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Anonymous Band The Used Notes Drop “Quiet Revolution” Music Video



There’s no real need to use violence during protests when they can be peaceful. As shown in the new video from the anonymous band The Used Notes, where they pay tribute to human rights activist Jolovan Wham.

These mysterious artists based in Kent, England do a special recognition to the man whose silent protests are so iconic.

The civil liberties campaigner creates the ‘Smile In Solidarity’ movement across social media while encouraging others to hold smiley faces signs to raise awareness of the criminalization of free speech in Singapore.

anonymous band

The “Quiet Revolution” visuals perfectly portray this action which is clever, and non-aggressive. Despite this, Wham was charged with illegal assembly back in March due to the repressive government policies.

Absurdly, holding up a piece of cardboard with an emoji is an offense in the Asian Tiger…

Definitely, the value from this song lies in the amazing soulful vocals, the punchy horns, the high notes, and of course its main message.

Somehow, the anonymous band brings the same spirit and grit of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder’s classics to modern beats.

You will love the fervor they pour into this production. Best of all, you can feel the uplifting emotions throughout the singing from start to end.

In conclusion, “Quiet Revolution” is a creative call to nonconformity and to rebellion in order to make progress in the world.



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