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Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani’s First International Tour



Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani

A Tour that beat expectations, and shares their passion has never been so easy thanks to all the people that made this happen. On each location, a different crowd, and different settings brought the best of their DJ capacities. Moving dancefloors in two different hemispheres have a special effect.

This travel was inspiring on several levels, dancefloor-wise and production-wise, nothing has been the same since. They are more than happy to share some of the moments of this trip, to everybody that participated in this trip you have their love.

2015 gonna be a big year for them, and they are anxious to be on the road again.

Enjoy this piece of their story!

French DJs & House dealers

(Brique Rouge / Yoruba Grooves / Time Has Changed / Something Else / Baile Musik)

By Erick Ycaza

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