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An Original Musical Husband-Wife Duo, Meet LightBody Sound



An Original Musical Husband-Wife Duo, Meet LightBody Sound
LightBody Sound
could easily become the best indie musical husband-wife duo of the year. It all started when they met on a balmy South Texas night, more specifically, at The Last Concert Cafe. What makes them special and original is that Elizabeth has a background as an opera singer, while Chris shines as a troubadour.

Certainly, it’s worth listening to their self-titled debut album. Nothing can compare with the amalgam of Pop, Folk, Rock, and Electronica sounds that take shape in this material. Although it may seem unbelievable, this interesting project started as a series of instrumentals recorded in 2015. Little by little, the 10 tracks were magically completed. On the one hand, their interaction offers dynamism, while on the other, the storytelling lyrics are synonymous with variety and fantasy. What else could you ask for? Press play below and get your own conclusions.



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