What is your own interpretation of the sound on ‘ENIGMA’?

The album is mysterious and tells a dark story. I imagine a hero in the night battling desire and affection. The songs capture my mood when I go out to a party. In the beginning, there’s anticipation and energy. Then, there’s inebriation and wildness, that heightened state. At the club, there’s a moment you find yourself in the groove. After that, things can get trippy and you enter a kind of hypnosis. But, when you recover, there’s a time to breathe and laugh. Then before you know it, the party rages on and we go hard deep into the night.

2 – Where did the album title, ‘ENIGMA’ come from?

Good question. Well, the title is a reflection of both my personality and my musical aesthetic. I find that not only am I hard to define having gone through many transformations, but my music also wanders where it wants to go. My creativity is just a bit unpredictable at times, maybe even a bit misunderstood.

3 – How was it to work on the music again during the pandemic?

To be frank, this year was really challenging to find time to dedicate to music. I was in business school completing my MBA degree and had limited access to the studio. That’s also why I didn’t push the project with more vocals. I felt the instrumental mix would have to suffice for this round.

4 – What do you expect listeners to take from this material?

Know that I’m a versatile artist with more stories to tell. I’m not afraid to explore different genres and sounds. I’ll keep working hard to capture that musical spirit I’m looking for and share it with the world.

5 – The front cover is a picture of a scorpion. How do you see the connection between your music and this arachnid?

I tried to convey the “enigma” through the artwork. I suppose I’m a proud Scorpio, so I used this moment to turn to the zodiac to celebrate how far I’ve come in my personal life as well as my professional and musical careers. I’m an intense person, at times intimidating I’ve been told, though, in all honesty, I just want to have fun. I guess the image is a way of protecting myself, keeping my music alive, and focusing on my dreams.

6 – Your previous album ‘Transcend’ includes top-notch collabs with Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, and Rick Ross. Are you joining forces with other talents on ‘ENIGMA’?

‘ENIGMA’ is all me. It’s my solo tribute to House. And I’m just getting warmed up so I’m hoping there will be more opportunities to work with the amazing talent out there soon. Honestly, I really enjoy creating with other artists, so do hit me up.

7 – Are there any big differences between ‘Transcend’ and your new album?

These albums are basically complete opposites. With ‘Transcend,’ I barely knew what I was doing getting into the Hip-Hop scene. It’s all Rap with some singing parts, super emo. ‘ENIGMA’ has more of my preferred electronic music vibe. While still brooding, it’s a bit more energizing. I’ll be the first to admit that my production and recording quality were not great with ‘Transcend,’ but I gained so much from that project. So all I can do is take what I learned from the experience and move forward.

8 – Which is your new favorite track so far? Is it the first single?

My favorite has to be track #5, “Kinetic Fallacy.” It just takes me to an Acid House fantasy world. I play it a lot.

9 – How do you see your musical progression over the years?

When I first produced the ‘Transcend’ album, I thought my classical training in piano was going to help me a lot more than it did. Learning Ableton on top of the ins and outs of how the music industry works took a lot longer than I expected. There’s no substitute for hard work. And, I still have so much more to study from the greats. I’m a lot more grateful than when I started out. I’m thankful for my family, my teachers, and mentors, for every studio, audio engineer, and artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of creating with. Without them, I definitely wouldn’t be here talking to you now.

10 – Lastly, can you give us 3 reasons to listen to ‘ENIGMA’?

Music, in general, lifts your mood. And this album is no exception. Listening to this mix, letting the rhythm take you, I think you’ll feel good and become less stressed. If you like to work out, run, dance, focus, I think this album has something for you to fight your worries and bring that can-do attitude. And if you live in your imagination, use ENIGMA to connect with your personal story. Let it help you channel your actions and emotions, and just enjoy the ride. Obviously, if you want to support my journey as an artist, I’d really appreciate that too. So follow me on Spotify or Instagram and check it out.



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