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Antonio Giacca Interview 2014




1) Tell us a bit more about yourself

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy and I started going to clubs and DJing at 14, as my dad used to run one of most successful in the city so I used to hang out there since a very early age! After living all around the world, I am now based in Los Angeles, USA.

2 ) How would you specify your genre?

Progressive House, with a passion for funky/sexy basslines and emotional breakdowns.

3) What do you like about being a DJ?

I love sharing my biggest passion (music!) with all the like minded people coming to my performances and to give people emotions and happiness through out the tracks I produce in the studio…

4) What do you dislike about the current EDM scene?

Too many tracks sounding all the same, I feel like creativity is being lost as the scene is getting bigger and there’s more money at stake. It’s starting to look a lot like pop.

5) Name three producers you’d like to be compared to.

Hmmm hard to tell… Axwell, Nicky Romero, maybe Eric Prydz because I do what I love instead of trying to do what everybody else is doing?

6) In one sentence describe your new single “Deviate”

Epic and appealing to the masses without being “cheesy” or like everything else…

7) Did you participate in the music video for “Deviate”? Tell us more about it…

The video for Deviate was written and shot in my motherland, Italy. I was initially supposed to be in it as I wanted that association with something shot back home, but at that time I was too busy with touring and we got too close to the deadline. But I’m still very happy with the result, I wanted a music video with a real story, rather than just me fist pumping in a club like the usual cliche EDM video…

8) Where in the world can we hear you play in the coming months?

Just came back from playing the Groove Cruise in USA and Mexico, I am next off to a festival in California, then a mini tour in Europe with dates in Switzerland and England and of course Miami during the Winter Music Conference!


For more information about Antonio Giacca, contact Wilf Libgott of | [email protected]



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