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Are You An Unsigned Trance Producer?



Today we talk to Dave Verney from ToneTrance Record Label, a new label set up to promote unknown and talented Trance producers.
1) What’s the name of your Record Label?
2) How did the name come about?
I had quite a few ideas to begin with. I tried TranceTone and Googled it. I thought that was quite a good name, but it was taken and so I changed the name around a bit and called it ToneTrance. Everyone I mentioned the name to agreed that it was a good name for a trance music label.
3) Do you run the label by yourself?
Largely, although my wife helps with answering the phone etc. The vast majority of my work is in promoting the producers who I’m working with and I do this in various ways and through different contacts. My sales target for each album is 50,000 copies and these figures are quite achieveable with the work we put in and the quality of the music.
  In the industry today, more and more people are switching to digital downloads and we work with more than 200 digital music stores. Although it is sad to see the downfall of the brick and mortar retail shops that we grew up with, there is a lot of opportunity to sell as much music as we like and meet any demands without paying for printing and copying of CD’s. It is a fantastic time to be a part of the industry and it is likely to keep getting better.
4) What made you want to create a record label dedicated to Trance Music?
I listen to Trance and other EDM genres all the time and a lot of the music I hear is from unknown and unpaid producers who really do have a lot of talent and who should be paid for having such talent. I also have a lot of business experience and I have the ability and contacts to market and promote producers work with excellent results.
The idea in starting a label was to help these people in gaining exposure, getting paid for their music, building a following for their music and I can release tracks into any music charts in the world. Being able to make people’s dreams come true is really my reason for getting involved in the music industry and it will be very rewarding.
Another reason for setting up a label is to promote my own music through it. My music is not as good as the people, I’m working with, but hopefully in time I will be releasing my own music. My pseudonym for the music is Richard Bean and that is the name on my SoundCloud, Bandcamp, MySpace and my business yahoo email. It is taken from my middle name (Richard) and my mother’s maiden name (Bean).
5) Is Trance music more popular today or is it now an underground genre?
I first got into trance in the trance boom at the turn of the century. I used to shut myself away and blast the likes of Darude, Energy 52, William Orbit and others from any CD player I could find. It really did define the turn of the century for me and my friends. Everyone was getting into it – and it didn’t matter about age, gender, background, race, sexuality, occupation. There was even a Catholic friar here in England who would (and no doubt still is) play this music all the time he could. This friar told people that trance was a gift from God, and indeed it really is.
Trance music today is still growing. There are still people in the world who have not heard trance music and there are still people being converted in their musical tastes. Asia, in particular, is one part of the world that is increasing in trance fans all the time. People just love this music, and when we hear it, it is easy to know why.
6) Are you looking for new talent? How can they send you demos?
I am always looking for new talent. If you want me to listen to and consider your music for my work, please send me a link to your SoundCloud or any other website where you may have music and I will make time to listen in. You can email me at I am still looking for great tracks that we can add to the first album, so if you have something special, please email me.
7) Are you planning to release a new song or EP soon?
The first album we will release, should be released by the end of next month. It is going to be a compilation of different artists whose work has not yet been released into the commercial music industry. The album will be entitled, First Impressions and it is really to test the market popularity for each of the artists.
8) What is next for the label? Do you have in mind future projects?
We will hopefully be releasing solo albums with all of the ones that show popularity. As I said before, I’m hoping for sales of 50,000+ copies within the first year and I think that is very achieveable.

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