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AMAZON PRIME MUSIC — Do They Have A Chance Against Spotify?



AMAZON PRIME MUSIC — Do They Have A Chance Against Spotify?
Everyone likes listening to music. Lately, the cost of purchasing CDs and downloads have resulted in more users opting for flat rate music streaming. The most common providers today are Spotify and Apple Music. Now Amazon wants to enter into the business of streaming music. But will the online store succeed?

Here we explore the pros and cons of Prime Music and perspectives on the possible future of the music-streaming service.

Amazon Prime Music – General Info

Amazon is known worldwide as the greatest online store for a variety of products. So why are they entering the music market The answer can be found in the streaming services Amazon already offers. Here customers are offered an alternative to Netflix. It now makes sense for the company to offer music, too.

Amazon Prime Music’s payment system works slightly different to Spotify and Apple Music. If you’re using one of these providers, you have to pay a flat rate per month, generally around $10 USD. Ten Dollars is not much, but Amazon Prime Music offers a little something extra. The streaming service from Amazon is currently included in all Prime accounts, which gives Amazon users free shipping for online purchases. Prime also gives you access to a range of movies and series. The costs for this offer are an unbelievable $ 5 USD. per month. N0 other streaming service offers such a deal, especially because Amazon includes several others services.

What’s the catch? – ‘lhe downsides of Amazon Music Prime

At first glance, you’re probably sure you’ll switch to make Amazon Prime your music streaming service. We were also sure that this was an amazing deal. But before you decide to abandon services like Spotify and Apple Music, you should also know about the disadvantages of Prime Music.

For example, Amazon Prime Music only offers a very small number of song titles. The bigger providers such as Spotify or Apple Music offer their customers more than 30 million songs, so that no matter what your taste in music is, everyone can find something they like.

Even small and unknown bands can be found here. Amazon Prime Music users, however, do not have as much variety, they have access to only one million titles. This sounds like a lot, but it turns out not to be. For example, new songs appear on Prime Music months after their release. If you are interested in current top ten hits, Amazon Prime Music is not a good alternative.

How can I access Amazon Prime?

Apple Music or Spotify users have a selection of apps for mobile devices or laptops and computers to choose from. Amazon Prime Music also offers apps that can be found in the Apple appstore as well as on Android. Users can use the app without having to get used to new gestures and surfaces; all important functions can be found easily. You can quickly search and save songs or whole playlists for offline use with the app for smart phones and tablets.

It’s very similar to Spotify. The desktop application for Amazon Prime Music is also intuitive and simple to use. A true highlight is the web version, which can be opened in a browser instead of installing an app. For users who use difierent computers that are not their own, this is an important detail.

amazon prime music

Can Amazon Prime Music keep up with the top dogs?

For you, the most important question is if Amazon Prime Music is a high-quality alternative to Spotify, Google Music, and Apple Music. Well, I can’t give you a definite answer. For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, the Amazon flat rate could be an interesting deal.

For $5 USD., no other provider offers such a wide range of services. However, if you want a big music selection, Prime Music is not right for you. One million songs just isn’t enough these days, especially because the small selection of current hits is disappointing. Most of the songs on Amazon Prime Music are last year’s hits. Based on these two points, the low cost and the low number of songs, Prime Music can’t necessarily be recommended as an alternative to Spotify.

Here you clearly have to decide if the low price justifies the limited selection. Should this be the case, you could save up a lot of money by changing your music streaming provider.

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