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Amira’s ‘Broken Angel’ EP Can Make You Feel Many Emotions



Amira's 'Broken Angel' EP Can Make You Feel Many Emotions
The first listen to this EP is indicative that Amira pours her heart out over all the 5 tracks. It really doesn’t matter if you can relate or not to the lyrics of ‘Broken Angel’. Just the way she conveys her emotions with powerful vocals is what shines the most. Besides the good interaction of guitar, drums, and keyboards, Amira’s Pop-Rock ballads tell different stories. Certainly, she has the ability to sustain long high notes while her deep feelings denote a reflection of different subjects. From love issues to past experiences, she takes you to a journey where hope or inspiration serves as a purpose.

Currently residing in Richmond, VA, she got involved in the music realm as an autodidact. From an early age, she fell in love with the guitar like most musicians. After her stint in a duo with Austin Riley and in the Rock/Blues cover band IMT, Amira has gained a lot of confidence in herself.  So far, the most memorable career moment of this talented singer was her performance of the national anthem at The Diamond baseball stadium. As one can imagine, due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, she has to reschedule her tour. Get more announcements below.



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