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Art Wanderers Is The New, Edgy, And Subversive Streetwear Brand You Should Be Wearing



Art Wanderers Is The New, Edgy, And Subversive Streetwear Brand You Should Be Wearing
Art Wanderers’ universe is abstract, wacky, contemporary, provocative, colorful, and sometimes even funny. Each design depicts the very personal, original, and colorful world of the designer Michael Claudy Siar with sometimes a little touch of humor (irony, sarcasm) that is also found in his videos.

Michael Claudy Siar
One of his designs reads: “Bull gores 11-inch horn up matador’s butt. The other side of the design reads: Karma is a horn.” Bullfighting fans probably wouldn’t find it funny, but I must admit that the joke is smart.

Each item available on is made-to-order in limited quantities with a focus on the quality of the fabric and its origin. No underpaid and/or overworked sweatshop worker is involved in the production of the collection.


Art Wanderers

The first collection from designer Michael Claudy Siar is surprising. His influences? “I love quality craftsmanship and classic brands like Inverallan, Le Tricoteur, Gucci, Givenchy (Riccardo Tisci), JW Anderson, Takahiromiyashita The Soloist. Some artists who inspire me: Basquiat, Dali, Elizabeth Murray, Nakajima Hiroyuki, Xavi Carbonell, Artistry of the Mentally Ill artists, Linda Black, and kids in general.” His fights? Anti-bullfighting, anti-fast fashion, pro-Native Americans, anti-false flags, anti-media manipulation, pro-democracy (in its most authentic form), anti-anti, anti-anti-anti & anti-anti-anti-anti …

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