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23% of Americans Think MP3 Is A Star Wars Robot



MP3 robot
Digital audio files, also known as MP3s, were mistaken from a robot from Star Wars by 23 per cent of Americans, while 18 per cent though a Blu-ray – a high-definition optical disc successor to the DVD – was a marine animal, LOL.

The research was carried out to determine how knowledgeable people are when it comes to tech terms, and how important they think tech is.

Vouchercloud’s study asked 2,392 men and women aged over 18 to identify the meanings of a variety of words. These words were a mix of technical and non-technical terms, and each term was given with three multiple choice answers.

Other terms that confused the participants included software, which was mistaken from comfortable clothing, and USB, which was mistaken from the acronym of a European country.

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