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An Outstanding Collaborative EP By Climbers & Tony Metric, ‘Promises’



Tony Metric
The legendary NYC label Nervous Records welcome the greatest collaboration ever by Climbers and Tony Metric. Three bangers are part of the ‘Promises’ EP, which results in a fusion of different types of House music.

One good reason to get hooked by this top-notch production is the old-school touch and the inventiveness behind the two remixes.

On the one hand, Mystery Affair reimagines the original through stomping beats and hypnotic acid lines. Here less vocals mean more power. While the Sussie 4 version is energetic enough to get your booty bouncing thanks to its massive infectious treatment. Overflowing with groovy melodies from beginning to end seems to be the norm.

Listen in full to the ‘Promises’ EP via Spotify.

What’s new and true about Climbers and Tony Metric is the fact they’re becoming fast-rising international producers from Mexico. Besides, with “Promises” you obtain a near-perfect blend of a variety of drum patterns and a slice of classic influences.

There’s no question, this genre-bending release will bring back the rave era, especially when the coronavirus pandemic end is finally in sight. Meanwhile, DJs and fans alike should keep in mind House music is a feeling that will never die.



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