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An Alternative To A Faraday Cage – Faraday Bags



faraday bags
Technology is constantly advancing and as technology advances, there are more and more ways for hackers to access other people’s private information. Most people store everything about themselves and their life on their smartphone. A single device becomes a telephone, a phonebook, a calendar, an alarm clock, and a way to access any information at any given time. All of this is done through a connection to the internet. For a smartphone, this connection must come from either a cellular data connection or a WIFI connection. This means that a connection for a smartphone is wireless and these are the easiest for hackers to access. Not to mention the fact that car keys now have a digital element. Buttons that lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk, and in some cases even start the car. These buttons work through a signal wave that is sent from the key to the vehicle’s system. Unfortunately, these signals and the key itself can be accessed remotely by anyone with the necessary knowledge to do so. Other considerations are laptops, tablets, and any other device that either can access the internet or emits any type of signal. Because of this, it is important to find ways to protect all of these devices from hackers. While there are firewalls, virus protection, and other internal means of protection for some devices, it is rarely enough and is not attainable on all devices. This is why it is necessary to find other ways to protect your devices. Faraday bags provide this protection. In this article, you will find all of the information that you need regarding a Faraday Bag. What they are, where to buy them, types available, and much more.

First, what exactly is a Faraday bag and what is their purpose? A Faraday bag is a literal bag that is designed to hold specific devices. Each bag is equipped with a special shield that blocks all signals from being able to reach the device remotely. The shield blocks all cellular data. 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, as well as GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, and RFID. What all of this means is that no matter what type of connection you are using and regardless of the type of connection a hacker may rely on, your device cannot be accessed remotely. When this happens, it is possible for someone to alter, delete, or even add content on the device. These bags are quite popular among law enforcement. Not only can they be used to protect officers devices, but also devices seized as evidence.

Types of Faraday Bags

Key Bag/Key Fob Bag – This bag is designed specifically to protect a set of keys. Each of these bags has RF shielding. This will prevent anyone from being able to interfere with the signals in any way.

Phone Bag – This is the next size of the bag after the key bag. It has a full range shield from all possible signals. Smartphones come in a myriad of sizes and this bag is only one size. It is made in such a way that most smartphones will fit easily, but if you have a very large version, you may need to consider a tablet bag.

tablet bag faraday
Tablet Bag –
This type of bag is the perfect size for a tablet and has a full range shield. While tablets come in multiple sizes, there is an average and this is the specifications that the bag is made for. It should, however, hold most tablets.

Notebook Bag – This bag is very similar to the tablet bag, but is slightly different in size. It is designed to hold devices referred to as notebooks. They are bigger than tablets but smaller than average laptops.

Laptop Bag – This bag is the exact size to hold an average sized laptop and has a full shield. Laptops often contain sensitive content on a personal, work, or even school level.

faraday bag
Card Shield Wallet –
This is a literal wallet designed to protect your credit, debit, and identification cards. There are devices that can scan cards from inside a regular bag or pocket. The card shield has a shielding layer that blocks these devices.

Universal Holdall Bag – This is the largest Faraday bag and has the full range shield. It is called Holdall because it can hold any or all of your devices and/or items that you would like to protect.

Now, how to you choose which bag you need. While the general idea is to be able to gauge which size you need based off of the name, it may not always be so simple. Because Faraday bags are fairly expensive, it is important to make the best choice on the first try. This will save excessive unnecessary cost. First, decide which device you want a Faraday bag for. This will give you a general size that you need. The second part is necessary because all devices are not universal in size, therefore you must determine exactly how big your device is. Generally, the size specifications are listed somewhere within the packaging of a new device, but if you have had the device for a while, that may not be an option. Baring this, you will need to measure the length and width of the device with a measuring tape or ruler. Once you have the exact size, you can compare it to the to the size specifications of each bag within the given range and determine which bag meets the size requirements that you need.

While there is always more to learn about any given item or subject, this has been a list of the most import information about Faraday bags. You have been able to learn about what a Faraday bag is as well as what they are used for. You have also been able to take a brief look at the different types of bags and products that are available. The best thing to do is simply take the leap and purchase a Faraday bag for yourself. This will provide much better insight than anything else.

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